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A Day in the Life of a Coder (Infographic)

An Idealistic Day Of A Coder (Infographic)

No matter how much ever we restrict ourselves from coding, we eventually end up doing it. The era has changed dramatically, now every person believes in “Do IT Yourself (DIY)”. As we are striving towards new technology, we can see that there’s a drastic shift from novice ending up with coding.

With the ease of using new programming languages, frameworks, and several resources, it has become very much effortless to start coding. So when was the last time you dived yourself into coding? [Hit the Comment Section 😉 ]


Let’s switch to the daily routine of the coder. I came across this Infographic by Back& which visualizes the day life of a coder. Although this isn’t true for all, hence I urge all startups to make this day happen for their developers ;).

An Idealistic Day Of A Coder (Infographic)

Image Credit : InterFaceLIFT

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