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Top 64+ Indian Bloggers You Must Know!

Top Indian Bloggers

Before we start,  “Happy Independence day” to all our fellow Indians. 63 years back on August 15th, 1947 we got our independence. From then Indian saw lots of changes in Technology field. India has raised from under developed country to developed country. If we start telling about India our post has to be divided into thousands of sub-posts!

On the occasion of Great Indian Independence day, we thought of recognizing the top bloggers who have taken an oath to make India better and see India on top of the bloggers list.

According to us “Blogging is a way of sharing your knowledge to others and make them know about what you know!”

So here are the top or best 64 Bloggers who has to be recognized by whole world for their achievements in Blogging world,

1. A.R.Karthick


Twitter: @arkarthick

2. Aditya


Twitter: @techravings

3. Amit Banerjee and Soumen Halder


Twitter: @ampercent

4. Amit Agarwal


Twitter: @labnol

5. Amith Bhawani


Twitter: @amitbhawani

6. Arafat H. Piyada


Twitter: @worthytips

7. Arun Basil Lal


Twitter: @arunbasillal

8. Binoy Xavier


Twitter: @binoyxj

9. Chetan Gole


Twitter: @_techie

10. Chethan R


Twitter: @cheth

11. Davinder


Twitter: @iDavinder

12. Deepak Jain


Twitter: @mobilegyaan

13. Devang Vibhakar


Twitter: @speakbindas

14. Ganesh


Twitter: @animhut

15. Gautam Hans


Twitter: @virtuosoblogger

16. Harsh Agarwal


Twitter: @denharsh

17. Harsh Ajmera


Twitter: @Harsh_Ajmera

18. Harshad Sawant


Twitter: @Harsh4d

19. Himanhsu


Twitter: @techim

20. Honey Singh


Twitter: @honeytech

21. Jaspal Singh, Yogesh Mankani & Vikas Panwar


Twitter: @iliketocollect

22. Kamal


Twitter: @npxpcom

23. Karthikeyan Ravichandran


Twitter: @BlogrProDotCom

24. Keith Dsouza


Twitter: @keithdsouza

25. Laxman


Twitter: @TechZoomIn

26. Mani Karthik


Twitter: @manikarthik

27.Mani Viswanathan


Twitter: @mani0993

28. Neeraj Kumar


Twitter: @NeerajKumar_

29. Nicky


Twitter: @Rocksstar10

30. Nischal Shetty


Twitter: @twi5

31. P.K.Arun kumar


Twitter: @pkarunkumar

32. Pavan Kumar


Twitter: @pavankumar

33. Pramit J Nathan

Twitter: @pramitjnathan

34. Pradeep


Twitter: @HellBlog

35. Provamsi


Twitter: @mnvamsi

36. R. Bhavesh


Twitter: @rbhavesh

37. Rahul Banker


Twitter: @bankerrahul

38. Rahul Bansal


Twitter: @rahul286

39. Raj


Twitter: @Raj_R

40. Rajeev Edmonds


Twitter: @mintblogger

41. Raju PP


Twitter: @rajupp

42. Richie Thimmaiah


Twitter: @richbugger

43. Ricky Shah


Twitter: @geniusgeeks

44. Rohit Langde


Twitter: @blogsolute / @rohitweet

45. Rohith Sane


Twitter: @techfreaks

46. Ruchi Parikh


Twitter: @whiztechy

47. Sahil Malhan


Twitter: @SahilMalhan

48. Saket


Twitter: @techsplurge

49. Samrat P


Twitter: @samratp

50. Sandip Dedhia


Twitter: @Blogsdna

51. Sanjeev


Twitter: @clickonf5

52. Shabnam Sultan


Twitter: @shabnamsultan

53. Shakthi


Twitter: @v_shakthi

54. Shanker Bakshi


Twitter: @Shankerbakshi

55. Shivendu Madhava


Twitter: @techshivendu

56. Siddartha Thota


Twitter: @gadgetcage

57. Siddharth R


Twitter: @siddharth_in

58. Sidharth Bhansali


Twitter: @Rockstar_Sid

59. Simrandeep


Twitter: @Tricksdaddy

60. Srivathsan G.K


Twitter: @dangerdiabolick

61. Sudharshan


Twitter: @sudharsanece

62. Surender Sharma


Twitter: @Technogati

63. Sushant Risodkar


Twitter: @smartbloggerz

64. Vaibhav Kanwal


Twitter: @vaibhavkanwal


Here is the short list of bloggers who has to be recognized by all over the world. These bloggers have helped India to make it popular in Blogging World.

Sorry for missing out following bloggers in our list. And we are very thankful to bloggers who has helped us in finding out them 🙂

65. Chethan Thimmappa


Twitter: @Chaaps

66. Varun Krishnan


Twitter: @fonearena

67. Nabeel Ahmed


Twitter: @mushive

68. Prateek Rathod / Arpit kumar


Twitter: @TechRaga

69. Siraj


Twitter: @sirajsoft

70. Devesh


Twitter: @tnsblog

Tech Note: The list is not rated and not ranked. The list is in alphabetic order and not as per ranking. These are the best bloggers who have contributed a lot in blogging world from India 🙂

Sorry if we have missed out anyone here and do let us know If any blogger needs to be added, we will definitely add after analyzing his/her blog. Thanks for reading the post. Hope you followed these bloggers in twitter as well 🙂 Jai Hind 🙂

113 thoughts on “Top 64+ Indian Bloggers You Must Know!”

  1. Nabeel Ahmed says:

    I want to be & sure will be on this list very soon

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      You are already here Nabeel 🙂 Sorry for missing you out in initial phase 🙁 Thanks for waking us 😉

      1. Rahul Jadhav says:

        I wish even I was on this list 🙂

  2. Nabeel Ahmed says:

    Seems you have not added yourself to the list, you should have. You are one of Top Indian Bloggers. I have added you & few others in this Twitter list. Wish I'll deserve to be in that list one day.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Nabeel the list is dedicated to other top blog's in India 🙂 Nice to hear that you called us as Top Indian Bloggers 🙂

      1. Nabeel Ahmed says:

        Vinay, Thank you for adding me in the list. But I think I still have a long way to go. I have prepared this twitter list top Indian bloggers based on this post & I have added some more.

  3. Mani Viswanathan says:

    What a collection dude..simply awesome.!This will help me follow bloggers on Twitter 🙂

    Killer post prior to exam. Do well | All The Best!

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Hope you followed other bloggers today 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mani 🙂

  4. Harshad says:

    Hey Sunil, you have written quite informative list post. It's really good to see that the youngistan is taking blogging seriously.

    Keep it up and thanks for the mention. 🙂

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      Hi Harshad 🙂
      Belated welcome to Tech18 buddy 😉

      We Indians are taking blogging seriously and day by day we could see new blogs emerging and later collaborating to form a community 🙂

      Thanks for commenting 😀

  5. Siraj says:

    lovemynokia is a very famous indian mobile blog with good resources………

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Sorry for missing you in initial post bro 🙁 We have updated it again and your blog has been added 🙂 Cheers 😉

      1. Siraj says:

        Thanks for including friends…

        1. Vinay Gowda says:

          Welcome buddy 🙂 Again sorry for missing out at first time. Cheers 😉

  6. Sudharsan says:

    Thanks for including MY Blog in this List 😀

    Found some other bloggers like me from this list ….

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Nice to see you here buddy 🙂 If we have missed out any blog please let us know 🙂

  7. Ricky says:

    Thanks for including me into this valuable list.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      You deserve to be in the list bro 🙂 Nice to see you here 🙂 Thanks for the comment 🙂

  8. Best android apps says:

    I guess techpavan doesn't blog anymore

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      I think he is blogging occasionally now 🙂 Saw him active few days back bro 🙂

  9. P.K.ARUN says:

    Thanks for adding me on this list, and U missed your blog itself ;p

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      The list is dedicated to other top blog’s in India Arun 😉 Sharp view 😛 Thanks for the comment 🙂

  10. Paritosh says:

    Great list! Just wondering, on what basis has this list been prepared?

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Nice to see you here buddy 🙂 The list is based on the growth these blogger have shown in Blogging world 🙂 These bloggers have helped me and Sunil a lot in blogging as well 🙂

      These bloggers are dedicated to share their experience to others 🙂 Thanks for the comment 🙂

    2. Sunil Jain says:

      Hi Paritosh 🙂

      More than helping others , we also noticed these bloggers who have given support to newbies and raised them up to form a Team 🙂

      I would love to know your opinion regarding this list ?? 🙂

      Thanks for commenting 😀

      1. Paritosh says:

        It's just that the word "Top" implies something else. None-the-less a good compilation!

  11. Amit says:

    Great list! Thanks for including my blog here.

    You should also include Shankar Ganesh (, Arpit kumar ( and yourself 🙂

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Happy to see you here Amit 🙂

      Sorry for missing out Arpit in the list. We have updated our list.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  12. Whiztechy says:

    Thanks for mention..All the bloggers are worth following 🙂

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      You are right Ruchi 🙂 Special thanks for you in helping out to get this list done 🙂

      1. Harsh Agrawal says:

        Vinay you should add as Ruchi website as she alone taking care of site 🙂

        1. Sunil Jain says:

          Oh why not Harsh 🙂
          Last but not least , we have updated the url field 🙂

          Good to see your here buddy 🙂
          Cheers !

  13. Sumati says:

    I am really amazed to see this list. There are few names who do not exist any more in blogging era now. While few good names has already been omitted like, etc etc.

    Would be better if you just rework with the links and list.


    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Sorry for missing out these blogs in our list. We don't think any of these bloggers are out of blogging era. is not working and don't know the reason.

      About Dazeinfo, please provide some more info Sumati 🙂

      Thanks for the share 🙂

  14. Karthikeyan says:

    Well. I can't really agree with this list. I don't love to see a top list always. Everyone is good in something. Anyway, thanks for showing this much love to all and my independence day wishes to u all.

    Still I have to go more and more to get recognized in such a list.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Buddy these are the few bloggers whom we have seen helping lot of newbies while blogging 🙂 And this list is made to help all bloggers when they are stuck up in between 😉

      We agree that "Everyone is good in something" 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your views buddy 🙂

  15. Johnny Laird says:

    Looking forward to checking these Indian bloggers out.

    It will go a long way to answering my question about "Who are the truly global blogging voices?"

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Glad to see you here Johnny 🙂 Hope you got the answer for your post here 🙂

      If you think we have missed out any other best Indian blogger here, please let us know 🙂

  16. Devang Vibhakar says:

    I wasn't really aware about SpeakBindas's inclusion in this list (13th rank). Tanay Kumar of NTMN informed me about this.

    Thank you for such appreciation Sunil.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      You guys deserve to be in this list buddy 🙂 Glad to see you here finally 🙂

  17. Manoj Varghese Mathe says:

    awesome post and great people too.. 🙂

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Thanks Manoj 🙂

  18. Manoj Varghese Mathe says:

    would suggest to add chaaps blog by Chethan Thimmappa

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Thanks for the suggestion buddy 🙂 Chaaps is added now 😉

  19. S.Pradeep Kumar says:

    Glad to see my blog featured here mate. Thanks for that. Nice list! Cheers! 🙂

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Cheers Pradeep 😉 Please let us know if we have missed out anyone here 🙂

  20. Saket says:

    Feels so good when you see yourself included in the list ^_^ 😛

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Glad to see you here buddy 🙂 Thanks for such a contribution from India in Blogging world 🙂

  21. Rohit Langde says:

    Thanks for including our Blog buddy. And it’s good that rather than writing about Bio, you have included twitter ID’s so that I can follow to whom I am totally new.
    Well, in my case: you have included my blog’s twitter ID so, I just wanted to confirm while for some other guys it’s their personal ID.
    I am confused so, if you are including just twitter IDs then my personal Twitter account is @rohitweet.
    Thanks again!

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Nice to see you here Rohit 🙂 Sorry we didn't get your personal twitter ID while listing. Now we have updated 🙂

      Thanks for providing your personal ID buddy 😉

  22. Dany says:

    Cool list.. Hope my name comes there.. but i hav 2 start a blog first 😛

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      We will review your blog and try to add it buddy 🙂 Nice to see you here 🙂

  23. Vaibhav Kanwal says:

    Wow! I made it to the list!
    The last thing I imagined to happen!

    Thanks Sunil. You rock baby!

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      Hi Vaibhav 🙂
      Congrats for getting listed here 🙂 and also looking forward to your awesome posts 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂
      You too rock buddy 🙂

  24. Binoy xavier says:

    Happy to see my blog included in the list. Thanks to Tech18 crew. Best wishes for all future ventures 🙂

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      You are welcome buddy 🙂 Sharing is caring 🙂 Keep up the good work and make India proud 🙂 That's all we want 😉

  25. jeyaganesh says:

    I wish my name will be here some day.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Initially we had suffered a lot to get our place in Blogging world buddy 🙂 don't worry.. Next time we will review your blog for sure 😉 Cheers 🙂

  26. Varun says:

    You forgot to include India's no.1 mobile blog – FoneArena 😉

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Sorry for that Varun. Added it in updated list 😉 Thanks for letting us know about this 🙂

  27. Sahil Malhan says:

    Thank you Vinay for listing me with those Top bloggers! Just came across this post, when I saw one of the bloggers crying for not getting listed here. 😀
    Thanks again. Hope to stand upto my expectations atleast! 🙂

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Independence day recognition bro 🙂 You guys have made India proud 🙂 Keep up the great work and spread your experience to newbies 🙂

      Glad to see you here 🙂

  28. Rahul says:

    oh yes! I have been listed on No. 37 😀

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Keep up the good work Rahul 😉 Cheers Buddy!!

  29. A.R.Karthick says:

    Woah! Cracking compilation Sunil. Hats off and humbled to be in the list. Gratitude and heartfelt wishes for your tech18 team.

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      You are always welcome buddy 🙂
      You are the inspiration for many bloggers including me , so Keep Blogging and Keep Tweeting 🙂

      Cheers 🙂

  30. Sagar Shah says:

    Please Visit Our Site and Give Feedback to Our Work

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Will sure visit your site and provide feedback buddy 🙂 All the best.. Keep up the great work bro 🙂 Cheers..!

  31. Pallab says:

    Nice list. Found a few new tweeps to follow. But, you guys should have included Keith D'Souza. He is still an Indian.

  32. Manikandan says:

    Hello this is Manikandan from MoviesCrunch – The Movie Blog. Can you add my name in the above list. Glad to see that Most of my friends here in the list..Take care 🙂

  33. Bishwajeet says:

    Dunno, need to be more visible on the social media 🙂

  34. Ankit Bathija says:

    Damn, I wish even I was mentioned!

  35. Jaydip Parikh says:

    Wow ! Gr8 list. I had seen few know blogger on this list, few still not come across. I will check all the list and blog of them. Thanks for sharing list with us. I hope I will be in list by 2011. 🙂

  36. Shiva@Web Magazine says:

    I am also there to be added…ha ha..Just kidding….Hey you forgot Devesh….of….His blog is really growing at a rapid pace and he gets a lot of guest posts from top bloggers..I think he deserves to be in that list if this list is a "Top Indian Bloggers You must know list"

  37. Harsh Ajmera says:

    Great articulation Sunil!! Feeling honored to be here on the list.

    #Gratitude to the whole tech18 team.

  38. Nikunj says:

    Nice List hope will make it next year in this list at pretty good position.

  39. Ravi says:

    Nice Article Sunil!!

    I think is also Nice blog to add in your list.


  40. Sanjeev says:

    Hi Sunil,

    Thanks a lot for including me in your list. Just a small correction in the URL of my blog. Please change that from dot com to dot org.

    This is an awesome list (very difficult to find lot many like minded people at single place) and the number is expected to grow in coming days as well.

  41. Shabnam Sultan says:

    Hey thanks Sunil for mentioning my blog.Nice list :).All the bloggers are worth following.

  42. Uttoran Sen says:

    such a long list, and am still not on it 🙁

  43. Aditya @ Tech Raving says:

    Thanks for adding me to the list bro. I am honored and elated.


  44. John from My MN Yell says:

    This is a very good list Sunil! Aditya is my favorite because of here ideas on marketing. However, is she a girl or man? lol!


  45. Cebu Tech Blogger says:

    Great to know more notable Indian bloggers in here. Some of the people in the list are familiar to me, good to hear some additional names. More power to you, guys!

  46. Richie says:

    Wow… I feel honored.. thanks for including me, Sunil…

  47. Albin Sebastian says:

    Thanks for the list, I followed and added their feeds.

  48. Arafat Hossain Piyad says:

    Thanks for this wonderful list and also thank for adding me with those both growing and established blogger.

  49. Aditya Kane says:

    That is a nice complete list 🙂
    but I do feel it is slightly partial to only Tech, blogging tips related niche…

  50. krishnendhu says:

    It is acceptable………..Should add their strategy………….

  51. chris says:

    Great to see the top indian bloggers list. When do we get to see top indian internet sites / apps

    Can we start promoting indian apps / sites, apart from twitter / facebook etc…

    Can we start a list…


  52. Saikrishna says:

    You Almost Collected More Of The Indian Bloggers 🙂 Thanks For Sharing…!

  53. Shivendu Madhava says:

    Thanks buddy for including me in the list 🙂

  54. GadgetCage says:

    woooo! This is awesome stuff bro!

    Thnx a lot for such a huge list and mentioning my name. I got this link while checking my backlinks with a tool.

    awesome stuff!

    I wonder how many days it took for u to finish this post?

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      Hey Sid 🙂
      I was wondering when I didn't see your comment when I had listed you, anyways it took me 2.5 days to complete this post and also I had taken help from @whiztechy , as she knows more bloggers than me 😛

      Happy Blogging 🙂

  55. Kolkata Metro says:

    Currently Amit Bhawani should be on the top
    he earns more than any other in this list.

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      The list is generated alphabetically, I know Amith is a good blogger but rest all others are also as good as he is 🙂

      Happy blogging 🙂

  56. Ankush Kohli says:

    Nice list. I hope, you'll consider my blog as well.

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      Hello Ankush,
      we have received many requests so next year we'll surely consider your blog 🙂
      All the best 🙂
      Happy Blogging !!

  57. Siddharth says:

    Great work bro !!

    Thanks a lot for adding my blog 🙂

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      You are always welcome buddy 🙂

  58. TechEmpty says:

    Great list dudee…nice to see all Indian bloggers list at one place…:-)

  59. Saket Jajodia says:

    Great list…………..

  60. Mahendra says:

    Great list of Indian bloggers

  61. Rajesh Chaukwale says:

    Top 64!! Man, this is a great list. You've really worked hard for this. This is really useful for all of us. Thanks indeed.

  62. Deepak Jain says:

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂

  63. sagarbasutkar says:

    nice write up and bloggers list
    came here while searching for backlinks for my free article directory:

  64. Avi Singh says:

    That’s a huge list of top Indian bloggers. I’ve been following some of them for quite a while now. I’ll check out all blogs listed here. Awesome list 🙂

  65. sohambanker says:

    I missed out this time, will be there surely next time 🙂

  66. Amit says:

    Nice list bro. Congrat’s to all you have been listed. Keep Rocking & Keep Smiling 🙂

  67. Kundan Raj Bhattarai says:

    So, inspirational to see bloggers doing their best and achieving their dreams. Hope myself to be a successful blogger one day. Help other by blogging and achieve your dream

  68. Anurag kumar says:

    This list is huge. These people have done something good for everyone. These people are inspiration for us that we can too earn money and fame through blogging. Thanks for this list dude.

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