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Browser Stats: Chrome, Safari Gets More Users!

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We have been updating you guys about the latest buzz happening in browsers war. Mozilla continues to release its continuous beta versions of Firefox 4. Google Chrome has stuck to its base plan and getting updated every six weeks.

On the other side, Microsoft is all set to release first RC of Internet Explorer 9 on February 10. Mozilla also planning for first RC of Firefox 4 somewhere in mid of February.

Well lot of news coming out everyday in browsers war. In between all this we have got some more update on browsers market share for first month of 2011.

Google Chrome and its increasing market share

Google is all set to release its next version of browser Chrome 9. It may expected to get released in couple of days. Dev version of Chrome is already in version 10.

Upon all this, Google Chrome has kept leading this strong browsers war. Google kept its graph increasing and reaches new milestones this time.

According to Net Application, Google Chrome’s market share has now crossed 10%. For a first time Google Chrome has crossed 10% and stand at 10.7% overall market share.

google chrome january market share

Chrome 8 also gained considerably in terms of market share in the past month, growing from 7.32% at the end of 2010 to 9.33% in January.

But StatCounter has got some other update. According to StatCounter, Google Chrome now crosses 15% market share and stood at 15.68%.

statcounter january market share

Safari Joins in!

After a long time Apple has got some good news about its browser. Safari browser has got some good amount to new users which made to increase its overall market share.

According to Net Application, Safari’s market is up from 5.89% of December 2010 to 6.3% by the end of January 2011. That’s a quite a good increase in browser market.

Internet Explorer and Firefox Loses Share!

After the entry of Google to browser market with its beautiful Chrome, shares of strong Internet Explorer and Firefox has gradually went down. Story continues and this time also IE and FF shares went down to Chrome and Safari.

According to Net Application, Internet explorer’s has now got 56% of market share as compared to 57.08% by the end of last year. Reason is all clear. Internet explorer 6 and 7 have kept loosing its market share and IE 8 is sole player in market for Microsoft.

net application january market share

Mozilla’s Firefox browser also lost little bit of share. It has now got 22.75% of market share. Hope it will get back its users once Firefox 4 is out.

Well this is the latest browser stats. Google and Safari has got some fair amount of new users from Internet Explorer and Firefox.

We are excited about this browsers war. Are you? Share your thought through comment and let other know what you feel! 🙂

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