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[History] Firefox About To Surpass IE in Europe

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August has already arrived and Now it’s time for Browsers market share update. There is a cold war this month between all big guns in Browsers world, which are fighting for their strong space. But this time we are not speaking about the worldwide share, in which IE is still top on the mark and where Firefox and Chrome are improving day by day to give a strong competition to IE.

We all know that the market share of IE 6 worldwide has already dropped down below the share of Chrome 5. Chrome 5 is already set to surpass IE7 in few months down the line and on the other side Firefox 3.6 is inching towards IE8 to wash out Microsoft’s Internet Explorer from top place.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Version Market Share

The Top 3 web browsers currently in the worldwide  are,

  1. IE – 52.09%
  2. Firefox – 31.51%
  3. Chrome – 10.62%

We noticed that IE share in all continents is still high and placed strong in top place. But Microsoft is getting strong fight from Mozilla’s Firefox which is inching towards the top spot in Europe. As we noticed, share of Firefox has jumped from 37.98% to 38.53% in last month as compared to IE’s 42.61% to 42.62%. It is crystal clear that Firefox is moving very fast to acquire top spot in Europe.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

Firefox’s popularity in Europe is based on an obscenely high market share in Germany where the browser holds 59.82% of the market, according to StatCounter. IE has only 26.72% in Germany and Chrome only 5.34%, Opera 4.44% and Safari 2.55%.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

If we look at the browser versions alone, in Germany Firefox 3.6 is having a strong Share of 48.28% when compared to IE 8’s 17.73% and Firefox 3.5 is having a share of 7.5%.

All these factors are affecting the Microsoft’s IE share in Europe. Firefox is getting very stable share in Europe than IE.

May be the market share of IE may raise when they release its more secure web browser Internet Explorer 9 / IE9 but we should the consider a drawback of IE9 that it will not support Windows XP and Firefox can surpass it if get more share out of IE after Firefox 4 release.

What do you have to say about this? Do you think one day Firefox will rule the world and IE will die? Which browser you will support and why? Share your thoughts 🙂 After all we all are addicted to Internet :), so time to hit the comment box 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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