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30+ Rocking Features of Rockmelt Browser

rockmelt browser share,connect,search and stay upto date

Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Inter Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Opera and many! How many browser you want? Why are they so popular? Well, you all know all these are very popular browsers out in market and very much up for browsers war!

There are hundreds of browsers out in market and some of them are cloned browser which uses above mentioned browser’s engine and adds some new features into it to attract users. Flock and India’s Epic browser are few among them.

Well, here come one more new child into market from the c0-founder of first widely-used web browser, Netscape. RockMelt is a social media web browser developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria and backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen.

Just a week back Rockmelt team released first beta browser. RockMelt is fast, secure, and stable because it’s built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser. It’s your browser – re-imagined and built for how you use the Web.

RockMelt does more than just navigate Web pages. But it will be very good competitor for desktop version of Facebook application Fishbowl by Microsoft! Let us get into our main topic, features of Rockmelt browser,

1. Welcome to Rockmelt

rockmelt browser welcome screen

What was that? Shocked? Yes, as said before Rockmelt is a Social media browser built mainly for Facebook users. You can say its a Facebook friendly browser. Well, login and start using Facebook..OOPS Rockmelt 🙂

2. Facebook Chatbar

rockmelt browser window

As you can see in the image, on the left hand side Rockmelt browser provides a Facebook chat bar. Its a option bar which will be explained later. Yes, you can chat with your friends while browsing other page.

But only disadvantage of this bar is, number of displayed user is dependent on your browser resolution. You can’t see all FB friends 🙁

3. Facebook Chat

rockmelt browser facebook chat

Here is the sample of Rockmelt’s Facebook chat. This Facebook chat window will be popped out and you can have separate chat window dedicated to FB chat 🙂

4. Facebook Status Preview

rockmelt browser facebook status preview

Now you can see what was your last Facebook status update without opening! Just a hover on your Facebook DP on top left corner pop-up your last status update.

5. Facebook Friend’s Status

rockmelt browser facebook friends status

Not only your status update, you can even see your friends status without visiting their page! Just a hover on your friend image and see their status just as in above image.

6. Create Own Facebook Friends Group

rockmelt browser facebook favorite friends list

Just similar to Facebook Groups you can create your own list of Facebook friends and easily check whether are they online or not.

7. All friends or Favorite friends?

rockmelt browser facebook favorite friends or all friends list

Confused how can you access your favorite friends list and all friends list? Its easy. Click on Star for your favorite friends and green dot for all friends list.

8. Write on Friend Wall or Send a Message

rockmelt browser facebook send message or write on friend wall

While chatting with your friend, to send a message or write on friend’s wall what you will do? Search for that friend, scroll their, write on their wall! hectic write? Use Rockmelt and chat, write on their wall and send a message with a single click.

9. Update your status on Facebook and Twitter

rockmelt browser facebook and twitter status update

Enough of writing on friends wall and sending message and chatting.. Now update your status as well. Just click on your DP on top-left corner and update your status on Facebook and Twitter. Remember, you should login to twitter before updating status on twitter.

10. Facebook Updates

rockmelt browser facebook updates

Not only left side bar Rockmelt has one more right side bar. This bar is called as app edge. One of the option on right hand side is Facebook updates.

11. Facebook Wall

rockmelt browser facebook wall

Now you can see your wall without login into Facebook 😛 Just a click on Facebook updates button and here is your Facebook wall.

12. Facebook Notifications

rockmelt browser facebook notifications

Who wrote on your wall? Who poked you? Who tagged you in some image? Missing all these notification while browsing other pages? Here is just a small button which gives you all this on single click. But notifies you with numbers on it 🙂

13. Rocking Share

rockmelt browser facebook share option

Now you share the website which you browsing right now by just a single click. Like a site or story? Click “Share” and BAM – link shared. You can use it on any site to post to Facebook or tweet about it on Twitter. It’s  just one click away. That easy.

14. Friend Search through URL bar

rockmelt browser google search and facebook friends

As we said before, this Facebook Chat bar is limited to your screen resolution and cannot be scrolled or edited. If this is case how can search for your friend and find their he/she is online? Simple, just start typing your friend name and rockmelt will suggest friends names just like in image.

This option is even available in Google Search box 🙂

15. Twitter Inside Rockmelt

rockmelt browser twitter login

As we informed you before while sharing your status on twitter, you need to be logged into Twitter. But where you will login? Web version? No need. Just a click away you can login into twitter. This shortcut is available in right edge/bar.

16. Twitter Tweets

rockmelt browser twitter tweet

Logged in? Cool 🙂 Now you can click on the same twitter button to get your twitter timeline.

17. Twitter Timeline

rockmelt browser twitter tweets

When you browsing your other websites this twitter API will get updated background and shows how many new tweets you haven’t checked.

18. Twitter Retweet

rockmelt browser twitter retweet option

Just similar to twitter website, this API gives an option to retweet any tweet.

19. Twitter Share

rockmelt browser twitter share optionSimilar to Facebook share you can even share your updates on Twitter.

#20. Multiple Twitter Account

One great advantage of this Twitter API is you can login into multiple twitter account and get both the timelines in single place 🙂

21. Add Feeds

rockmelt browser add feeds option

Only only Facebook and Twitter, this browser even has facility of adding feeds of the website you visit daily for updates. This feed API even updates you by checking whether the website you visited had feed option in it.

22. Pop-up Google Search

rockmelt browser popup google search

No need to open new tab for Google search any more. When ever you search Google it will just pop up a small window by keeping you on same website.

23. Enable and Disable Edge/sidebar

rockmelt browser edges option menu shortcut

You can enable and disable both edges anytime if you don’t like. But all the services will be running in background.

24. Edges Options

rockmelt browser edges option

25. Import Multiple Bookmarks

You can import multiple bookmarks into rockmelt as shown in the image.

26. Default Ad Blocker

rockmelt browser default ad blocker

Rockmelt has a default ad blocker and one more advantage.

27. Form Auto Fill

rockmelt browser form auto fill imported

As Rockmelt is built using Chromium code, it also added form auto fill features which we saw in Chrome 6 features. You can even import auto fill data from chrome.

28. Chrome features

rockmelt browser incognito edit zoom options

Well Rockmelt retrieved some features like cut, copy, paste, incognito and zoom options from Chrome.

29. Chrome Extensions

rockmelt browser chrome extensions side barWell Chrome users can easily make a switch to Rockmelt as the look and feel is just similar to Chrome.

You can use the same extensions which supports Chrome browser and these extension will be displayed in right hand edge. As shown in the image on right side.

30. More shortcuts

rockmelt browser shortcuts

Rockmelt has added shortcuts to most visited sites, recently closed sites and history. It displays small thumbnail below most visited sites and recently closed tabs. And for history it displayed browsing history in new tab just similar to with url chrome://history/.

31. Pin website

rockmelt browser pin website

Like a website you visited? You can pin it and use it anytime.

32. Chromium Engine

rockmelt browser using chromium code

As you all by this time Rockmelt is a browser built using Chromium open source code which Google Chrome is using.

33. Rockmelt Logout

rockmelt browser logout option

Well we came to end of this post and lets log off 😛 Logging out from Rockmelt will log you off from Facebook and will close all the opened tab as well. Even exit does the same but it wont log off from Facebook.

Huh!. Tired? Well Rockmelt has got lot of features and it may enter browsers war soon with Chromium codebase.

Rockmelt team says

Today, the browser connects you to your world. Why not build your world right into your browser?

Here they are mention world to Facebook and Twitter which has got more than half of the world’s population in their pocket. That’s all for now. Watch out for more info about Rockmelt.

Now! Did you like Rockmelt? Which feature made you go crazy? DO you think it will be competitor for other browsers? Please share your thoughts 🙂


31 thoughts on “30+ Rocking Features of Rockmelt Browser”

  1. Justin Germino says:

    Fantastic article write up and this is just some of the excellent features of RockMelt, I myself am already switched to making RockMelt my default browser.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Rockmelt will surely rock in social media browsers list Justin. Thanks for sharing your personal experience about Rockmelt with us 🙂

  2. Edwin says:

    Awesome post. Now you have just convinced me to check it out. But, by the way in RockMelt is there an option to save all opened tabs because Im a power browser?

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Glad that you will be checking it out buddy. Well there is no option like saving all opened tabs in Rockmelt bro 🙁

      1. Roger says:

        In case RockMelt folks read this:
        Here's another vote for "save all opened tabs". Indispensable for recovering from crashes & lockups, shorter history, and just "check out later".

    2. B says:

      there is option to set web sites that should open when you open rockmelt again. you can put sites that are opened now or even a list of sites 🙂

      1. Vinay Gowda says:

        Thanks for the tip buddy 🙂

  3. Madav @Tech Tips says:

    I think Rockmelt got the best features from most of the other browsers including Chrome,Bing,Yahoo and Indian build Epic.It's like an all in one

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Yeah buddy. Main advantage is Chromium code + Facebook integration. One of the best social media web browser. 🙂

  4. John Hilla says:

    Inside tip: Just like in Chrome, you can make any site an app. But in order for the link to keep the logo, Rockmelt wants you to remember the login info so it will autoconnect the session.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Thanks for Sharing something more about Rockmelt John! Even I didn't know about session management option. 🙂

  5. Mani Viswanathan says:

    Rockmelt is a revolutionary browser. I didn't try out the search function (the pop-up one) Thanks for putting it out.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      First of all, thanks for sending me and invite Mani 🙂 Because of you only I got chance to review Rockmelt.

      Which feature according to you is best bro? 🙂

  6. Namit Gupta says:

    Rockment can only be differentiated with Chrome for its social media integration. Its good for the people who spend to much time connecting with friends on facebook or twitter. I liked it may use it sometimes, but love to work more on chrome's simple and neat interface.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      I agree with you buddy. Even I use Chrome browser for many other reasons 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Rockmelt buddy 🙂

  7. shashank chinchli says:

    awesome browser it is!
    though i had tried this before coming to youe post dude, i did note just few features of it only!
    good write up buddy:)

  8. Bishwajeet says:

    But its too buggy right now and not ready for day to day use

  9. Webproxyland says:

    You are right about this browser, we usually don't care other usual browser I've seen many local browser here which have many good features, but I still use more popular browser.

    thanks for my inspiration.

  10. Ecardlr says:

    Rockmeit surely does have some great features and is totally a great browser for social media people

  11. Nicholas Teo@Feng Sh says:

    Everybody is saying so much good things about RockMelt that I am now dying to get my hand on an invite to try it out. Thanks for the super detail and thorough review.

  12. Roger says:

    I am an old guy, not much into social networking. So your clear and detailed step-by-step intro to RockMelt was especially welcome. Showed me features that I probably would never have found on my own. Many thanks, Vinay!

  13. Pankaj Gupta says:

    This is the best browser for me at present and I am enjoying with it. 😀

  14. Sudharsan says:

    Really a Rocking post 😀

    Downloaded rockmelt but still lazy to use it 😛
    want to try it after finishing my exams
    — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

  15. igoydude says:

    wow, can you tell me something rock melt can't do?

  16. Sreejesh says:

    yeah bro its really awesome browser for social media lovers. Actually made in Chromium framework. I was one of the luckiest to get the beta within 1st day of launch!

  17. vijay says:

    Rockmelt is very good and its very usefull for feed.

  18. julia says:

    I hadn't thought of Netscape in years, so I must say thank you for the walk down memory lane. ha/ha

  19. Rajesh Chaukwale says:

    Rockmelt is really stunning browser. Really it has brought all the world in one web browser. I really liked the smart share and google popup box.
    Well done. Nice information.

  20. esoftload says:

    rock melt is somehow like chrome but with better feature…. it's totally for the tech geeks..

  21. Alok @ India Darshan says:

    I think this is more social friendly browser for browse social networking sites.

  22. Credit History says:

    thnx.. ws looking fr ths..

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