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Windows 7 Build 7025 screenshots leaked with versions info

.com, Few weeks ago Microsoft had released Windows 7 Ultimate as beta and later some testers were invited to test the working of Windows 7 Premium Beta program. There is still ambiguity that which versions of Windows 7 are going to be released by Microsoft. Reportedly a chinese website has leaked the Windows 7 build 7025 screenshots which could have answered the different versions of Windows 7, Microsoft is planning to release.

Lets have a look of Windows 7 screenshots which are shown below:

As you can see above the look of the Windows 7 is similar to that of vista with same versions, but i wonder what would be in Windows 7 starter version , who knows lets wait and watch.

Here is one more screenshot of the taskbar which can be seen below

Images Courtesy: PCBETA


4 thoughts on “Windows 7 Build 7025 screenshots leaked with versions info”

  1. Diana says:

    Windows needs to stop stealing their ideas from Apple.

  2. bbrian017 says:

    Windows doesn’t steal ideals from Apple! Apple PC’s suck and Windows doesn’t! If anything Apple too the little things from Windows years ago which makes it appear that’s it’s originally a Apple ideal when it’s really all windows ideals.

    I’m excited for Windows 7

  3. ulman says:

    bbrian017: Please learn some history. Microsoft did absolutely steal their ideas from Apple. But Apple pretty much stole them from Xerox. Yet, Microsoft’s is the more outrageous steal as they were working with Apple at the time. Apple’s steal from Xerox was less outrageous as Xerox never planned to market a home computer.

    See here:

    This is not to say that Microsoft does not innovate. The MS research lab is innovating like crazy. Windows 7 is an important product for MS due to the debacle that is Vista. Many home and business users are sticking with XP. I’ve played around with Windows build 7022, and, while better than Vista, it’s not a quantum leap over XP, sad to say.

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