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QComicBook is a viewer for rar, zip, cbr, and cbz format comic book archives containing JPEG or PNG images. Its features include automatic handling of archives, full-screen mode, page scaling, and mouse or keyboard navigation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jul 2011 17:32

    Release Notes: This release removes the thin border around the scroll area widget. It fixes compilation errors on some systems (such as Ubuntu) caused by conflict with Page.h from libpoppler.

    •  17 Jul 2011 17:31

      Release Notes: This release implements PDF support (via libpoppler-qt4). It fixes a bug with reporting that free unrar was detected if neither unrar nor unrar-free were really installed.

      •  26 Nov 2010 09:07

        Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release. Bugs with background color display in the Configuration Dialog and missing Ukrainian translation in "Donation Dialog" were fixed. A Czech translation was added.

        •  26 Nov 2010 09:04

          Release Notes: This version brings an experimental "Frame View" mode for frame-by-frame reading, preliminary printing support, and new translations for Dutch, Korean, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. Warning and information hints were added to the System information dialog; a warning is displayed if free unrar is used. The "cleanup list" option was added to the "Recently opened files" menu. New "About donations" and "About Qt" menu items were added to the Help menu. A bug in which "Open Next" was disabled on the first comic book archive in the directory was fixed. QComicBook now requires Qt 4.5.0 or later.

          •  26 Jul 2010 11:57

            Release Notes: This release brings support for translations. Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Ukrainian translations are available. Standard directories are used for cache and bookmarks file obtained from QDesktopService. The links in the "About" dialog are active. Path names in the "Recently opened" menu are shortened. Displaying image information in the status bar was fixed. Minor fixes were made in the cmake build script.


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