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Importance of Social Media to Nonprofits in 2012 (Infographic)

Social Media For Your Business

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Social Media plays a major role for your business if given proper plan and importance. And when it comes to Nonprofit organisations, Facebook, Twitter and Google offers various services for Nonprofit organisations to reach the goals of the organisations.

Facebook and Twitter are the most used Social Media sites for Nonprofits Organisations. Each and every Nonprofit organisation must have a website in order to reach their goals and get as much as donors for their cause.Facebook is not only the most widely used social network, but also most widely used social media site for Nonprofits through fanpages,groups and applications.

Google for Nonprofits is the best place where anyone owning a nonprofit organisation can start off with.They provide free Adwords, Google Apps and many more products which is very much benefitial for all nonprofit organisations.Below is an video on how any Nonprofit organisation can use Google products:

Google for Nonprofits (Video)


Several Nonprofit Organisations are looking out for better communication channels and beneficial marketing ideas in 2012. Here is an infographic by kivimiller which explains about how Nonprofit organisations can use Social Media and communication channels in 2012:



2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

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