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5 Types of Spam Comments You Will Encounter (Infographic)

Blogging can never be an easy journey for anyone. We always come across many problems like procrastination, spam comments and many others. But it all depends on us on how we face and solve them.

Spam Comments is one of the major problem which and every blogger faces on his/her blog.  Till now, more than 40+ Million Spam Comments have been detected by the famous Anti-spam WordPress Plugin – Akismet . However there are still many ways the web spammers are bypassing the Akismet Spam check.

Below are few reasons, why Spam Comments is one of the major problem:

  • Bad effects on SEO and Ranking: These spam comments does effect the seo values and rankings of the blog. As these spam comments contain links of adult and poker sites, which falls in the category of bad content by Google.
  • Time Consuming: Sometimes it’s really difficult to identify the spam comments and hence it does require some time to identify the spam comments and delete them.
  • Quality of Content Decreases: As these spam comments are more of the adult sites, it does decrease the quality of the blog content and hence gives a bad impression to the readers.

Although there can be several more reasons why Spam Comments is one of the major problem, but moreover identifying these spam comments requires us to know the types of Spam comments we will encounter on our blog. Here is an Infographic by VHBelvadi, which visualizes 5 types of spam comments we should be aware of:




As the above Infographics defines 5 types of Spammers we would always encounter on our blog, sometimes we might also see our friends doing the same activities as mentioned above. So let’s make sure that we share this infographic with them and also with our readers.


Thanks for Reading !! Happy Blogging 😀

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