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Firefox 4 Beta 5 Resembles Google Chrome Again!

Firefox 4 Beta 5 Resembles Google Chrome Again

We all know Mozilla just released its next beta version, Firefox 4 Beta 5 yesterday. As we noticed, Firefox team has not yet integrated its new JavaScript engine JaegerMonkey into the public beta of Firefox yet. And it’s clear that virtually no JavaScript performance improvements over the last beta version.

Firefox 4 beta 5 reduced menu

Past week back we noticed that Beta 5 was originally seen as the feature freeze update, but Mozilla pushed the freeze further into the future and Beta 6 may turn out to be the release that will be feature complete for the first time.

When we were noting down the changes in Firefox 4 beta 5, most the changes were matching the recent stable version of Google chrome 6 features and Chrome 7 updates. Here are the few changes we got from Firefox’s latest beta,

1. Reduces Menu

Firefox 4 beta 5 reduced menu

The first notable featured which Firefox copied from Google Chrome was its new Menu style. Firefox has reduced its main menu similar to Chrome 6 and 7.

2. Cut, Copy and Paste

Firefox 4 beta 5 cut copy and paste shortcuts

Google Chrome 6 has showed the cut, copy and paste shortcuts in its menu itself. This feature had reduced user dependency on keyboard. This updated was mainly implemented for touch screen systems. Now Firefox has copied it finally in its Beta 5 release.

3. Private Browsing Shortcut

Firefox 4 beta 5 private browsing

Google Chrome 6 has showed the one click shortcut for its incognito window(private browsing). We saw the similar update in latest beta.

4. Downloads and Addons Shortcuts

Firefox 4 beta 5 addons and downloads shortcuts

We think image says it all. Firefox has added new shortcuts to downloads history and addons/extensions in its reduced menu.

5. Default Hardware (GPU) Acceleration

Just a day before the release of beta 5, Chrome 7.0.519.0 nightly build offered a integrated GPU acceleration in it. After sometime in Firefox 4 beta 5 we noticed the same feature has been integrated. We don’t know whether Firefox team tried to copy Google Chrome or just made a perfect rival.


These the top things Firefox has copied from Chrome till now. Hope we won’t see any more copied features in Firefox as we all expect the unique and best browser out of this browsers list. Overall, the browser feels notably more stable as the previous versions and begins to be looking like a browser that is making good progress toward a final release. The first release by the way, is scheduled for the second half of October.

Download Firefox 4 Beta 5

Do you like to use the browser which is replica of another or Chromified Firefox? Raise you voice through commenting and let others know what you feel. 😉

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