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Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger Offers Free SMS

Yahoo! Messenger

Now a days Yahoo! under some trouble and their market shares are going down day by day! Once upon a time Yahoo! was having very good market share in US and as days passed they lost the grip over other competitors like Google and AOL. Recently we even heard, AOL is planning buy Yahoo!

Under all these pressure Yahoo! is still running strong and their growing strategy never ended. Here comes another service for by Yahoo! mobile web users. A new feature has been just announced as available for mobile phone users who take advantage of Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger on their devices, namely SMS capabilities.

A recent post on Yahoo! mobile blog said,

Your mobile phone just got better! We’re excited to announce that Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger now offers SMS capabilities, so whether you have a smartphone or a feature phone, you can send text messages to your friends’ mobile phones – for free.

One advantage is, this new feature does not require for users to install anything, no setup is required new on their mobile phones, but you just need visit to enjoy Yahoo! Messenger with Chat + SMS features included.

Yahoo! Web Mobile Messenger Offers Free SMS

This was one missing feature in many messengers and Yahoo! messenger development team is very happy to announce this feature. And they added,

What this means is that in addition to the usual instant messages and emoticons, you can now send text messages from Messenger to your friends’ mobile phones for free!

Following are the updates added in latest version of Mobile Web Messenger,

  • Send SMS for free to your IM friends or to any mobile numbers
  • Enhanced Searchbox allows you to look up contacts by their usernames or phone numbers in your Yahoo! Address book and IM contact list
  • Easy toggle between SMS and IM conversations

This new feature is available for all mobile users with compatible devices, regardless whether they are smartphones of feature phones. But you just need to have a data plan, Mobile Web Messenger can run on your phone.

Hope you going to make most of Yahoo! mobile web messenger. Are you happy with this feature? 😛

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