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@WordPress Completes 8 years of Blogging Service

WordPress Love

Hello friends 🙂 , I’m very much glad to say that today WordPress completes 8 years of Blogging service and hence all it’s users are enlightened with regular use of this open source web application.

WordPress, the ultimate blogging platform which has turned many bloggers ( both part-time and full-time) enhance their blogging skills and hence earning $$ 🙂 to quit their daily job.

Before blog was used as only personal dairy and hence was limited to access to only those persons who wants to share their personal information, but things have changed now, now bloggers blog to earn money  through various channels like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and more services and hence improvise their writing skills.

WordPress was first released by Matt Mullenweg in May 27,2003 as a fork of b2/cafelog. [via: Wikipedia ]

Matt Mullenweg : WordPress Founder

Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg started blogging in 2000 and was very much frustrated with the existing blogging  standards and hence started with his own idea of creating a blogging platform using the b2 codebase which was used by his current blog. Later in the year 2003 on May 27,2003 he released his own blogging platform “WordPress” and below is the screenshot of the site which allowed users to download the first release of WordPress 0.7 and WordPress 0.71 Gold is still available for Download in WordPress Release Archive.

Matt recently posted in his blog that he’ll be on his soapbox on Friday, May 27th 2011 (Today) at 12:00 noon to chat about the following points :

  • WordPress Redesigning Journey of 7 years
  • His views on Advertising and how it is employed with WordPress
  • His philosophy on the decision making process when adding, removing or changing the functionality of WordPress
  • His effort to fight against spam and the recent incident which WordPress experineced
  • His thoughts and excitements towards HTML5 and Twitter

[via : Zurb]

To catch the live stream of the event you can subscribe to

You can still know more about Matt Mullenweg from his own blog =>

Thanks to WordPress

I would love to thank Matt Mullenweg for creating such a fabulous blogging platform and hence enabling us to express ourselves in the form of variant blogs.

Now I feel it’s time to show some Love to WordPress, here are few ways to show your true love to WordPress :

  1. Add WordPress badges to your Twitter/Facebook Profile using Twibbon , as I’ve done with my Twitter profile => @gupshupblog
  2. Cast your votes to WordPress for being the most free web application here.
  3. You can create your own free blog at WordPress, by signing up at
  4. Last but not least you can share this post with your friends and hence spread it 🙂


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