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How to join 2 movie cds

How to join 2 movie cds (rips, mostly).

1. download nandub from here: … 1.0rc1.rar

2. Extract the contents to a folder on your hard drive

3. Run nandub.exe

4. Open cd 1 in nandub

5. Go to video>direct Stream Copy

6. Go to file>Append AVI segment and select your second avi file

7. Go to file>save as avi and save it as whatever you want.

8. Movie is now joined but if you have more then 2 parts for a movie you can either repeat this with each part (and using the joined video as the video to be appended to) or use winave or some other third party video joiner.

This will also work with virtual dub and virtual dub mod just nandub doesn’t give any problems when joining files with variable bitrates

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