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Alert : Facebook YouTube Spam

facebook youtube spam

Hello friends, beware of the Facebook YouTube Spam which is spreading across the Facebook in the form of wall posts. The spam prompts  the user to use the address bar and copy paste it’s JavaScript function which makes use of your account and publishes the same spam message on your friends wall.

This spam uses a fake YouTube video image  with custom messages which are of the following:

HEY <your-name> you should untag yourself in this video

ROTFL <your-name> you look so stupid in this vid

hey <your-name> what are you doing in this vid

wtf!! <your-name> you should untag yourself in this video


How this spam works??

I know everyone would like to know, how is this spreading, check out the below screenshots to understand how this spam works:

facebook youtube spamfacebook youtube spamAs shown in the above image, it guides you to use your browser addressbar and copy paste using Ctlr V + Enter , and when you point to the address bar and press Ctrl+V it paste the following  JavaScript codes as shown below :

facebook youtube spam address bar

As seen in the above image, the address bar of the browser contains some piece of  JavaScript code when pressed Ctrl+V , now you need to press Enter to make this spam work 😛 lol, don’t ever do it.

I encoded this piece of  JavaScript and found it is using  JavaScript file  of Below is the screenshot of the file :

facebook youtube spam javascript


Follow the below steps to get rid of this spam

Step 1 : Delete that Facebook Wall post so that at least your friends who are viewing your Facebook wall do not come across to this spam.

facebook spam remove step 1

Step 2: Restrict other people from posting on your disabling your friends to post on your wall as shown below. Browse to Account=>Privacy Settings -> Customize Settings -> Things others share -> Friends can post on my Wall

facebook spam remove step 2


So friends share this with all your friends to beware of this spam.

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