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IE9 a "Site-Centric, Not Browser-Centric"

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Well the time is nearing and all are getting ready to have an hands on Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 9. The much spoken IE9 first beta is getting released in just few hours from now, 10:30 am PDT or 11 pm IST timings.

But the shocking news is, IE9 is already available for few companies and the response from them is making others more exciting. Pair of IE9 and Windows 7 is going to making ultimate change in browser war. We all are expecting lot of things from IE9 on one side and other side Windows XP users are kept away from IE9.

The news is, Fastcompany has already got IE9 in their Windows 7 machine and they expressed what they felt about it. Here are few things we got by seeing the screenshots from Fastcompany.

Internet explorer 9 app pins

First thing we got from IE9 screenshot is, converting website into application. We saw this feature already in Chrome 6, 7 and Firefox 4 beta‘s. But these application were not able to get pinned in taskbar. Microsoft has included this feature to be fully available on Windows 7 machines.

IE9 has boiled down with HTML5 features. Hope this time IE9 cross the score by Chrome 7 and tops the list. Many, including Apple believe HTML5 could one day replace Adobe Flash. But for Microsoft, it has become a vehicle for migrating apps to the PC.

Finally IE9 has got Chromified look, just similar to Firefox 4. So finally IE9 has got total remake and looks clear. Similar to Chrome and Firefox, IE9 got big browsing space.

Internet explorer 9 Firefox like buttons

As u can see in screenshot, the back and forward buttons are resembling Firefox 4 buttons. Hope IE9 didn’t copy it 🙂

Last but not least, IE9 is Site-Centric, Not Browser-Centric.

According to Gavin,

Microsoft’s aim was to create a site-centric, not browser-centric, Internet Explorer that has revved-up HTML5 support. Frame rates are explosive–early comparison tests have showed big gains on Chrome and Firefox–and high-def video is handled beautifully, thanks to big tweaks to hardware acceleration.


Well these are the few notable changes we got before the hands on IE9. Can’t wait anymore to get IE9 first ever beta.

What you think about IE9 now? Will you shift yourself from Firefox or Chrome to IE9? 🙂 Share what you feel 🙂

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