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iOS 5 features! Apple releases its next version of iOS. iOS 5 comes out with some great new features and is ready to take on Android and other OS! iOS 5 supports iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod Touch!


Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

google chrome 13 86091 build image Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

When Google entered Browser war, people thought it can’t go long way as there were many bugs. But then Google worked really hard on Chrome browser. Chrome 6 was noted to be game changing version of Chrome browser as it got lot of new features.

Chrome browser is very well known for its faster webpage rendering and compactness. Chrome was the first browser to provide wider webpage display area when compared Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Later Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 followed this feature of Chrome.

Now here comes one more shocking feature by Google. This can blow your mind and lets you think what’s next?

Kill URL bar if you don’t like icon razz Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

google chrome new url address bar iamge Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

Google has decided to kill URL or address bar in Chrome browser. In the latest canary and nightly build of Chrome browser, Chromium team has added a new flag which kills URL bar.

google chrome kill url address bar feature flag image Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

Compact navigation feature lets you “add a Hide the toolbar entry to the tabstrip’s context menu. Use this to toggle between always displaying the toolbar (default) and only opening it as a drop down box as needed.”

We can’t say Chrome is going to be URL bar-less browser. Google just thought about making it more flexible and now provides 30pixels more webpage vertical display.

Instead of showing a URL bar permanently, the user will have to click a tab to see a shortened version of the URL bar that is displayed with a hover effect, if you move the mouse pointer away from the field, the URL bar disappears.

google chrome tool menu image Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

Once you enable this flag, new tabstrip entry will be added i.e. “Hide the toolbar”. Clicking on this will shut the URL bar, moves the tool menu to tabstrip and introduces new back/forward buttons. Just click on the tab will show the reduced version of new address bar.

Negative Side of URL bar-less Chrome

Google is on mission about making all their products run similarly on all the PC and mobile devices like Tablets. But this has got couple of negative side or disadvantages.

  1. Killing the URL bar approach may be pointless for large desktop screens.
  2. Killing URL bar also Killed Chrome Extensions like Shareaholic, Chrome SEO and more

This feature will be very useful for mobile devices but not for Desktop version. It may get added in Chrome 13 or in later version of Chrome. This may be good competitor for Firefox’s Awesomebar which is now old Chrome’s URL bar icon biggrin Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

What you think about this latest feature of Chrome? Share your thoughts by hitting comment box now! Cheers! icon smile Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!


[How To] Download Firefox 5 Beta Before Official Release

firefox 5 beta image [How To] Download Firefox 5 Beta Before Official Release

As you all know Mozilla has changed its recycle cycle and cut down to release new version of Firefox once in every 3months. And as per the latest rapid release cycle Mozilla has reached the beta release date for Firefox 5.

Firefox 5 Beta will be released on May 17, 2011 i.e. tomorrow.

Mozilla Firefox is moving to a rapid release development cycle to deliver new features, performance enhancements, security updates and stability improvements to users faster. To help with this, Mozilla recently launched the Firefox Aurora channel to give users more opportunities to participate in building Firefox. The Aurora channel is where users can test early stage features for future versions of Firefox without all the polish and stability of a beta release.

But here we got a small feature which was added in Aurora build of Firefox few weeks back called as “Channel Switcher“. Using this Channel Switcher, users can change the channel to get beta which in turn updated your Aurora build to Firefox 5 beta.

5 steps to get Firefox 5 beta using Aurora?

Following are the steps you should follow to get Firefox 5 Beta before the official release,

  • Step 1: Download Firefox Aurora Build

firefox aurora download image [How To] Download Firefox 5 Beta Before Official Release

  • Step 2: Open the About Dialog

firefox aurora about image [How To] Download Firefox 5 Beta Before Official Release

  • Step 3: Click on “Change” as highlighted in below image.

firefox aurora channel switcher image [How To] Download Firefox 5 Beta Before Official Release

  • Step 4: Choose Beta from the drop down

firefox aurora beta switcher image [How To] Download Firefox 5 Beta Before Official Release

  • Step 5: Click on “Apply and Update” button to get Firefox 5 Beta

firefox aurora beta update image [How To] Download Firefox 5 Beta Before Official Release

This beta version has been released unofficially some time ago. If you had already downloaded then you are already on beta path.

Following are the Firefox releases scheduled for tomorrow,

  • Firefox 3.7 (pre-release builds of a1-a5)
  • Firefox 4.0b (beta builds 1- 12)
  • Firefox 4.0.1 beta
  • Firefox 5.0b1 (test beta)

If you are already using Aurora build of Firefox browser, you will not receive the beta update notification as it offers “Channel Switcher” option for manual update. Mozilla also said even Firefox 3.6 and 4.0 (final release) users will also not receive a beta notification.

Either you can follow the steps mentioned above to taste the Firefox 5 Beta or you should wait for official release.

Well we hope Mozilla is going to give tough competition to Google Chrome with their rapid release cycle. We are excited to watch this browser war icon smile [How To] Download Firefox 5 Beta Before Official Release How about you? Share your thoughts….


Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!

firefox 3 5 image Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 version was released on June 2009 which complete 2 years now. Firefox 3.5 came up with variety of new features which was twice as fast as Firefox 3.0 due to the introduction of TraceMonkey JavaScript engine and rendering improvements.

But the current version Firefox 4.0 which came out with lots and lots of features and better UI tweak. We had even informed you that Mozilla will soon stop shipping Firefox 3.6. Well this move was mainly to make room for Firefox 4.0

Unplugging Firefox 3.5

Well finally Mozilla started to unplug the older versions of its browser. Mozilla has planned to disconnect updates for Firefox 3.5 in one month from now and planning to push them towards either 3.6 or 4.0 release.

Mozilla has been frustrated with their efforts to move users off of old releases and are worried too many people do not upgrade and are on vulnerable and unsupported versions of Firefox.

Currently Firefox 3.5 is having 12 million active users and Mozilla wants to put EOL flag as quickly as possible.

Firefox 3.5 → 3.6 is the “perfect storm”

Well after hearing to this news most of us would have thought Mozilla will try to push their Firefox 3.5 users towards 4.0. This is quite obvious because Firefox 4.0 provides a secure browsing and is very less vulnerable.

But Mozilla thinks it will be better to force their users to update to Firefox 3.6 due to couple of reasons.

  1. More than 95% of add-ons which are compatible for Firefox 3.5 works fine with 3.6 version
  2. Virtually no UI changes and the changes are mainly additive

How do they communicate?

Mozilla has found some interesting ways of communicating this news to their users.

firefox 3 5 communication whats new image Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!

  • What’s new / first run pages

Shown when a user downloads a build from FTP and runs it for the first time (first run) or when a user updates a current 3.5 build (what’s new). What’s new is only really an option when a new 3.5 update is released.

  • Google homepage snippets

Small text/images shown at the bottom of the customized Google start/home page. Only has an impact for users who have the default homepage.

  • Advertised update

A popup with a message about the update and the ability to easily opt-in and install. Only an option when a non-3.5 update is available.

Making noise through various PR channels. Likely won’t have a material impact.

  • Websites

If users browse to Mozilla web properties (MDN, mozilla.com, AMO) some random way we can show some sort of message.


Mozilla is planning to release the last and small update for Firefox 3.5 on June 21. This news will be circulated via article and tweet to raise awareness as soon as possible.

Finally, how many of you are happy about this move by Mozilla? Is this a wise decision took by Mozilla to make room for future releases?  Please share your thoughts icon smile Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!