Is Google Integrating Instant Search in Chrome 8?

Google instant search chrome image1 Is Google Integrating Instant Search in Chrome 8?

Google is running high on its recent success. To be clear many things are happening around Google now a days like Instant Search Engine, Chrome 7 development and news about new Facebook social media rival, currently named as GoogleMe.

Google is clear on its new strategy of releasing new Chrome version every six weeks and working strongly towards it. With every new version of Chrome, Google has shown some very good improvement which Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and others took years to achieve.

The major updates in latest Chrome versions are,

  • Chrome 5: All about JavaScript Acceleration
  • Chrome 6: All about UI upgrades and HTML5 updates
  • Chrome / Chromium 7: Will be more about GPU Hardware Acceleration

As we saw, Chrome 6 got many ultimate features in it. And now Chromium 7 or for simplicity Chrome 7 is getting another total make over as well. Nightly builds of Chromium is showing some great changes in it and Google confirmed that the next version is all about GPU integration.

And now! Are you amazed by using Google Instant Search? Well I personally enjoyed using it. Search while you type. Simple and best.

Before trying out some awesome things with Chrome, download any DEV version of latest Chromium project from the below mentioned link,


Done with downloading? Installed? Now try out this executable switch,

  • Step 1: Right Click on Chrome shortcut and select Properties
  • Step 2: Go to Shortcut tab, on Target after Chrome.exe give a space and type –enable-match-preview and apply.
  • C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe –enable-match-preview

Now open the Chromium, start typing what you like in URL bar. What you saw? Shocked? Yes, this is what we are speaking about. Google is trying to integrate its new search engine feature Instant search in Chrome.

google chrome instant search image1 Is Google Integrating Instant Search in Chrome 8?

There are many switches available for dev releases. It is unlikely that Instant search switch will make Chrome 7, but it is somewhat obvious that this feature may go live in Chrome 8 as Chrome 7 is getting GPU updates and extended HTML5 features.

More about Instant Search switch…

google chrome instant search switch arrow image1 Is Google Integrating Instant Search in Chrome 8?

Previously, this switch was displaying search result in separate window and most visited sites window. The latest build has put small arrow on top-left corner to switch to content window and search result will be displayed in same window.

Google Chrome has achieved lot of things in its very short journey of 2 years. Taking out Firefox and Internet Explorer is not so easy in browsers war. But Chrome 7 will be very tough competitor for Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9.

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9 Expected Features of Internet Explorer 9

ie9 logo1 9 Expected Features of Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft is getting ready to release the first beta version of Internet Explorer 9. September 15, 2010 will be the day where we may see some ultimate changes in web browser war. Or even Internet Explorer may again fail as well. Well the final review is still awaiting.

Development of IE9 began shortly after IE8 had been released. Microsoft began taking features suggestions through Microsoft Connect soon after IE8 was released. On March 16, 2010 Microsoft released first platform preview version of IE9.

Till now Microsoft has released 4 platform previews to help developers and users have a look at the upcoming features in IE9. But recently we saw Google Chrome has update lot many features and saw rapid growth in its market share. Firefox 4 beta 5 tried its best to impress users but found guilty for copying Chrome like features.

Keeping all these things in mind, we started noting down the top 9 ultimate features which can impress its users.

Internet Explorer Leaked Screenshot1 9 Expected Features of Internet Explorer 9

Internet explorer previous versions used to occupy more window area for its menu, bookmarks and many other things. The browsing window was very small and users had to scroll up and down every time. We expect IE9  comes with a clean browser like Chrome (Firefox has already achieved).

If you start noting how many menu elements Internet explorer is having, it may cross some 25+. IE always proved to be very complicated browser with many unwanted features embedded in it. Hope IE9 comes with reduced and easy to use menu.

ie9 shortcuts image1 9 Expected Features of Internet Explorer 9

< credit >

In Google Chrome 6, we saw many shortcuts on the browser screen. Adding important shortcuts for history, bookmarks and etc may attract users as Google Chrome 6 did.

ie9 html5 image1 9 Expected Features of Internet Explorer 9

Recently we found that Google Chrome scored top on HTML 5 test and IE 9 showed very poor performance. In PP4, many of the HTML 5 elements are missing which chrome and Firefox have included. Hope IE9 will support all HTML 5 elements and will be web developer friendly browser.

Hardware (GPU) acceleration appears to be activated by default now in Firefox 4 Beta 5. Google confirmed that Chrome 7 majorly about GPU Acceleration update. If Microsoft integrates GPU Acceleration by default in IE9, we can see high graphical performance and subtle speed increase in graphics-heavy websites. Better GPU Acceleration can steal lot more users towards IE9.

ie9 css image1 9 Expected Features of Internet Explorer 9

Developers were having very tough time while developing a website which can perform well in all the versions of Internet Explorer. But lines of code used to grow high and high while previewing the website on all versions after IE6. With the support of CSS3 and older CSS, hope IE9 reduces the work of web developers.

ie9 open source image1 9 Expected Features of Internet Explorer 9< credit >

The main advantage for Google Chromium project and Mozilla’s Firefox is, both are open source project. Using this open source code, software programmers can help Chromium / Firefox team in noting down the bugs and helping in developing best browser.

Many browsers like Hidden Reflex’s Epic Browser used Mozilla source code and Flock is using Chromium 7 code. Feedback from these browsers are helping Google and Mozilla to have error-less browser.

ie9 acid3 test image1 9 Expected Features of Internet Explorer 9

  • The first IE9 Platform Preview featured support for CSS3 and SVG, a new JScript engine called Chakra, and a scored 55/100 on the Acid3 test, up from 20/100 for IE8.
  • On May 5, 2010, the second IE9 Platform Preview was released, which featured a score of 68/100 on the Acid3 test and faster performance on the WebKit SunSpider JavaScript benchmark than the first IE9 Platform Preview.
  • On June 23, 2010, the third IE9 Platform Preview was released, which featured a score of 83/100 on the Acid3 test and a faster JScript engine than the second IE9 Platform Preview. The third IE9 Platform Preview also includes support for HTML5 audio, video, and canvas tags, and WOFF.
  • On August 4, 2010, the fourth IE9 Platform Preview was released, which features a score of 95/100 on the Acid3 test and a faster JScript engine than the third IE9 Platform Preview.

Acid3 is a test page from the Web Standards Project that checks how well a web browser follows certain selected elements from web standards, especially relating to the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript. Currently Firefox is scoring 97/100 in acid3 test and Chrome 6 is already on 100/100!!

Hope IE9 achieves 100/100 to say its a perfect browser for upcoming changes in browsing world!

IE9 vs XP1 9 Expected Features of Internet Explorer 9

Last by not least! All Windows XP users are waiting for when Microsoft will say “IE9 is supportable on Windows XP”. If IE9 works on Windows XP machines then for sure it will be a big hit as market share of Windows XP users are still on top.


If these features will be added to upcoming IE9 no wonder it will beat other browsers. Already Chrome and Firefox has started acquiring the big market share. We saw Google Chrome 6 and Firefox 4 Beta’s with total restructure in their design and some ultimate features as well. Now its time for IE9 to show its new design get back its share icon smile 9 Expected Features of Internet Explorer 9

September 15, 2010 is the date we are all watching for!!

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7 Notable Changes in Chromium 7!

Chromium Chrome 71 7 Notable Changes in Chromium 7!

Well we all know that, Google is already in development phase of Chrome / Chromium 7. As we wrote in our article, Google Chrome has adapted new release strategy to release new versions of Chrome in every six month. Which blindly tells that, by this year end we may see Chrome 7 and 8!

Before the stable release of Chrome 6, Google had started developing Chrome 7. And the good news is newly adapted webkit Flock web browser has released its latest version on Chromium 7. And now users are able to feel the latest and fastest Chromium version.

Tech Tip: Flock was previously running on Firefox codebase. Recently they shifted to new Chromium codebase. An another Chrome like browser icon wink 7 Notable Changes in Chromium 7!

Google has now officially confirmed that “there’s been a lot of work going on to overhaul Chromium’s graphics system” and that the browser will “begin to take advantage of the GPU to speed up its entire drawing model.”

Below are the top 7 notable changes we have got from Chromium 7,

The current version of Chromium project promises for improved speed. Accessing new tab and other options inside Chromium has been improved.

Chromium 7 side tabs2 7 Notable Changes in Chromium 7!

Google has added vertically organizable tabs on the left side of the screen, which resembles the navigation structure of a website. It’s an interesting concept if you have a widescreen monitor that can accommodate side tabs, but it may be a rather useless feature on smartphones or even netbooks. We personally like Mozilla’s Tab Candy (Panorama) approach to organize tabs much better.

Chromium 7 shortcuts1 7 Notable Changes in Chromium 7!

Google has reduced the much appreciated feature in Chrome 6. Chrome 6 was having many shortcuts like history, downloads, help etc. But these shortcuts were found missing and users has to go back to use Ctrl + H for browsing through history of website opened and Ctrl + J for download history.

Chromium 7 About Memory1 7 Notable Changes in Chromium 7!

It is the feature that Microsoft has been promoting for several months for its upcoming IE9 beta and a feature that is about to be activated in Firefox 4 Beta 5 early next month. Browser’s are beginning to take advantage of the multithreading capabilities of graphics processors to speed up their 2D and 3D performance. Google said that the functionality has been integrated in the “tip-of-tree Chromium” lately and the team “figured it was time for a primer”. Google says that it will be using the GPU to “speed up its entire drawing model, including many common 2D operations such as compositing and image scaling”.

Google said that it plans on offloading more and more work onto the GPU to “achieve impressive speedups”. Details are provided in a separate document on Google’s site.

Tech Tip: Many users found that GPU acceleration can already be manually activated in Chrome.

Google has added the shortcut to application tabs / extensions to access at the tip of the fingers. Below video explains everything about the apps tab.

Tech link: Download best Google Chrome add-ons / extensions.

Chromium 7 HTML 5 Test1 7 Notable Changes in Chromium 7!

Chrome 7 or Chromium 7 has topped the list in HTML5 test. We found that Chrome 6 had got total of 232 points ( 222 + 10 bonus) out of 337. But the current version of chrome has hit 241 points ( 233 + 8 bonus). Before Chrome 7 we had thought that Firefox 4 beta 4 is inching closer with 212 points (203 + 9 bonus).

Chromium 7 labs1 7 Notable Changes in Chromium 7!

The latest Nightly Builds of Chrome (Chromium) have also been equipped with a new “labs” feature that is apparently designed to deliver experimental features. It can be accessed via an about:labs command in the URL bar and shows, in this latest version (Chromium 7.0.509.0 Build 57783).


But bad news is current version of Chromium is still having lots of problems and crashes now and then. Bug reporting has been improved with lesser fields to fill. Still Chrome / Chromium 7 has showed lot of changes in GPU acceleration and ready to take on Microsoft’s IE 9 and Mozilla’s Firefox 4.

What do you think about Chromium 7? Do you agree with us, Chrome 7 will be the fastest browser when compared to Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4? Share what you feel and let others know icon wink 7 Notable Changes in Chromium 7!