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Must have WordPress SEO Plugins

5 Must have WordPress SEO plugins

Welcome back to,here are some must have wordpress SEO plugins  to seo optimize your wordpress blog.

  • All in One SEO Pack : One of the most widely used wordpress plugin, not only the name of the plugin is good but also its features are great.It optimizes your wordpress blog for SEO and optimizes your titles for search engines. It checks and avoids duplicate content in your blog. Click here to download this plugin.
  • SEO Smart Links :SEO Smart Links provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.It automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. Click here to download this plugin.
  • Platinum SEO Pack : This plugin is similar to that of All in One SEO Pack but with some more features.It has options of index, noindex, follow or nofollow, noodp, noydir, noarchive, nosnippet meta tags to any post/page of your blog.It also gives 301 redirection automatically. Click here to download this plugin.
  • SEO Friendly Images : This plugin automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes. If your images do not have ALT and TITLE already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according the options you set. Additionally this makes the post W3C/xHTML valid as well. Click here to download this plugin.
  • SEO Post Link : This plugin makes your post link short and SEO friendly. It removes common words that are unnecessary for search engine optimization of your blog post link. Click here to download.
  • SEO Tag Cloud Widget : This plugin displays the tag cloud in a SEO-friendly way, using a search engine optimized html markup. It looks the same as the default WordPress Cloud Tag, but with an optimized html markup. You can put it to your sidemenu. Click here to Download.
  • 404 SEO Plugin : This simple plugin will give you a customized, smart ‘Page Not Found(404)’ error message. It will automatically display links to relevant pages on your site, based on the words in the URL that was not found. Click here to download.
  • SEO Super Comments :¬† This plugin will create a new dynamic page on the blog for each user commment.These commnets are crawled by the search engines and your site’s index is visible to search engines.Click here to download.
  • HeadSpace2: This is a powerful all-in-one plugin to manage meta-data and handle a wide range of SEO tasks. With it you can tag your posts, create custom titles and descriptions that improve your page ranking, change the theme or run disabled plugins on specific pages, and a whole lot more.Click here to download.

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