Google Translate API Deprecated! Will Shut Down On December 1, 2011!

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When Google Translate API will be shut downed or disconnected? Google has decided to shut down Translate API on December 1, 2011. From now onwards this API will not receive any more updates and will be killed on December 1.


Yahoo! Buzz India Will Be Discontinued Today!

yahoo buzz Yahoo! Buzz India Will Be Discontinued Today!

Here comes the end of one more product by Yahoo! Buzz will remain silent from today in India.

Yahoo! Buzz was started three years back on February 26, 2008. Yahoo! Buzz was a community-based news article website, heavily derived from Digg, which combines the features of social bookmarking and syndication through a user interface that allows editorial control.

@Yahoo! Buzz users were allowed to share links, stories, images etc. It created a hopes that it would drive larger traffic to their site and would give them an advantage over larger online media companies such as Google or MSN, which are Yahoo!’s largest competitors in terms of search engines that provide services and web features to its customers.

One interesting feature of Buzz was it allowed users to modify the content after submission also.

But all these came to end when leaked slide showed Yahoo! Killing Delicious and Yahoo! Buzz.

yahoo buzz leaked slide image Yahoo! Buzz India Will Be Discontinued Today!

Well Yahoo has already disconnected Buzz in US on April 22, 2011. But here comes the announcement to kill Buzz in India,

yahoo buzz india disconnected image Yahoo! Buzz India Will Be Discontinued Today!

Well that is clear. Say bye-bye to Buzz. Maybe Google will join them soon as Google Buzz is performing very low when compared to Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

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Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta Now Connects Facebook Friends Via SMS Chat!

yahoo messenger 11 beta Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta Now Connects Facebook Friends Via SMS Chat!

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As the days passes by, Technology is reaching every corner of the world with some amazing features. There was a time when people used to send mails to have a conversation. Then comes Instant Messengers to make it real-time conversation.

But the conversation was only within provider network. Even that got improved by introduction Open ID’s which allowed people to have a single id and use the web more extensively.

We must say Yahoo! is one among the strong player to Skype in connecting social media site Facebook with its Yahoo users.

If you all remember, Yahoo! has added a free SMS feature in it’s mobile version of Yahoo! Messenger 11 beta last year. This was a great feature which helped Yahoo! users to keep in touch with offline friends.

Yahoo! then integrated Facebook in mobile messenger and made a big move to keep its fight against Google which is secretly preparing Facebook rival(RUMORS). This even helped Facebook indirectly to be a strong contender in social networks war.

Here comes one more big feature in Yahoo! mobile messenger. Now users of Yahoo! mobile messengers can have a SMS conversation with Facebook online friends.

yahoo messenger 11 beta facebook connect sms chat Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta Now Connects Facebook Friends Via SMS Chat!

Yahoo’s Technical person Nitu Choudary wrote,

What’s cooler is that you can also chat with your Facebook friends when you are mobile. For users who are already using the latest Yahoo! Messenger Beta on your PC, you can continue chatting with Facebook friends once you log out of your desktop client. You can send and receive messages from your Facebook friends in real-time via SMS.

Now when you log out of your desktop Messenger, you will be automatically logged into your mobile device. Any messages sent by your Facebook friends will be forwarded to your mobile device and appear in your phone’s SMS inbox.Reply to the SMS message, and your message will be sent back to your Facebook friends. It’s that simple.

This added flexibility means that you can always connect with your Facebook friends, even if you don’t have an internet connection or your phone is not smart.

Prerequisites for using the SMS chat feature are

  1. Download the lastest Yahoo! Messenger Beta for PC
  2. Link your Facebook account
  3. Register your mobile device

Yahoo! messenger 11 beta now has an features like Facebook integration, enabling you to chat with Facebook friends, but also the possibility to publish status updates on Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Yahoo.

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After Acquiring Huffington Post, AOL Renames TechCrunch To HuffingtonCrunch!

aol logo After Acquiring Huffington Post, AOL Renames TechCrunch To HuffingtonCrunch!

WOW! Things are changing around internet today. Lot of breaking news to kick-start this week. Well all the big news are from AOL and its acquisitions!

Yesterday we were speaking about the famous HuffingTon Post and the lady behind the success of HuffPo, Arianna Huffington! And today it all belongs to some who acquired it for $315 million!

AOL acquires huffington post After Acquiring Huffington Post, AOL Renames TechCrunch To HuffingtonCrunch!

As you all know Huffington is one of the most prominent media properties on the Internet which gets nearly 26 million unique visits per months! Now it is a property of someone else who already got big-guns like TechCrunch and Engadget in their pocket.

Yes, AOL has got one more big fish in their net now. And we must say, AOL is expanding than AOL is coming back! Arianna Huffington’s appointment as Editor In Chief of AOL.

It all started during mid of November, 2010 when Huffington and CEO of AOL met to discuss about it. Following video tells about the acquisition process,

Tech Share: Yahoo! had a plans of Acquiring AOL during June, 2010!

 After Acquiring Huffington Post, AOL Renames TechCrunch To HuffingtonCrunch!

Here comes another shocker for the day! TechCrunch will be renamed to HuffingtonCruch!

TechCrunch said,

We’re hearing from multiple sources that, effective tomorrow morning, TechCrunch.com will be renamed HuffingtonCrunch.com.

According to the same sources, TechCrunch isn’t the only AOL property to be affected by the Huffington acquisition. We understand that, also from tomorrow, Popeater.com will be renamed “GOPeater.com”,  PoliticsDaily will become “PoliticsDailyKos” and Mapquest will be rebranded as “Keith Olbermann’s BEST MAPQUEST IN THE WORLD”

Oh, and “Huffington Post Comedy” will now be called “Engadget”.

What is happening here? AOL has changed the big names and they made it so simple!

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Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger Offers Free SMS

yahoo messenger logo1 Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger Offers Free SMS

Now a days Yahoo! under some trouble and their market shares are going down day by day! Once upon a time Yahoo! was having very good market share in US and as days passed they lost the grip over other competitors like Google and AOL. Recently we even heard, AOL is planning buy Yahoo!

Under all these pressure Yahoo! is still running strong and their growing strategy never ended. Here comes another service for by Yahoo! mobile web users. A new feature has been just announced as available for mobile phone users who take advantage of Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger on their devices, namely SMS capabilities.

A recent post on Yahoo! mobile blog said,

Your mobile phone just got better! We’re excited to announce that Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger now offers SMS capabilities, so whether you have a smartphone or a feature phone, you can send text messages to your friends’ mobile phones – for free.

One advantage is, this new feature does not require for users to install anything, no setup is required new on their mobile phones, but you just need visit m.yahoo.com/messenger to enjoy Yahoo! Messenger with Chat + SMS features included.

yahoo web mobile messenger free sms11 Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger Offers Free SMS

This was one missing feature in many messengers and Yahoo! messenger development team is very happy to announce this feature. And they added,

What this means is that in addition to the usual instant messages and emoticons, you can now send text messages from Messenger to your friends’ mobile phones for free!

Following are the updates added in latest version of Mobile Web Messenger,

  • Send SMS for free to your IM friends or to any mobile numbers
  • Enhanced Searchbox allows you to look up contacts by their usernames or phone numbers in your Yahoo! Address book and IM contact list
  • Easy toggle between SMS and IM conversations

This new feature is available for all mobile users with compatible devices, regardless whether they are smartphones of feature phones. But you just need to have a data plan, Mobile Web Messenger can run on your phone.

Hope you going to make most of Yahoo! mobile web messenger. Are you happy with this feature? icon razz Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger Offers Free SMS