Power of Twitter in Engaging with Brands [Infographic]

power-of-twitter infographics

Twitter users are 3 times more likely to follow brands than Facebook users and hence any product or company would use Twitter for branding with mass influence.


How To: Add Twitter Follow Button In WordPress Blogs

twitter follow button

Twitter introduced a new Twitter Follow Button which now can be integrated with any website. Here is How to add Twitter Follow Button an any website / Blogger / wordpress blogs.


Microsoft’s HTML5 Add-on To Support H.264 On Chrome & Firefox!

microsoft h264 addon chrome firefox image Microsofts HTML5 Add on To Support H.264 On Chrome & Firefox!< credit >

If you all remember, Google Chrome will drop support for H.264 in the coming months and will only support WebM (VP8) and Theora codecs.

The reason is being getting into rapid innovation in the web media platform in the coming year and are focusing our investments in those technologies that are developed and licensed based on open web principles.

Well Google has started pushing its browser more towards HTML5 standards. Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera are the other two browsers which are encouraging developers to use WebM codecs.

The only important website that uses WebM is YouTube, Google’s video sharing service. Internet Explorer, Safari and iOS devices are still yet to think about supporting WebM.

microsoft h264 chrome extension image Microsofts HTML5 Add on To Support H.264 On Chrome & Firefox!

Upon all this stories, Microsoft started releasing few add-ons for Chrome and Firefox which keeps them in touch with H.264 video format. Microsoft has started interoperability work related to modern web standards which are no way limited to Internet Explorer 9.

microsoft h264 firefox addon image Microsofts HTML5 Add on To Support H.264 On Chrome & Firefox!

According to Microsoft,

The HTML5 Extension for Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in is an add-on that enables Firefox users to play H.264-encoded videos on HTML5 pages by using the built-in capabilities found in Windows 7.

The Extension is based on a Firefox Add-on that parses HTML5 pages and replaces Video tags with a call to the Windows Media Player plug-in so that the content can be played in the browser.

This Add-on replaces video tags only if the video formats specified in the tag are among those supported by Windows Media Player. Tags that contain other video formats are not touched.

Tech Link: Download this add-on.

microsoft h264 chrome extension installed image Microsofts HTML5 Add on To Support H.264 On Chrome & Firefox!

Similar to Firefox add-on, this extension for chrome enables its users to play H.264-encoded videos (aka MP4) on HTML5 pages by using the built-in capabilities found in Windows 7.

Tech Link: Download this extension.

Well both the extensions checks if the browsers already supports MP4 (H.264) video codec, if so the extension will not be effective.

It’s very clear that H.264 provides a high-quality videos and is widely-used video format that serves the Web very well today. But browser providers like Google, Mozilla are stopped supporting it as they have to pay more royalties!

Microsoft has worked closely with Google to help them deliver a WebM implementation on Windows.


iPad And iPod Touch Gets Google Voice App

google voice web app iPad And iPod Touch Gets Google Voice App< credit >

Just a few weeks before on November 16th, Google released its official Google Voice web app for iPhone users. User need to have iPhone with iOS 3.1 or later to use this application.

As we said in our previous article, Google never stops releasing new things daily and new updates daily. Here is one more. Google released its Google Voice app to iPad and iPod touch users.

Google voice app for iPad and iPod touch comes with many features such as sending and receiving free text messages – except, of course, make cellular calls.

google voice web app ipod ipad iPad And iPod Touch Gets Google Voice App

Now iPod or iPad can be used to initiate Google Voice calls with your phones and this feature is called as Click2Call. Simply click any ‘Call’ button in the Google Voice app on your iPod or iPad and then select which of your phone number you want to ring. Google Voice will call your phone and then connect your call.

Awesome isn’t it? Well Google has made a few other improvements to the app and they are,

  1. When you enable Push Notifications, we will automatically disable Text forwarding for you, so you won’t receive multiple notifications.
  2. You can send all callers straight to voicemail by turning on Do not disturb in the Settings tab.
  3. dedicated Contacts button to the Dialer tab to initiate calls from the address book.
  4. Sending text messages is now more streamlined since you don’t need to press the OK button anymore.
  5. Tap and hold messages in your inbox to archive or delete them.

Well there are few better improvements for iPad and iPod users. As similar to iPhone users, even iPad and iPod users need to have their device updated to iOS 3.1+ and an valid Google voice account to avail Google Voice web app.

As always, the service and app is only available in the US!

Download Google voice web application for iPad and iPod from Apple’s app store.


Windows XP Dips; IE9 Leads Beta; Chrome Continues!

october market share browser operating system1 Windows XP Dips; IE9 Leads Beta; Chrome Continues!<credit>

Browsers, Softwares, Operating Systems, search engines…. Everyday something new is happening around the world of computers. Someone goes up..Someone suffers..Someone even gets some shock!

October statistics of browsers and operating systems are out and as usual some shock is there for you all. Tech18 team has kept an eye on all the latest buzz about browsers and many a times you guys found Google Chrome as our hot topic.

Well there is a reason why we were updating more about same topic. Here we divided October Browser and Operating system statistics as 3 divisions,

#1. Windows XP market share dips below 60%

windows xp market share below 60 percent1 Windows XP Dips; IE9 Leads Beta; Chrome Continues!

As you all know Microsoft removed Windows XP from retail shops on October 22 and will continue to support it till 2014. Microsoft’s IE strategy may not be working at this time, but at least the company is seeing Windows XP removing itself.

Market Share of XP continues to lose about 1 point of market share every month. Net Applications listed the OS with a share of 59.07% in October and StatCounter listed XP with 53% market share. Windows 7 started catching market share with steady increment on market share.

#2. Internet Explorer 9 – The Beta King

Internet Explorer 9 Beta leads market share1 Windows XP Dips; IE9 Leads Beta; Chrome Continues!

Shocked right? Obviously. October browser statistics are out and IE blog happily updated about their shares. Official IE blog stated,

Today, with the release of Net Applications’ monthly browser share report, we’re pleased to see that in addition to 10 million downloads, 0.32% of customers worldwide and 1.46% of Windows 7 users are using Internet Explorer 9 as their daily browser.

We must say, Windows XP users are really started upgrading to Windows 7 and reduce in Windows XP share boosting Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 share. According to Net Applications, IE 9 Beta usage share on Windows 7 grew about 2.5 times, from 0.61% in September to 1.46% for the month of October.

Shocking news is Chrome 8 canary builds and Firefox 4 beta are well behind IE9! IE remains the top dog, with Net Applications 59.3% and StatCounters’ 49.21% in October.

#3. Chrome and its stable share

google chrome stable market share1 Windows XP Dips; IE9 Leads Beta; Chrome Continues!

The only browser that is seeing some movement, in either direction, is Google Chrome, while Internet Explorer, Firefox and the other popular browsers are largely static relative to their market share.

Chrome is the fastest-changing browser since by default updates are downloaded and installed automatically when the browser or computer is restarted. Net Applications released an illustrative graph showing just how fleeting the life of a Chrome version is: six weeks in the case of Chrome 6.


These are some of the notable changes in October’s market share Net Applications and StatCounter. Well there were some good news and some shocking news. And many new things are expected in few days with Chrome 8, Chrome 9, Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 are getting final touch and Chrome 9 already in build stage.

Watch out this space for many more updates!