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Introduction to Greasemonkey


Greasemonkey !! :), all might be wondering 😉 sounds very funny but what is it all about ?? 🙂 . Greasemonkey is a Firefox Addon which allows users to install userscripts , which can be used to change the look and functions of a webpage , analyze the data of the webpage and manipulate and display results based on the requirement of the users. These users are the regular visitors to that particular sites on which they would like to use this add-on.

Greasemonkey was developed by Anthony Lieuallen, Aaron Boodman, Johan Sundström .

Greasemonkey is used to customize the Webpages using the scripts as per the requirement of the user. They can be used to combine two or more webpages , their data and adding new functions using scripts. They are typically used in

  1. Customizing Social Networking sites : This is done by changing it’s default colours , adding some more features through Javascripts and making it more attractive and stylish.
  2. Ads Filter : Removing unwanted ads or popups from the webpages for the faster loading of the webpages.
  3. Content Formatting : It is used to to change the text format , layout and borders of that particular webpage. It is also used to add links , buttons or any HTML element anywhere in the webpage.
  4. Auto fill Forms : To avoid the duplication of work and consume less time , this feature lets you add the required values in the forms of the webpages automatically.
  5. Data Enhancement : This lets the user to add some more unassigned functions to the webpages , list the relevant sites using this data .

How to use it : This requires Firefox or Flock or Chrome browser . To know more about installing it , you can have a look below

how to use Greasemonkey

Now as you are totally aware of this add-on , lets have a look some of its best resources as listed below :

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