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Browser Stats: Chrome Fractions Behind 20% Share; Firefox 4.0 Surpasses Firefox 3.6!

Browser war

May 2011 has been a very busiest month when we speak about browsers. Google’s never ending increase in version number! Mozilla’s all new plans for Firefox working really good for them. New plan and Opera Next nightly builds by Opera team!

Wow! That sounds great. Isn’t it?

Well after all these latest update, finally comes a question. Who is standing where? Who’s growing stronger than their rivals?

Last month browsers statistics tells couple of mind blowing stories which could certainly heat up the browsers war!

#1. Google Chrome Marching Towards 20% Market Share!

Google Chrome

Chrome browser is one of the fastest growing products by Google which we all know! One better knows fact is Google Chrome has changed the browsing world very smartly in very short period of time.

Google’s new release cycle of Chrome browser is really giving them an upper hand when compared to other browsers. With the shortest release cycle strategy (six weeks), Google is adding very interesting features like restricting instant to search, shortened URL bar and much more.

Well the latest worldwide browsers market share showed Google Chrome is inching towards 20% overall market share. Yes, it is a something bigger for Chrome which is just two and half year old!

browser stats chrome

The way Chrome browser is growing will surely put IE and Firefox aside in coming years if they don’t think out of box and add some interesting and unique features into it!

By the end of yesterday, Chrome was just 0.09% behind 20% target.

browser stats chrome latest stats

#2. Firefox 4.0 Lead Firefox versions!

firefox 4

Yes, you heard right. Confused how come a new comer could take leading note in just few months? Well Firefox 4.0 is one of the strongest growing browsers when compared to Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome 11!

As you all know, Firefox started dumping older Firefox 3.5 version and started moving them towards Firefox 3.6 and 4.0. This has already started boosting Firefox 4.0’s market share which is now becomes the leading among other versions of Firefox.

browser stats firefox 4

Firefox version 4.0 has got 14.2% of share when compared to Firefox 3.6’s 12.28%!

Tech Note: Firefox 4.0 surpassed Internet Explorer 7 just two months back 😉

#3. Internet Explorer 9 Poor Run Continues!

Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft will surely be thinking what’s going wrong with their latest version of Internet Explorer! The growing graph of IE9 is really slower when we look into their ancestors.

The main reason could be the wrong marketing strategy by Microsoft IE team. And of course how can we forget about Windows XP which didn’t get IE9! Hope MS will take their call soon on IE9 survival!

By the end of May 2011, Internet Explorer had got 4.57%!

browser stats ie9

How are you enjoying this browser war? Hot! Isn’t it? 😛

Every browser vendor is pushing hard to prove they are the best one amongst others. Well as a user we are getting to see something interesting every time.

Browser Stats by StatCounter.

Which browser are you using and which one are you supporting? Raise your voice and let us discuss which one is best! Comment box is waiting for u 😉 Cheers!

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