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5 Google Chrome Extensions to Increase Productivity

5 Google Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity

Chrome is one of my favorite browser and the main reason that I love it because of its speed and awesome extensions to have fun and increase productivity. All geek keep on finding ways to get productive and save time and especially bloggers need to work smartly. Thus I thought of sharing few useful Google Chrome extensions which will surely help you to increase your productivity.

Here are 5 Google Chrome extensions to increase your productivity:

1. Split Screen

If you hate to change the tab again and again while surfing useful stuffs online then Split Screen is useful for you. It helps you to split the screen and you can load two websites in a single tab. Thus it makes it easy to research from different websites.


[ Download Link ]

2. Shareholic

For bloggers it is very important to be active on social networking websites and exchanging links are most important when it comes to be active on social networks. Shareholic will reduce your time of sharing the articles on all popular social networking websites like Facebook, Digg, Twitter etc. with just a click.


[ Download Link ]

3. URL Shortner

Google ( ) URL shortener needs no introduction. The same URL shortener you can directly use from your Chrome. Once you compressed the URL you can directly copy it to any of the social networking websites or share through emails.

URL Shortner

[ Download Link ]

4. Chromey Calculator

This extension has lots more to provide you in Chrome itself. You don’t need to search for calculator even if you want to solve big equations or want to handle daily finance calculations. You can use your own variables, check out unit conversions, Vectors and many more.

Chrome Calculator

[ Download Link ]

5. Clip to Evernote

I hate to bookmark websites or open notepad, when some news idea click me while reading blogs or I want to note down few useful points. I came across a useful chrome extension Clip to Evernote. So no more switching tabs or bookmarking and you can directly use Evernote with a click and save it forever.


[ Download Link ]

If you are aware of any other Google Chrome extension to increase productivity then do share with us. We would love to know more from you. πŸ™‚ Thanks for Reading πŸ˜€

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