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Discovered : A to Z Twitter Accounts

Twitter is now one of  the well known social media site, where everybody sharing “what is happening” on their side of the world,in 140 characters limit. Despite some application that can make you send more than 140 char tweets such as twitlonger, you need to manage in sending a tweet in less than 140 char, to make easier for others to ReTweet your tweet (the old fashion way). For me one of the uniqueness of twitter is “the art of sharing in 140 characters“.

With that limitation in character, one of the most important things that your Twitter ID/Account should be shorter as it can be, so it wont take too much character when people ReTweeting your tweet.

I have been wondering is there anyone that having the shortest Twitter ID, and in that “shortest” criteria will definitely be an ID with only a single character. So I have done some searching, and found these twitter ID with a single character.
Here they are in alphabetical order :



























So now we all know that the A to Z single alphabet of twitter ID has been taken, how lucky they are! Thank you for reading, and let us hear from you on the comment box.


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