[How To] Hide URL Bar In Firefox Browser Like Chrome?

mozilla labs firefox prospector image [How To] Hide URL Bar In Firefox Browser Like Chrome?

In our previous article we were speaking about how browsers got revolutionised in past few months. The latest browser versions have really got great makeovers and amazing features which makes them better when compared to their rivals.

But yes, Google and its Chrome browser is one of the strong leaders who forced Firefox and Internet Explorer to follow them with re-modifying their design.

Well all those are old stories and we hope you all accept this.

But Google team has went one step ahead in adding one more latest and mind blowing feature which killed/hide URL bar in Chrome browser. By the time wrote about this new feature it was only available through nightly builds and canary version. But now this feature has also hit developers’ version.

This makes clear that Compact Navigation is ready to get added in Chrome 13 feature list.

Hide URL Bar! But in Firefox!

lesschrome hd firefox addon image [How To] Hide URL Bar In Firefox Browser Like Chrome?

Ok now let’s get into our article! Just few days after we noticed compact navigation feature of Google Chrome we were looking out for a way to do the same in Firefox browser.

Here comes Mozilla labs add-on which does the same compact navigation of Chrome.

lesschrome hd firefox addon download link [How To] Hide URL Bar In Firefox Browser Like Chrome?

LessChrome HD is a new Firefox add-on is another Mozilla labs experiment which gives as much space to the page and only shows the browser interface when needed.

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The default browsing behavior now is to only show tabs at the top of the window, and pointing there will reveal the rest of the browser. Moving the mouse cursor back down makes it go away.

Well this experiment is an extension of Home dash experiments by Mozilla labs. Home dash used to display webpage in full screen mode with small icon on top-left corner. But due to users demand Mozilla labs team decided to show tabs on top with LessChrome HD add-on.

This add-on works fine on Firefox 4 and above versions only!

Advantage of this labs experiment when compared to Chrome’s compact navigation is it just hides the full URL bar and shows the same on mouse over. But Chrome’s compact navigation has got a new shorter version of URL bar.

Another advantage is none of the add-ons will be affected. Chrome’s new feature has almost killed extensions like Chrome SEO, Shareaholic!

In the end, browser war has heated up again! Get ready for clash of titans icon razz [How To] Hide URL Bar In Firefox Browser Like Chrome? Watch out this space for more info!

Does the interface appear and hide when you want? Do you like seeing the page context (URL and identity) when switching tabs? Please share it with Mozilla labs team and make it more interesting icon wink [How To] Hide URL Bar In Firefox Browser Like Chrome?


IE9 To Get Automatic Update Feature Like Chrome & Firefox!

ie logo IE9 To Get Automatic Update Feature Like Chrome & Firefox!

Hope you all have installed the release candidate of Internet Explorer 9 and enjoying the slim and sleek internet explorer. Microsoft has finally revamped its latest version of IE to capture back the users who migrated to Google Chrome and Firefox!

But there are many other facts which made IE to loose its market share gradually to Chrome, Firefox and some to Opera as well.

When Google entered browser war, all the existing browsers were busy adding stuffs to their menu bar and were trying to make a huge list of features under main menu!

Well Google made is so simple by adding all of them under one setting button and gave more space to display webpages.! And now all the browsers have copied that feature and allowing more space for browsing icon razz IE9 To Get Automatic Update Feature Like Chrome & Firefox!

We gave this example just to show how Google changed browsing world with its beautiful Chrome browser icon smile IE9 To Get Automatic Update Feature Like Chrome & Firefox!

Not only this, Firefox had kept copying many features from Chrome in its latest trunk as well!

Microsoft was always missing some important features and took time in adding them. Just like Firefox, even Microsoft revamped IE9 to look alike Chrome browser.

Well the most annoying feature of Internet Explorer is, whenever new update is available user had to download it to local system and then install it!

google chrome update information image IE9 To Get Automatic Update Feature Like Chrome & Firefox!

After installing as similar to other MS updates, user should restart their system! BANG! Chrome takes upper hand here!

To over come this, MS has finally planned to add a new feature to IE9 i.e. Automatic Update!

Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate Vice President, Internet Explorer reveled this information in his latest article about IE9,

ie9 rc update image IE9 To Get Automatic Update Feature Like Chrome & Firefox!

We appreciate the work that developers and IT professionals will do to test their sites and prepare for the final release that will come shortly. We will automatically update IE9 beta users to the IE9 RC. After the final release, we will automatically update IE9 RC users to the final build.

That’s a good move by IE9 development team! Hope IE9 will come back strongly to browser war.

According to Net Application, since the public Beta was launched in mid-September 2010, Internet Explorer 9 was already downloaded over 25 million times.

As far now, IE9 has performed very good and promises to keep continuing it after the final release as well.

Tech Link: Download IE9 RC!

We are also hoping for it. Are you expecting the same? Please share your thoughts with us icon smile IE9 To Get Automatic Update Feature Like Chrome & Firefox!


Google Adds Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed To Real-Time Updates

We all know Mr. Search Engine Google is getting lot many competitors these days in all fields. This led Google to join hands with other service providers to tackle its competitors.

google facebook twitter friendfeed myspace updates1 Google Adds Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed To Real Time Updates

As you all know Facebook is giving very strong competition to Google these days in many fields. Even we heard Google is silently developing a new social media site which has been named as GoogleMe! The fight between Google and Facebook is tremendous to watch out for.

Google recently added a new feature called real time update which features recent Twitter tweets about what you searching. This was one of the feature which shown Google and Twitter combination to tackle Facebook.

Here we got shock again! Today when we were searching for a topic, Google search result displayed its search like below,

google search updates friendfeed myspace facebook image1 Google Adds Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed To Real Time Updates

What was that? Google added Facebook to its real time search updates! It was a shocking news for us at least. Not only Facebook. Google even added MySpace, FriendFeed and many social media site to get latest updates.

google search updates facebook image1 Google Adds Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed To Real Time Updatesgoogle search updates friendfeed image1 Google Adds Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed To Real Time Updates

But Google didn’t add full-fledged updates from Facebook, MySpace etc. When we went inside updates page we rarely got updates from these providers and updates was filled with Twitter tweets.

May be Google is updating many features to tackle its competitor Microsoft Bing which joined its hand with Facebook. Bing now shows many updates from Facebook in its search.

What you say about this move by Google? Is Google scared of updates from Bing? Share your thoughts icon smile Google Adds Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed To Real Time Updates


Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger Offers Free SMS

yahoo messenger logo1 Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger Offers Free SMS

Now a days Yahoo! under some trouble and their market shares are going down day by day! Once upon a time Yahoo! was having very good market share in US and as days passed they lost the grip over other competitors like Google and AOL. Recently we even heard, AOL is planning buy Yahoo!

Under all these pressure Yahoo! is still running strong and their growing strategy never ended. Here comes another service for by Yahoo! mobile web users. A new feature has been just announced as available for mobile phone users who take advantage of Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger on their devices, namely SMS capabilities.

A recent post on Yahoo! mobile blog said,

Your mobile phone just got better! We’re excited to announce that Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger now offers SMS capabilities, so whether you have a smartphone or a feature phone, you can send text messages to your friends’ mobile phones – for free.

One advantage is, this new feature does not require for users to install anything, no setup is required new on their mobile phones, but you just need visit m.yahoo.com/messenger to enjoy Yahoo! Messenger with Chat + SMS features included.

yahoo web mobile messenger free sms11 Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger Offers Free SMS

This was one missing feature in many messengers and Yahoo! messenger development team is very happy to announce this feature. And they added,

What this means is that in addition to the usual instant messages and emoticons, you can now send text messages from Messenger to your friends’ mobile phones for free!

Following are the updates added in latest version of Mobile Web Messenger,

  • Send SMS for free to your IM friends or to any mobile numbers
  • Enhanced Searchbox allows you to look up contacts by their usernames or phone numbers in your Yahoo! Address book and IM contact list
  • Easy toggle between SMS and IM conversations

This new feature is available for all mobile users with compatible devices, regardless whether they are smartphones of feature phones. But you just need to have a data plan, Mobile Web Messenger can run on your phone.

Hope you going to make most of Yahoo! mobile web messenger. Are you happy with this feature? icon razz Yahoo! Mobile Web Messenger Offers Free SMS


Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

chrome 7 build 539 image1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

Google Chromium team is busy in updating many new features in upcoming Chrome version which may be named as Chrome 7. Every now and then some bugs are getting fixed and build versions are available.

As compared to the latest stable version Chrome 6, Chromium / Chrome 7 is going to be another biggest release packed with lot of features. The latest HTML5 test shows Chrome 7 will be the best browser to avail HTML5 features. Well Chrome 7 is mainly dedicated towards GPU Acceleration.

chrome 7 lab features window1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

The latest versions of the Chrome nightly builds include four new labs features. Check out these 4 features,

#1. Integrated Google Instant Search

google chrome instant search image1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

We were expected Instant Search will be added in Chrome 8, as only switches were available for previous builds. But the latest build of Chromium 7 has took one more step ahead and placed Instant search as a lab feature in it.

Google Instant Search can be enabled with a simple mouse click and you do not need a manual switch anymore. It appears that Google has decided on an interface and will be going with the small pageturn logo to enable users to switch between their original content page or the Instant Search page that comes up when typing a search phrase into the URL bar.

#2. UI Tabs

chrome 7 ul tabs settings image1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

UI Tabs are also making their debut in this version. Chrome settings are now displayed in a tab window, which creates a much more consistent appearance that what we have seen before. All browser preferences can now be made right in a tabbed window. Time to say bye-bye to pop-up window.

The only windows that are now opened as traditional pop-up windows are “Print” and “About”.

#3. Host Remoting

chrome 7 host remoting setup image1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

One of the most interesting new feature is Host Remoting. When enabled, a new option will be added in tools – Set up Remoting. Clicking on it will pop-up a window, asking for login into Google Account. But the feature is still under development and not working.

#4. Page Info Bubble

chrome 7 page info bubble image1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

As explained in Chrome 6 features, Google added a pop-up like feature for Page Info. The latest Chromium build has got a bubbled page info. Enabling this shows the Page Information as an info bubble instead of a dialog window.


So far these new features are simply labs features that may or may not be included in Chrome. However, they are some interesting ways to customize the browser and may be helpful if you keep in mind that they may not always work.

Recently we even saw a new tool from Google, Google Chrome Frame which acts a background process for older Internet Explorer versions to take advantage of modern web capabilities like HTML 5 features.

Will these features puts Chrome on top and help to win browser war? What do you think about these features? Raise your voice now!