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10 Useful Pinterest WordPress Plugins

10 Useful @Pinterest WordPress Plugins

Here are some of the best and useful Pinterest WordPress Plugins to integrate your WordPress blog with Pinterest.

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[How To] Boost your Old posts with Twitter in WordPress

Today I am going to show you how to boost your old posts with Twitter in Wordpress blogs.
So here is an interesting wordpress plugin-> Tweet Old Post , which is used to tweet all your posts to your twitter account randomly based on the time intervals specified by you.

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How to use different Themes for WordPress posts or pages

A plugin by name Themeperpost has been developed, which gives you an option of using different themes in different posts or pages of your blog. It uses Custom Field option from which you can yourself assign a theme for different posts and pages

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Go Green with Your WordPress Blog

<credit> Go Green with Your WordPress Blog As we all know that Internet Browsing consumes a lot of energy in global level when compared to other resources. Our blogs are also responsible for Global Warming as the Internet Browsing emits certain amount of CO2 to