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The Truth About Facebook Depression (Infographic)

From past couple of years people have stopped speaking face-to-face and started connecting each other though social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It’s true that we can’t be connected always via face-to-face interactions, via cell phone calls or even via SMS’s. Life has become too hectic to reach out people who are just next to us. That is where social networking sites comes in picture.

We chat, share our thoughts, and share our photos, comments, likes and many more on Facebook. Don’t you think social networking sites have become a daily need for us? Is it a media to share your feelings and emotions?

Out of more than 800 million users, most of them do agree that Facebook has become a space for sharing whatever they want. That’s how it has become so popular. And it has also sent many people to depression state. Wondering what could be the reason?

Facebook Depression (Video)

Here is a small glimpse about Facebook depression. Following infographic depicts about how we use Facebook to share our thoughts, feelings and personal interests.



So have your ever been into depression while using Facebook ?? If yes then what would you do to come out of this Facebook depression ?

Thanks for reading and Stay  Happy 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Truth About Facebook Depression (Infographic)”

  1. April Atkins says:

    Facebook users are more favorable and biased on positive news and status updates which perhaps reflect  our real social lives . Facebook users are most likely to   like positive posts more than negative content, showing the world’s largest social network is not a space  for coming together of  ”  sorrow and grief” where the unhappy help each other slump further into depression. 

  2. Dyscalculia Test says:

    I enjoy reading your article and it gives me more idea about facebook and the things that I can and can’t get using this social media.

    Dyscalculia test

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well. That’s a perfect description about the modern life and Facebook @facebook-100002557175252:disqus . Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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