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10 Awesome Android Features that iOS 4 and iPhone 4 Lack


We all are very busy in getting to know how iPhone 4 is ruling the smart phone market now. Even we were busy in noting down all cool new features of iPhone 4 or iOS 4 comes with in its new release. But mean time after the release of iPhone 4, many bloggers wrote about its problems.

Today we are going to share few awesome features of Android that iPhone 4 and iOS 4 lacks. 🙂

Tech tip: Android is Google’s operating system for mobile devices. iOS is Apple Inc’s operating system for mobile devices.

There are many new smart phones in line to beat iPhone 4 when compared to the features of iPhone. As we all know, Android is one of the biggest competitor for iOS. Following are the features where Android gained advantage over iOS 4 and iPhone 4.

Apple_Flash< credit >

Many rivals of iPhone 4 took advantage over it by running flash contents. As we all know iPhone doesn’t support Flash contents due to many reasons. May be Steve Jobs is totally relaying on the HTML5 to compete with iPhone rivals.

But as of now the main feature iPhone lacks is Flash player, where as Android based phones support flash contents and are quite well in displaying it:).


Apple wants to keep things clean and clear, so they placed only one big button on the phone. The primary function of this button was navigating the users to the home screen, now the same button is being used to switch between the applications.

When we compared iPhone with Android based phones, Android has few more physical buttons like dedicated back button and menu keys which makes it more user friendly and provides quicker navigation. It’s easy to hit a dedicated button than searching for the place in screen to hit!


Currently when we were looking at our list of missing features in iPhone 4, we got to know one more big fight between Apple’s iOS 4 and Google’s Android is the browser available by default.

Tech Tip: iPhone 4 uses its safari browser and Android uses Android 2.2 Froyo browser.
Ars SunSpider and V8 benchmarks showed the Nexus One blowing iPhone 4 out of the water with almost double the JavaScript performance.

However,  iPhone 4 has a slight lead when Flash was enabled on the Nexus One, and slightly behind when Flash was disabled.

Have a look at  the below video where the iPhone 4 browser  is compared with Android’s browser without flash plugin. [Video by Engadget ]

Apple itunes

As we all know the only way for you to transfer your media files into Apple devices is through iTunes. Let me ask you a question,  Do you how much time iTunes will take to add files and sync it?

Whereas in case of Android, they can be easily used as USB devices for faster transfer of files and folders.


This is one of the big not-to-like feature in iOS 4 and Android has one of the best modes of notifications one could ever want.

In Android, All notifications (like a new SMS, reply to a chat conversation, new e-mail, alerts etc.) are neatly organized in an expandable menu. So, whenever any of these notifications appear, they are quickly displayed for some time in a small strip that always stays at the top of the screen.

Consider that you’re chatting with a friend on Gtalk, while surfing the web. Whenever the person replies, you will see it in that small strip, without it disrupting whatever activity you are doing. To respond back, you will need to just swipe that strip down to open the proper notifications menu.

While the iOS 4 still follows the old method of pop-up notifications that will keep interrupting you. So, every reply to your chat conversation or a new SMS will make the iPhone bring a pop-up menu in focus, requiring you to take an action before you can get back to what you were doing. This is not good, especially now that they have got multi-tasking working, they could have done better with handling notifications. Not to mention the fact that the pop-up reveals content right in your face, for any prying eye to easily get a glimpse of.


Megapixels in smart phones seem to be increasingly competing with digital cameras. Apple is still not ready going for more pixel camera in their iPhone’s. As we noticed iPhone 4 has 5MPcamera while Android based phones having 8MP camera in it. This makes Android based phones more demanding in the smart phone market.

This point shows, still iPhone 4 is not a complete mobile a normal user should go for it!

Tech tip: Android has dual flash for its camera 🙂


Apple has solved the problem of application icon clutter by introducing folders. May be a really good move! But if you’re going to arrange applications  in folders, then consider that one more click before you can see what you want, instead of having it placed directly on the home-screen.

Android makes good use of Widgets. With multiple home-screens, we can arrange an assortment of Widgets that we can be swiped across swiftly.

Isn’t it an advantage? You can place your favorite applications in home screen and just a click is enough to access it rather than going inside the folder every time and search for the applications and then access it!

The small LED notification light is a boon when you leave your phone on a desk for a long time. The iPhone screen will shut down after momentarily displaying a new notification. You wouldn’t know any new activity without turning it on to check manually. But the LED light on Android phones keep blinking, letting you know something new has occurred for you to see.

May be this is just a simple point, but it works a lot for busy people!


Voice commands may seem basic. However, not for iPhone users, who still can’t use default voice commands to make calls or bring up a contact info.

We can’t expect Google Voice application on iPhone 4, as Apple is not ready to collaborate with Google. But our strong feeling is Google voice could have enhanced iPhone’s functionality, offering users the ability to make calls while saving their precious time.


The percentages of users who go for smart phone are the one who surf the Internet to the core. You can ask a question here, if they want to access web they can go for some normal phone which supports web, why smart phones?

But here the point is, smart phones will be having bigger screen and users won’t struggle to scroll down for every 10 lines. If you compare iPhone 4 screen with Android’s, Android’s will win the race. iPhone 4 comes with screen size of 3.5 inches as it is 4.3 inches in Android based phones. This obviously makes the difference in its resolutions as well.


We feel these are the areas which iPhone or iOS is still lacking and Android’s are making a big impact. Still there are few disadvantages in iPhone. If we mention about battery once again like all previous generation iPhones, iPhone 4 too does not have a battery that user can replace.

Hope we have noted few important points which Apple should look into before they release next phone 🙂 Please let us know if you any more points to add here. Share it with your friends as well 🙂

We all are very busy in getting to know how iPhone 4 is ruling the smart phone market now. Even I was busy in noting down all cool new features of iPhone 4 or iOS 4 comes with in its new release. But mean time after the release of iPhone 4, many bloggers wrote about its problems.

Today we are going to share few important issues with iPhone 4 which we found while comparing with Android based phones.

Tech tip: Android is Google’s operating system for mobile devices. iOS is Apple inc’s operating system for mobile devices.

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