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Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated!

Browser war Chrome 9, Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9

Hope you all welcomed 2011 with all happiness and wished for great year ahead! Even we took an opportunity to wish our readers with best 100+ 2011 New Year wallpapers.

Well here we got our first news from our browser war! Mozilla and Google are back with browser stories. Here we go with what’s new from Mozilla and Google,

Firefox 4 Beta 9

mozilla firefox 4.0 beta 8After a very long vacations Mozilla team is back to their work and announced their next beta launching date. Firefox 4 beta 9 will be out by next weekend i.e. on January 13.

Following the list of bugs that are blocking Firefox 4 as of today,

  • Firefox 4.0 Beta 9
    • blocking: 136
    • fixed: 83
    • open: 53
  • Firefox 4.0 RC
    • blocking: 1427
    • fixed: 1170
    • open: 257
  • Firefox 4.0 final
    • blocking: 1315
    • fixed: 1124
    • open: 191

As you can see Firefox development team is left with 53 bugs and they are all set to release Beta 9. They are planned to code freeze beta 9 by this Friday, 2011-01-07. Branch and build on Monday, 2011-01-10. And final release of beta 9 to audience on Thursday, 2011-01-13.

As you all know Mozilla team is way behind Firefox 4 release. Last beta of Firefox was released on December 21. Beta 8 was more than 4 weeks late, continuing a history of delays of the Firefox 4 beta phase. Still beta 10 is left before first RC of Firefox 4.

We may expect first RC by end of first quarter of 2011. And also to make room for Firefox 4, Mozilla team has decided to stop shipping Firefox 3.6 as soon as possible! This will surely cost them as they started loosing market share to Google Chrome.

Update: Firefox 4 Beta 9 Delayed; Now Between January 14-18!

Google Chrome 9 Beta

Google ChromeGoogle today updated their Chrome 9 beta. As planned, Google has stick to their strategy and kept releasing new version of Chrome once in every six weeks.

The major updates of Chrome 9 beta which was released on December 16 was Sandboxed Flash Player, Chrome Instant and WebGL was now enabled by default.

Build 9.0.597.42 is nothing more than a minor update to Chrome 9.0, an aspect visible from the small version number increase from the last Beta namely 9.0.597.19.

Well the Chrome has become one of the major player in browser war as they had a great 2010! According to Net Applications, Chrome finished 2010 extremely close to the 10% usage share milestone. More importantly, statistics indicate that while Firefox is all but stagnating, and with Internet Explorer continuing to lose users, Chrome is growing at an accelerated pace.

IE9 First RC by January End!

Internet Explorer 9 First RCMicrosoft is reportedly gearing up to release the Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 9 by the end of January 2011.

The Redmond company has yet to confirm or deny third-party reports that claim to already have the IE9 RC availability deadline, or to comment in any way on the matter at hand.

That is all for now. The top three big guns of browser war are back with some breaking news on early 2011. Hope to have a very great year in browsing world!

Do you think Firefox 4 will get back strongly on browser war? How IE9 RC going to change the browser war? Share your thoughts and let us know your point 🙂 Cheers!

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