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First ever IE9 screenshot leaked by Microsoft!

Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has delivered four developer previews of Internet Explorer (IE) 9 so far, but has yet to show off the new interface for its next-generation browser. That is expected to happen on September 15, during Microsoft’s beta launch event in San Francisco.

But maybe users won’t have to wait until then to get a glimpse of what is coming. Microsoft Russia’s press site, on August 25, posted information and a photo that seem to be connected to the coming IE 9 beta. (The site has since pulled their post). Microsoft had previously also leaked data of Windows 7 Build screenshots and version numbers!

Internet Explorer Leaked Screenshot

Microsoft’s Russian website appears to have leaked the first true screenshot of IE9. While the company suggested so far that the interface will not be changed from IE8, it now seems that IE9 will get a dramatically different look and look and feel much more like Google’s Chrome.

ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley was able to grab a screenshot of the page before it was pulled shortly after that. Like its rivals, IE9 will have fewer buttons and show only the back and forward button to the left of the URL bar, as well as a search bar and a home, bookmark and reload button.

The Microsoft’s Russian site also leaked about the few main advantages of Internet Explorer 9.

1. HTML5

Internet Explorer 9 created with the expectation of support for modern language version of HTML5. In an effort to give developers the ability to use the Internet the same layout Microsoft has added many new features based on HTML5, CSS3, DOM L2 and L3, SVG, ECMAScript5, etc., which require hardware acceleration and up to standard.

2. Focusing on the web

New Navigation Bar Internet Explorer 9 simplifies perception sites.
Frame your browser is not overloaded with navigation elements, and compared with other browsers leave more space for the site.

Tools Navigation Internet Explorer 9 created in view of frequently used functions and also simplified. Button to return to the previous page has more safer and a search box integrated into one address bar that protects the user’s personal data, as many menus that are present in older versions of Internet Explorer, merged into one. The user now sees only what is necessary for navigation.

3. Performance

New graphics capabilities and increased productivity Internet Explorer 9 provide a basis for rich and realistic perception. Text, video and images reproduced with hardware acceleration, due to what the web sites work as quickly as installed on the computer program.

High Definition Video reproduced without jerks, schedule becomes more clear and reproduced without delay, the colors are realistic, and sites like never interactive. Thanks to improvements in the subsystems, such as a new mechanism Chakra JavaScript Engine, Web sites and applications load faster and faster react to user actions.

4. Retired Sites

Perpetuate sites can proceed directly from the taskbar, Windows, without having to open Internet Explorer. Secure site can be a few seconds: click the pins in the address bar or click the site in a new tab and drag it to the taskbar. That’s it. If the site is fixed, for it shows his badge, separate from Internet Explorer. Now, from your favorite site separates only one click.

This feature brings into focus the site, and not the browser. Anchored sites are seamlessly integrated into a navigation system Windows 7. For each such site is the ability to preview on the taskbar and a list of transition. Thus, the work of such sites – as simple and familiar, as with other applications Windows.

5. Quick release tabs and Windows Aero Snap

Often, for the task have to open several web pages or windows. Advanced tab in conjunction with the function of the Windows Aero Snap can quickly display just two sites or two pages. To do this, simply drag the page to different edges of the screen, and the sites are displayed next to each other. Reproduction of content sites and video are not violated.


These the main advantages in Internet Explorer 9. Doesn’t it look like a Chrome 6? Else we can name it as Chromified IE9! May be the addition of Windows Aero Snap feature made IE9 to not work on Windows XP as we all know there is no Aero features in XP!

Well these are the leaked data of IE9 by Microsoft itself! Now what you think about the much awaited IE9? Share your views now 😉

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