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[Update]Firefox 4 Beta 9 Delays; Now Between January 14-18!

mozilla firefox 4.0 beta 8 As the browsers war are increasing the heat with Microsoft release its first RC of Internet Explorer 9, Google inching towards Chrome 9 release and Firefox planning to ship final version by February end. We are expecting some update by Opera as well.

Upon all these, we got some more interesting thing to add on to browser war. Here what they are,

Firefox 4 Beta 9 Between January 14-18!

Well till yesterday we were expecting the release of Firefox 4 Beta 9 as it was scheduled by Mozilla. Firefox 4 Beta 9 is currently in a freeze state and first Beta builds have been posted to the company’s FTP server. And pre-beta build has been teased to beta 10.

We still expecting some reason for the delay. But developers are pressing hard towards shipping final version of Firefox which is planned for February end!

As of now there are 143 hard blocking bugs currently left. And it’s been told that it usually takes Mozilla about six weeks until a remainder of 100 bugs in a new browser version is fixed.

Well we can expect Firefox 4 Beta 9 anytime between January 14 to 18. May be Mozilla is planning to freeze Beta 9 as last beta before Firefox 4.0 RC.

Watch out this space for more info 😉


7 thoughts on “[Update]Firefox 4 Beta 9 Delays; Now Between January 14-18!”

  1. Mani Viswanathan says:

    Why don't they fix the current bugs n release a stable version. Already BETA 8 is a bit longer extended.

  2. Harneet Singh says:

    nice info but to be true, I don't like beta softs. They really make a nuisance.

    Keep it up 🙂

  3. Deepak says:

    Nice info loved the way it is written….!!!

    My recent post :

  4. ankit says:

    Aww.. I was eagerly waiting for it adn it woudl be definitely awesome. Firfox 4beta 9 is the best!

  5. Blog Iran says:

    Thanks but I don’t like beta software.

  6. JMontes says:

    I am very excited to this new version…

    I've seen its beta and it really feels good.

    Hope that they can finish it earlier 🙂

    thanks for the update.

  7. Norman says:

    I used Mozilla Firefox for years after Netscape quit. Recently however I have switched to Safari. It is outstanding. I don't know how secure it is, but it is so easy to navigate. I didn't see it mentioned in this article. hmm.

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