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Windows 8 – “Completely Different” and “Mind-Blowing”


Hi everyone. Today i was just going through windows new products and i found something very interesting. I started digging up in deep and collect many things which i am going to share here today.

Title would have already given hint what i am speaking about. But read ahead to know more.

Microsoft had already begun work on Windows 8 before Windows 7 was completed. During Windows 7 RTM Build 7700 Microsoft has almost gave a hint about its next big innovation towards Operating Systems.

On January 31, 2010 (which has since then been deleted) on an MSDN blog titled, “Whats in store for the next Windows?” It’s a great read from an obviously excited employee bursting at the seams to say SOMETHING about Windows 8 — or, as he referred to it as, “”.

All these rumors came to end when Microsoft’s road-map leaked on web.


Image from:

Note: Although Code Name “Windows 8? may suggest that Windows 8 will not be the final name, “Windows 7? was also a Code Name before it was declared the official name of the operating system.

The above picture says it all. Its almost confirmed about Windows 8 release when road-map leaked.

OK now let me tell more about windows 8.

Top 8 on Windows 8 :

More Windows 8 features haven’t been revealed yet. But still i found some features about it which i am sharing here.

  1. DSFR(Distributed File System Replication) : a New Storage technology which has a faster File Access.
  2. Cluster Support.
  3. Dramatic performance improvements.
  4. Hibernate/Resume Integration API, which will be used in Windows 8 replacing Windows Vista’s Xpress compression engine.
  5. Patch Guard Improvement i.e. More Secure x64 Environment.
  6. New user interface framework.
  7. Improved Download Experience.
  8. Improved Remote Desktop Client and Protocol.

From the past experience from Vista and Windows7, Microsoft is all set to make some more bigger this time. Coincidentally, many do believe that Windows 7 will be Microsoft’s last 32-bit OS. So could this mean we will see Windows 8 come in 64-bit and 128-bit flavors?

Microsoft is adding “Anti-Piracy Technology” this time with Windows 8. Microsoft’s never-ending battle to stop piracy may end here as they are going implement “new anti-hacking mechanisms” and “hack detection”.

These are few screenshots which i found about Windows 8,

windows_8_superbar Windows 8 Superbar

Windows_8_concep Windows 8 Concept

Windows-8-concept Windows 8 Concept

Windows8theme Windows 8 Theme

Windows 8 Theme Windows 8 Theme | Source:

Let me tell you all about last and final thing about Microsoft. Microsoft has already planned for Windows 9(named like this) and planning to release by 2015. Let us wait and watch more about Microsoft.

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