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G-scale is a free greyscale wordpress theme with premium features such as animated gallery, post thumbnail, featured video, flickr photos, latest tweets, social bookmark, popular posts and more. View the list of features below.

Type : Semi Magazine (uses excerpt at blog index)
Functionality : Blog


  • Black and white as main colours
  • Fixed width, widget-ready and gravatar-ready
  • Tested on Chrome, FireFox, IE6, IE8, Opera, Safari.
  • Tested and working properly up to WordPress 3.5
  • Beautify your blog using Post Thumbnail and Post Image
  • Featured Posts displayed using animated slideshow
  • Tabbed Menu with 3 tabs
  • Ready for Google Analytics, Adsense and Webmaster Tools
  • Twitter Integration, display latest tweets at footer
  • Flickr Integration, share photos easily (needs flickrRSS plugin)
  • Feedburner Integration (including showing off your feedcount)
  • Featured Video
  • Built-in plugins such as page navigation and related posts.
  • Built-in social bookmark buttons to let your reader share your post easily
  • Auto determine and display popular posts at footer
  • Four ads spots in sidebar
  • Commented CSS files for easy editing
  • Custom Theme Options at Admin Panel


Preview G-scale (46306)


G-scale Wordpress Theme 1.1
[ Downloaded 6180 times | ]

Check back soon, an important update (wordpress thumbnail feature and version checker) is rolling out to all Zenverse themes, starting from the latest theme.

Recommendations for User

Manual Excerpt

To make your blog looks better, you need to include a manual excerpt for every post (like my blog). You can add that while editing or adding new post. You can, however, leave your excerpt empty and wordpress will automatically make an excerpt for you, but all HTML tags would be auto removed.

Post Image & Thumbnails

Post Thumbnail is a square image of size 125 x 125 pixels, shown at blog index, related posts and search.
Post Image is an image of size 550 x 190 pixels, shown at single post page, below the post title.
To beautify your blog, try to include post thumbnails for every post (if possible).

Featured Category

In most cases, not all your featured posts are in the same category. You can create a new category (let’s say I called it : Featured) and choose it as the “Featured Category” at the theme option page.
Step-by-step guide to activate Featured Gallery

WP-PageNavi Plugin Conflict

Some users reported that WP-PageNavi plugin causes the sidebar and footer to be missing. If you have WP-PageNavi plugin installed, you should either deactivate the plugin or remove the built-in WP-PageNavi plugin to avoid conflict.


Version 1.1
- Fixed the possible problem: site become blank after loading

Version 1.0.1
- Fixed the rss link at sidebar

Version 1.0
- First version


1. You need to install flickrRSS plugin to show your flickr photos at footer.

Theme Support / Edit / Add Features

Free theme support service has been stopped. If you need some tweaking or want to add features, please contact me. *Depending on the matter, you might need to buy me a cup of coffee or 3

Like this theme? Donate via Paypal

I spent a lot of time making themes and plugins. If you like this theme and would like to support my works, you can donate via PayPal using the button below.

Thank you.


Posted by Zen on 10 January 2010 • 100,493 visits 39 comments
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Max Sweet says:

Cool First download! Can’t wait to boot it up and see the code. Thanks keep-em coming.

Note to admin: If you ever need theme/plug-in support just email and I’ll see what if I can help.

StiligeCecilie says:

Hi there!

Wonderul themes!
One problem though, I’m having issues with the Javascript, which makes the page load, then disappear so I’m left with a blank screen…
I know it’s the issue as I removed the js from one of your other themes, but now I innstalled a new one and I have the same issue.

Any thoughts on this? Visist my Website to see the issue.

Thanks in advance!

zen says:

Your website is down?

Anyway, some plugins can cause this problem, such as google analyticator and wp page-navi.

If you have the plugin listed above, deactivate it. If not, try deactivating your plugin one by one and see which one is causing the problem?

bplsilva says:

Those new features are just awesome
Keep them coming!

Deineshd says:

Sir I have Tried ur Theme on my two blogs>The Blogs seems to get load but when it gets load completely the Theme stops to work ie the white blank screen appear.Do u have any solution for this?if yes then reply me son.

zen says:

Some plugins can cause this problem, such as google analyticator and wp page-navi.

If you have the plugin listed above, deactivate it. If not, try deactivating your plugin one by one and see which one is causing the problem?

Atif Sharif says:

Very Very Amazing and beautiful themes. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….

sambit says:

why dont you add drop down catagory bar in topper section???

makis says:

does your theme support translate?

(i mean .po files)

zen says:

Hi, not by default.

Fikri Online says:

Wow, very amazing & awesome wordpress theme. I will use it in my blog. Thank you very much :-)

Michael says:

Hi! I’ve downloaded Greyscale…everything works fine, but when I click on the Get RSS Updated icon (for posts)in the top right corner, it doesn’t bring me to the page where I can subscribe to RSS updates. It just reloads the current page.

The RSS feed from the footer works perfectly and so does the RSS for comment updates.

What should I do to make the RSS from the top work?


zen says:

But g-scale theme does not have rss icon at the top right corner. Do you mean another theme?

arghy says:

I have a question.
I currently use this template but can’t figure out why the google ads dont show up in header or after blog posts, i configured everything right and double checked.

waiting for help. please

zen says:

Did you enter your adsense pub id?

Carl says:

Hi I have the same problem as Deineshd, my blog loads and then everything goes blank. When I view source even that is gone!

Funny thing is it used to work fine, as in yesterday, and I’ve retraced all the changes I’ve made, and still it doesn’t work. Have something changed in the theme that could create this error? I don’t have any of the plugins you mentioned, I only use Contact Forms 7, and I tried deactivating, but still no go.

Exactly what is happening when this error shows? Database error? Some php syntax error? (Usually, then the page never loads).

Please help!


Carl says:

Nevermind, I figured it out, silly me. It was a php error. Sorry.

prihatno says:

great theme, thanks.

there are a few questions :
1. how to move the category menu under the menu page?
2. how to add a number of featured posts, such as monoshade your theme?

thanks for reply

Demonus says:

Hi Zen!

You made fantastic themes. I use G-scale on my site. If my site will generate money I’ll buy your premium theme. But I have a few problems with the G-scale:
1) IE reports the error on page “zv-getnumofimages2 is undefined”. How do I read this may be because of copyright, but I saved your link. Where may be a problem?
2) RSS in the sidebar is not working. You can see this even in the demo. How do I fix this?

Andrew says:

Brilliant theme. Looks fantastic and makes my blog look really classy. Thanks.

discountmbtshoes says:

So good blog,thank your sharing!

Tembang Lawas says:

Very cool template i like it :)

Žan Marolt says:

Thanks for sharing will use those for sure. :)

asadsheeraz says:

i am using G Scale theme for wordpress site.
the featured category is not working in my site.

please help



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