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Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta Now Connects Facebook Friends Via SMS Chat!

Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta

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As the days passes by, Technology is reaching every corner of the world with some amazing features. There was a time when people used to send mails to have a conversation. Then comes Instant Messengers to make it real-time conversation.

But the conversation was only within provider network. Even that got improved by introduction Open ID’s which allowed people to have a single id and use the web more extensively.

We must say Yahoo! is one among the strong player to Skype in connecting social media site Facebook with its Yahoo users.

If you all remember, Yahoo! has added a free SMS feature in it’s mobile version of Yahoo! Messenger 11 beta last year. This was a great feature which helped Yahoo! users to keep in touch with offline friends.

Yahoo! then integrated Facebook in mobile messenger and made a big move to keep its fight against Google which is secretly preparing Facebook rival(RUMORS). This even helped Facebook indirectly to be a strong contender in social networks war.

Here comes one more big feature in Yahoo! mobile messenger. Now users of Yahoo! mobile messengers can have a SMS conversation with Facebook online friends.

yahoo messenger 11 beta facebook connect via sms chat

Yahoo’s Technical person Nitu Choudary wrote,

What’s cooler is that you can also chat with your Facebook friends when you are mobile. For users who are already using the latest Yahoo! Messenger Beta on your PC, you can continue chatting with Facebook friends once you log out of your desktop client. You can send and receive messages from your Facebook friends in real-time via SMS.

Now when you log out of your desktop Messenger, you will be automatically logged into your mobile device. Any messages sent by your Facebook friends will be forwarded to your mobile device and appear in your phone’s SMS inbox.Reply to the SMS message, and your message will be sent back to your Facebook friends. It’s that simple.

This added flexibility means that you can always connect with your Facebook friends, even if you don’t have an internet connection or your phone is not smart.

Prerequisites for using the SMS chat feature are

  1. Download the lastest Yahoo! Messenger Beta for PC
  2. Link your Facebook account
  3. Register your mobile device

Yahoo! messenger 11 beta now has an features like Facebook integration, enabling you to chat with Facebook friends, but also the possibility to publish status updates on Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Yahoo.

Hope you all liked the latest update by Yahoo! Please share your thoughts through comments 🙂 Cheers! 😉

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