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Is IE9 beta getting leaked today?

IE9 beta leaked today

Do you want Internet Explorer 9 Beta today instead of waiting for official launch by Microsoft? Microsoft is getting ready with its biggest release on one side. Other side someone from somewhere came into picture stating “I have IE9 beta with me”

Just 6 days back a team from had released a video which cleared that IE9 beta was already leaked to few people. Below is the video released by,

Right after 5 days, admin of posted a new article, “ will release the IE9 beta installer on September 13th(2 days before MS), please pay attention.”

And the post says, will release the IE9 beta installer on septemper 13th(2 days before MS), please pay attention. We are planning to have a launch event then. if any media or organizations have interest to team up with us, please email to, thank you.  Keep your eyes on

Do you think its just a fake? or a rumor? But we don’t think so! This article got a comment from name “Microsoft” and the comment was,

IE9 getting leaked?

If not today, we will definitely get our hands on Internet Explorer 9 Beta on September 15th. Hopefully, Microsoft can finally deliver a much awaited browser.

Update: cancelled the launch!!

Even Tech18 team is keeping eye on these guys. Watch this space for more updates. 🙂

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