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Mozilla Hints About Firefox 4 Beta 13, Beta 11 Release By Tomorrow!

mozilla firefoxMozilla is trying to push hard towards completion of Firefox 4. But it has stuck up with many blockers on road to completion!

Last week Mozilla had announced Firefox 4 Beta 11 would be released by early this week. Even we were waiting for the same! But as usual Mozilla never kept its promise and delayed it a bit!

Firefox 4 Beta

Yes, finally we got a release date of beta 11 which will be released by tomorrow morning.

Mozilla’s Christian Legnitto said,

I’m both breaking a promise and keeping one from my last email. This is the second status email, so I broke the whole “one a day” bit.

QA has signed off on Firefox 4 beta 11. They intend to push it to mirrors tonight / tomorrow morning PST and release to the beta audience tomorrow, 2011-02-08.

But Christian also said it’ll take a time for all its beta users to get automated update for beta 11. The release mechanics generally follow these steps:

  1. Release to mirrors
  2. Wait for sufficient mirror uptake for update testing
  3. Test the updates on the “release test” channel to make sure the bits on the mirrors are OK!
  4. Wait for sufficient mirror uptake for release to the beta audience
  5. Push web pages live
  6. Test the updates on the “beta” channel, get QA sign off on them
  7. Update download links on
  8. Announce to the world

Users won’t get automated updates until step 6 and won’t be able to download the new build from until step 7. So don’t expect to wake up in the morning to “Firefox 4 beta 11 has been released” news articles.

mozillia hints firefox 4 beta 13

While speaking about current happenings of beta 12 Christian said they have not yet planned about beta 12 release date. But the team is trying hard to get all beta hardblockers done by this Friday which would put them in position to start building beta 12 from next week!

In the end, he also pointed,

We still reserve the right to have another beta if needed, but are driving to have beta 12 be the last. Again, highly dependent on remaining work, new items found during beta 11, etc!

Well the update is in front of you guys. Firefox 4 beta 11 will be by tomorrow morning. And again Mozilla hints about having on more beta before they move towards building first Release Candidate of Firefox 4.

After all this, we get one strong question “Will Firefox get back to browsers war?”

Now! You guys think Mozilla will stick to its plan for 2011? Are we going to get Firefox 7.0 by year end?

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