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Opera 10.70 Beta Tops Kraken JavaScript Benchmark!

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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 first beta is out, Mozilla is releasing its long journey of beta versions, Chrome is inching towards is next big release Chrome 7! There are lot of things happening around us in browsers war.

All the browsers out there are working hardly on HTML5 features, GPU Acceleration, JavaScript Benchmarks and many more things to keep them on top. With no doubt, Chrome/Chromium 7 has already running high on HTML 5 features.

Today we are updating you guys more about the JavaScript Benchmark. There are lot of JavaScript benchmarks testings are available on market like webkit’s sunspider, Mozilla’s Kraken and Google’s V8 Benchmarks.

Mozilla says that its own Kraken JavaScript test is much more comprehensive than the Sunspider test and takes real world applications into account. There are those who claim that this test heavily favors Firefox, but Mozilla denies this allegation. Even we tested all current browser beta versions for Kraken JavaScript benchmark and the result is as below,

Opera 10.7 kraken javascript benchmark

Score: 19,526ms

Surprisingly, Opera 10.7 has hit a top score this time when compared to other current beta’s. Opera 10.7 beta is running on Carakan JavaScript.

Chrome 7 kraken javascript benchmark

Score: 25657.2ms

Well Chromium, which we call Chrome for simplicity reasons in this article, is on second place with 25657 milliseconds. Chrome 7 is just ahead of Firefox 4 beta 6 with very small margin of milliseconds.

Firefox 4 beta 6 kraken javascript benchmark

Score: 26540.9ms

With 26540.9ms, Firefox’s latest version is on third place. Not bad, but Firefox would have scored well on its own test.

Safari 5 kraken javascript benchmark

Score: 29914.7ms

Apple Safari managed to get inside 30k with 29914.7ms. Safari’s SquirrelFish JavaScript developed by webkit team didn’t impress us although a 30 percent Javascript performance increase over Safari 4.

IE9 beta kraken javascript benchmark

Score: 75187.4ms

Much spoken Microsoft’s IE9 is running poorly on Kraken Benchmark. It is almost 4 times slower than Opera. Lot of work to be done on IE9 now!


Well this is the current list of Kraken JavaScript Benchmark test. You can see Opera is topping the list, Chrome and Firefox is fighting neck-to-neck for second place and Safari performing quite a well. But on IE9 side, Microsoft team has to work lot of things after seeing placed on bottom in HTML5 and Kraken JavaScript Benchmark.

What you think about the current browser war? Is Opera really going to pull everyone back? Share your thought and let other also know ­čÖé

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