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Firefox Seek Twitter Tweep's Help!

Firefox and Twitter - Army of Awesome

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Are you a Firefox user and crazy about Firefox? Ready to help them by replying to your fellow users questions? Here is a chance to join Firefox-Twitter team.

Every day, thousands of people tweet their Firefox questions. And may be Firefox twitter team couldn’t find time to answer all their queries. So Firefox started a lightweight way for them to get answers right away from fellow Firefox users.

Firefox - Join the Army of Awesome

Firefox started a new community care program called Army of Awesome! By joining this team tweep’s can take up fellow tweep’s tweet and reply them with answer. Anyone with a Twitter account can join the Army of Awesome and reply to a tweet about Firefox. Many times it’s as simple as showing someone where to find the info they need.

Mozilla community members are known for being helpful and that spirit has been a key to Firefox’s success. You don’t have to be a Firefox expert to join the Army of Awesome – though of course experts are welcome! Simply choose a tweet, sign in with your Twitter account, and select the signpost message that will point the user in the right direction. Or, even better, create a personal response in your own words.

Well joining a Army of Awesome is very easy. Just a three steps and you helped Firefox!

Step 1: Choose a Tweet shown in the list

Firefox Choose Your Tweet

When you enter Army of Awesome list of tweets about Firefox will be displayed. You can choose any post which you feel like answering.

Step 2: Sign in to Twitter

Firefox - Army of Awesome Sign in to Twitter

Step 3: Reply to Tweet

Firefox - Army of Awesome - Reply to Tweets

Choose any post you like and reply as we did 🙂

Firefox - Army of Awesome - Tech18Blog Reply to Tweet

That’s it! You replied to one of the tweet and helped Firefox through #fxhelp.

Happy tweeting! And remember…good things come to those who tweet!

Hope all you Firefox users already in Army of Awesome by this time 🙂 Are you tweeps ready to help Firefox? 🙂

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