Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!

firefox 3 5 image Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 version was released on June 2009 which complete 2 years now. Firefox 3.5 came up with variety of new features which was twice as fast as Firefox 3.0 due to the introduction of TraceMonkey JavaScript engine and rendering improvements.

But the current version Firefox 4.0 which came out with lots and lots of features and better UI tweak. We had even informed you that Mozilla will soon stop shipping Firefox 3.6. Well this move was mainly to make room for Firefox 4.0

Unplugging Firefox 3.5

Well finally Mozilla started to unplug the older versions of its browser. Mozilla has planned to disconnect updates for Firefox 3.5 in one month from now and planning to push them towards either 3.6 or 4.0 release.

Mozilla has been frustrated with their efforts to move users off of old releases and are worried too many people do not upgrade and are on vulnerable and unsupported versions of Firefox.

Currently Firefox 3.5 is having 12 million active users and Mozilla wants to put EOL flag as quickly as possible.

Firefox 3.5 → 3.6 is the “perfect storm”

Well after hearing to this news most of us would have thought Mozilla will try to push their Firefox 3.5 users towards 4.0. This is quite obvious because Firefox 4.0 provides a secure browsing and is very less vulnerable.

But Mozilla thinks it will be better to force their users to update to Firefox 3.6 due to couple of reasons.

  1. More than 95% of add-ons which are compatible for Firefox 3.5 works fine with 3.6 version
  2. Virtually no UI changes and the changes are mainly additive

How do they communicate?

Mozilla has found some interesting ways of communicating this news to their users.

firefox 3 5 communication whats new image Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!

  • What’s new / first run pages

Shown when a user downloads a build from FTP and runs it for the first time (first run) or when a user updates a current 3.5 build (what’s new). What’s new is only really an option when a new 3.5 update is released.

  • Google homepage snippets

Small text/images shown at the bottom of the customized Google start/home page. Only has an impact for users who have the default homepage.

  • Advertised update

A popup with a message about the update and the ability to easily opt-in and install. Only an option when a non-3.5 update is available.

Making noise through various PR channels. Likely won’t have a material impact.

  • Websites

If users browse to Mozilla web properties (MDN, mozilla.com, AMO) some random way we can show some sort of message.


Mozilla is planning to release the last and small update for Firefox 3.5 on June 21. This news will be circulated via article and tweet to raise awareness as soon as possible.

Finally, how many of you are happy about this move by Mozilla? Is this a wise decision took by Mozilla to make room for future releases?  Please share your thoughts icon smile Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!


Chrome Meets Opera In Version – Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

google chrome Chrome Meets Opera In Version   Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

Two and half years back Google entered browser war by introducing Chrome browser. It was in beta for long time and finally upgraded to its first version. From then the journey of Google Chrome started and today it  has reached a version which is equal to 14 year old Opera browser.

Still the 15 year old Internet Explorer is in version 9 and Firefox in version 4! Now just think about how hard Google is working towards Chrome browser.

google chrome version 11 image Chrome Meets Opera In Version   Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

Here comes an another milestone set by Google which equals Opera in versioning its browser.

Google has updated its browser Chrome to ver.11 and its beta to ver.10 today. Following are the some of the features and improvements made Chrome 11,

  • JavaScript rendering engine updated to version
  • protection against cross-site scripting attacks
  • table fixes for a few crashes as well as compatibility issues
  • XSS Auditor has been re-designed and is now enabled by default in ver.11

Tech Link: Download Chrome 11 dev.

Following are the improvements found in Chrome 10 Beta,

  • New version of V8 – Crankshaft – which greatly improves JavaScript performance
  • New settings pages that open in a tab, rather than a dialog box
  • Improved security with malware reporting and disabling outdated plugins by default
  • Password sync as part of Chrome Sync now enabled by default
  • GPU Accelerated Video
  • Background WebApps
  • webNavigation extension API

Tech Link: Download Chrome 10 Beta.

Google has set its goal to release new version of Chrome browser once in every six weeks and kept its promise by delivering it on time.

On the HTML5 test, Chrome has crossed 300 points out of 400 and now scores 306(293 and 13 bonus points). That’s a very good jump and first browser to support so many HTML5 tags.

google chrome 11 html5 test result image Chrome Meets Opera In Version   Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

V8 Javascript Benchmark

google chrome 11 v8 javascript benchmark image Chrome Meets Opera In Version   Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

Google on its official Chrome blog said,

In our new beta release, JavaScript is as quick as a bunny. With a new speed boost that we previewed in December, Chrome’s JavaScript engine V8 runs compute-intensive JavaScript applications even more quickly than before.

In fact, this beta release sports a whopping 66% improvement on the V8 benchmark suite over our current stable release.

SunSpider Javascript Benchmark

sunspider javascript benchmark results image Chrome Meets Opera In Version   Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

Well the latest test by Microsoft after the releasing Internet Explorer 9 RC shows that Chrome 10 development version has lost grip on SunSpider JS.

Well Google is really working hard enough to stay strong in browser war. Firefox 5’s first look has just shown some ultimate changes coming in Firefox browser. Firefox 5 will surely get back into browsers war very strongly!

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 first RC also tweaked its UI and made a strong back. Opera is currently on build its next version Opera 11.10 which code named as “Barracuda”.

Lots to come. Last but not the least! Browsers war is on and all browser are making a come strong back! Get ready to watch an ultimate war. Stay tuned for more info.


Opera 10.70 Is Faster Than Chrome 7!

JavaScript Benchmark1 Opera 10.70 Is Faster Than Chrome 7!< credit >

Browser war is ON again! Internet Explorer 9 first beta has got some amazing features. Still IE9 is lagging behind as it is just a initial beta as compared lot of beta versions by Firefox and nightly builds by Chrome and Opera. Well Firefox got chromified. And Google Chrome / Chromium 7 is updating its feature to match IE9 and Firefox!

Many things are happening around. On one side Chrome 7 topped HTML5 test and other side Opera 10.70 beta left behind other browsers in Karken’s JavaScript benchmark.

According to our latest SunSpider benchmark we got one more shocking news for you. The Sunspider test result indicates that Opera 10.70 has crossed Chrome 7 long hold top spot in SunSpider benchmark. Following are the latest SunSpider test results,

Score: 353.5ms

opera 1070 sunspider javascript benchmark image1 Opera 10.70 Is Faster Than Chrome 7!

Score: 357.9ms

chrome 7 sunspider javascript benchmark image1 Opera 10.70 Is Faster Than Chrome 7!

Score: 440.9ms

safari 5 sunspider javascript benchmark image1 Opera 10.70 Is Faster Than Chrome 7!


IE9 beta sunspider javascript benchmark image1 Opera 10.70 Is Faster Than Chrome 7!

Score: 486.6ms

firefox 4 beta 7pre sunspider javascript benchmark image1 Opera 10.70 Is Faster Than Chrome 7!

The scores shown above clearly tells that Opera 10.70 beta is running faster than latest Chromium 7.0.360.0 JavaScript engine. The shocking news is Firefox 4 beta 7-pre version merged with JaegerMonkey/TraceMonkey JavaScript engine is still lagging behind and no where in competition.

Tech Link: SunSpider Benchmark test

Recent result of Karken JavaScript benchmark also showed Opera 10.70 beating other browsers. Final answer is still on hold until we get final browser version.

Do you think Opera is faster than Chrome in JavaScript? Well the results says it is. What you think? Raise is your voice and let others know! icon smile Opera 10.70 Is Faster Than Chrome 7!