10 Useful @Pinterest WordPress Plugins

Pinterest is growing at a very good pace, both in terms of users base and traffic referrers. WordPress, one of the most best blogging platform is actively used by 40% of bloggers worldwide (via). And when these two platforms are integrated, it’s more than a boon for any blogger 🙂 isn’t it?? 😉

After seeing the growth of Pinterest, have you ever thought of integrating it with your WordPress blog?? If No then it’s never late to do so ;). Today I present you some of the best and useful Pinterest WordPress Plugins to integrate your WordPress blog with Pinterest:

1. Pinterest RSS Widget

An Unoffocial Pinterest WordPress plugin which allows you to display your latest pins on the sidebar in the form of Widgets. This plugin also gives you an option of adding the pins to your WordPress posts and pages using shortcodes. [more]


2. Pin It On Pinterest

This plugin places a “Pin It” button at the bottom of the post and allows to choose the required image to be pinned including the pin decription.


3. Pinterest Pinboard Widget

A simple widget which displays the recent pins and uses the thumbnails from the Pinterest only. For performance purpose, the pins are cached every 15mins.


4. Pinterest “Pin It” Button

This plugin adds “Pin It” button to the posts and pages. It allows the users to hide the button on certain category of posts or individual posts.


5. Easy Pinterest

Easy Pinterest is a light weight plugin allows to add a Pinterest Widget of the recent pins.


6. Block Pinterest

Block Pinterest WordPress plugin disallows the users to share the images of the respective blog where it is installed.


7. Pretty Pinterest Pins

It displays the recent pins in a stylish way with captions in the form on widget.


8. Pinterest for Galleries

This plugin adds “Pin It” buttons to each and every image of the WordPress Gallery.


9. Pinterest Pin It Button

It is a simple plugin which adds a “Pin It” button and can be added to any part of the post using shortcodes.


10. wpNoPin

This plugin blocks the sharing of images of the blog to Pinterest. Although this is pretty much similar to Block Pinterest WordPress Plugin , but it also allows to block Pinterest for specified posts or pages.



Happy Pinning 🙂 and hit the comment section if you need any help 😀 Thanks for Reading 🙂

Sunil Jain

I am a part-time cool blogger :D, who loves WordPress and Social Media. You can tweet with me => @gupshupblog

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  • Hey Sunil!  I loved this post and all the different options you provided! Great job!

    • Hello Knikkolette !!

      Thanks for dropping by here, Pinterest is exploding traffic to all blogs which are making good use of images.

      Happy Pinning 🙂

  • Excellent list – I love it – already used one on one of my blogs as a test. Works good. Thanks.

    • Hey Charles, which plugin did you find better of all the listed above?? 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!!

      • I really liked #3 – Pinboard. I selected it for the configurable grid (x,y count) and the 15 minute cache. Installed quick and simple to use. Thanks.

  • Nice list for the everyone, I have added a code for adding “Pinterest button” without Plugin, You can  use this one who already have lots of plugin, and this one will act as a “bookmark let, so instead of adding only one featured image, you can add many as much as possible. 
    Try this ! http://www.animhut.com/tuts/codex/adding-pin-it-button/

  • Great post! Thanks for all the helpful shortcuts! I’ll be sure to incorporate this in my next Webinar on how to use Pinterest effectively for business 🙂

    • Hello Michelle 🙂
      Thanks for dropping bye here!!!
      Happy Pinning 😀