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7 reasons to use Windows 7

Welcome back to, today let me tell you how Windows 7 is better than vista and xp through my seven useful reasons to it.Windows 7 is much simpler to operate than Vista, and just as easy as XP Pro.

Here are the seven reasons why we all should use Windows 7 :

1. Windows  7 is simple to use :

  • Snap: This feature enables you to easily resize windows to maximize vertically or you can snap two documents side by side to compare content.       
  • Windows Taskbar: Just by pinning your favorite programs in the taskbar you can open in a single click. You can also right click on the taskbar to open frequently used programs from a Jumplist.

2. Internet Explorer 8 running smoothly:

  • Visual Search: You can run a visual search by typing a search request. You’ll immediately see a list of search results and images while you’re typing.
  • Web Slices: Your monitor changes on Web sites of interest.

3. Easy to Connect and Work Anywhere:

  • Home Group: Now easily create home network and share musics,videos,docs,…etc between the systems using Windows 7.
  • Easier Wireless Networking: Windows 7 now supports Wi-Fi Protected setup to reduce the complexity of setting up a wireless router.

4. Faster and Reliable:

  • It reduces the number of default services that start & run in the background, which enables your PC to start up and shot down faster. It goes into sleep mode faster because it writes less to disk.
  • Due to its enhanced stability freeze and crash of the system can be avoided.It also provides Automatic Backup to be on the safer side of the sysytem.

5. Compatabilty:

  • Battery Life: Windows 7 has trigger start services that is when some applications are required at that instant of time it is loaded others all time it is closed.This saves memory space and power consumption upto an extent.

6.  Media on your call:

  • Windows Media Center: Now play all your favorite TV shows, songs,videos freely through internet.You can also watch, pause, rewind and record TV on your PC.
  • Play To : Now you can also play songs,videos and other media streams through an audio-video system in the home.

7.  New means to engage :

  • Windows Touch Screen : Now you can easily Zoom-in and out or open documents,mediafiles or browse the web with just a single touch of your fingers.


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