Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!

firefox 3 5 image Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 version was released on June 2009 which complete 2 years now. Firefox 3.5 came up with variety of new features which was twice as fast as Firefox 3.0 due to the introduction of TraceMonkey JavaScript engine and rendering improvements.

But the current version Firefox 4.0 which came out with lots and lots of features and better UI tweak. We had even informed you that Mozilla will soon stop shipping Firefox 3.6. Well this move was mainly to make room for Firefox 4.0

Unplugging Firefox 3.5

Well finally Mozilla started to unplug the older versions of its browser. Mozilla has planned to disconnect updates for Firefox 3.5 in one month from now and planning to push them towards either 3.6 or 4.0 release.

Mozilla has been frustrated with their efforts to move users off of old releases and are worried too many people do not upgrade and are on vulnerable and unsupported versions of Firefox.

Currently Firefox 3.5 is having 12 million active users and Mozilla wants to put EOL flag as quickly as possible.

Firefox 3.5 → 3.6 is the “perfect storm”

Well after hearing to this news most of us would have thought Mozilla will try to push their Firefox 3.5 users towards 4.0. This is quite obvious because Firefox 4.0 provides a secure browsing and is very less vulnerable.

But Mozilla thinks it will be better to force their users to update to Firefox 3.6 due to couple of reasons.

  1. More than 95% of add-ons which are compatible for Firefox 3.5 works fine with 3.6 version
  2. Virtually no UI changes and the changes are mainly additive

How do they communicate?

Mozilla has found some interesting ways of communicating this news to their users.

firefox 3 5 communication whats new image Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!

  • What’s new / first run pages

Shown when a user downloads a build from FTP and runs it for the first time (first run) or when a user updates a current 3.5 build (what’s new). What’s new is only really an option when a new 3.5 update is released.

  • Google homepage snippets

Small text/images shown at the bottom of the customized Google start/home page. Only has an impact for users who have the default homepage.

  • Advertised update

A popup with a message about the update and the ability to easily opt-in and install. Only an option when a non-3.5 update is available.

Making noise through various PR channels. Likely won’t have a material impact.

  • Websites

If users browse to Mozilla web properties (MDN, mozilla.com, AMO) some random way we can show some sort of message.


Mozilla is planning to release the last and small update for Firefox 3.5 on June 21. This news will be circulated via article and tweet to raise awareness as soon as possible.

Finally, how many of you are happy about this move by Mozilla? Is this a wise decision took by Mozilla to make room for future releases?  Please share your thoughts icon smile Here Comes The End Of Firefox 3.5 Era!


Firefox’s AwesomeBar Getting Better Than Chrome’s OmniBox!

mozilla labs firefox prospector image Firefoxs AwesomeBar Getting Better Than Chromes OmniBox!

After the release of Firefox 4 which just changed the stats of browser war with its awesome features, Mozilla never stopped working hard on future of Firefox browser! Well we must agree, Firefox 4 got back Mozilla into browsers war and going strong day by day.

During the development phase of Firefox 4, Mozilla labs started new channel for experiments which they named as Mozilla Prospector.

Prospector is a series of experiments from Mozilla Labs focused on analyzing, experimenting and prototyping improvements on how you search and discover content with Firefox. We’re focusing on three main areas: websites you have visited, tabs you are currently viewing, and pages you haven’t visited yet.

As Mozilla says, Prospector mainly focuses on address bar which actually does the above mention areas. And now, here come a question! Is Mozilla actually planning for something like OmniBox in Google Chrome?

Awesomeness Inside AwesomeBar HD:

firefox awesomebar hd image Firefoxs AwesomeBar Getting Better Than Chromes OmniBox!

Welcome to AwesomeBar HD! AwesomeBar HD is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox which turns the address bar to something more and something awesome. AwesomeBar was first released for testing on October 27, 2010.

Mozilla first started imitating Google by suggestion for the letter typed. Mozilla found it very useful and added this feature to Firefox 4. Recently AwesomeBar HD got an update and user can “Find what you want” at their finger tips!

Following are the points which show AwesomeBar HD can do something more and better than OmniBox on Chrome can do.

AwesomeBar HD project focuses on experiments on a combined location and search bar with a Mozilla twist. Unlike other browsers, the combined input will not send every letter you type to a remote server.

When user starts typing on AwesomeBar, Firefox will only look through its local history without any network activity. And results shown will be dependent on how frequently and how recently the page has been used.

Download AwesomeBar HD

Following are the top options available in AwesomeBar HD,

firefox awesomebar search web image Firefoxs AwesomeBar Getting Better Than Chromes OmniBox!

  • Search: users can search through AwesomeBar by typing “search:” and followed by keyword they want to search. AwesomeBar currently allows Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.
  • Books: if you are a book addict then AwesomeBar provides a shortcut to find them with ease! User can search books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google Books.
  • Maps: user can search a restaurant or any address through AwesomeBar HD directly by top three providers like Google Maps, Bing Maps and MapQuest.
  • Pictures: search for any image on Flickr, Google Images and Bing Images by just typing “pictures:” and image keyword.
  • Videos: search for your favourite video from YouTube, Bing Video and Flickr Video.
  • People: This is an awesome feature added by Mozilla. Now user can search someone very easily on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Awesome! Isn’t it?

firefox awesomebar book search image Firefoxs AwesomeBar Getting Better Than Chromes OmniBox!

These are the not only options, AwesomeBar also has shortcuts for,

  • Food: Yelp, Google Places, Menuism
  • Movies: Internet Movie Database, Rotten Tomatoes, Fandango
  • Music: Pandora, Amazon Music, Songza
  • News: CNN, NY Times, BBC
  • References: Wikipedia, Answer.com, Dictionary.com
  • Shopping: Amazon, eBay, Google
  • Sports: ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, Sports Illustrated
  • Weather: Weather Channel, Weather Underground, AccuWeather.com

Tech Link: First Look At Firefox 5 – A Site Specific Browser!

For those who don’t like to use their mouse for clicking on the options always, Mozilla has also got some useful keyboard shortcuts as well.

  • Ctrl-L focuses the location bar with the URL selected — ready to copy, edit or replace
  • Ctrl-K pre-fills with “search: ” so you can search the web just like from the search bar
  • Ctrl-T + tab opens a new tab and activates search (as if you tabbed to the search bar)
  • Easy to search like “boo: book name” is enough to search for books. No need to type full work “book:” or “picture:” for any search.

firefox awesomebar catagories search image Firefoxs AwesomeBar Getting Better Than Chromes OmniBox!

Notice that “boo:” is good enough to activate the books category (it turned green), so if you wanted, you could just type “b:” to get books as well.

What Awesomeness Is Still Missing?

  • One related side effect of defaulting to opening new tabs is that replacing pinned app tabs is a bit more difficult. You actually can’t change the URL of an app tab with AwesomeBar HD installed because the URL will open up in a new tab. So for now, you’ll have to remove the app tab or create a new one.
  • Instant search will be more useful if we stop thinking about server hit every time.

The Prospector team is very interested in hearing back from you, so please install it for a bit, and let Mozilla lab know what you think. The Awesomebar HD is strictly an experiment so there’s no need to worry, or rejoice, just yet, it’s probably going to be a while before changes like this end up in Firefox.

We may expect to get these features in Firefox 5, Firefox 6 or Firefox 7 which are expected to b available by this year end!

Are you able to easily browse to websites that you normally go to? Do you care that you can return to your history without someone else knowing? Does the category list of text and clicking behaviour work for you? Share your experience with us icon smile Firefoxs AwesomeBar Getting Better Than Chromes OmniBox!


Mozilla Plans To Ship Firefox 4 Final On March 22!

firefox 41 Mozilla Plans To Ship Firefox 4 Final On March 22!Yes, yet another release date for Firefox 4! After five months of delay Mozilla has schedules an another final release date for Firefox 4.

As you all know Firefox 4.0 release was planned to go live on mid of October, 2010 and it has been delayed for nearly 5 months now! Again they changed the schedule and said we’ll release Firefox 4 by end of February 2011 and failed to keep up their promise.

But Mozilla came back again and said, we are ready to ship Firefox 4 on March 22.

On the latest discussion about Firefox 4 Final Release Schedule, Mozilla’s Damon Sicore said,

fierfox 4 rc1 image Mozilla Plans To Ship Firefox 4 Final On March 22!

Firefox 4 RC1 has received a very warm welcome; it’s time to make a decision to ship.  As of now, there are no known issues that would stop us from shipping RC1 as final.  At the conclusion of our regular 11:30AM triage session on Wednesday, March 16th, release drivers will decide whether to ship RC1 as Firefox 4.

March 22nd is the day we would ship.  Both IT and Marketing have indicated that March 22nd is an acceptable final launch date.  If at any time we discover issues that would block final release, we would issue an RC2 as soon as possible, reset the ship date, and communicate to everyone.

As you can see above, Mozilla still not clear with release date. It all depends on triage session on March 16th. If they get any issues in between these days, we may also get to see RC2!

Mozilla has a plans of releasing Firefox 5, 6 and 7 also by the end of 2011 which breaks their developing period to 3 months. If you recollect when Firefox 4 development started, it was on April, 2010. Almost an year back!

You can have a look at Firefox 5’s UI design which promises a lot from Mozilla. Hope they stick to the design and provide an completely different Firefox icon smile Mozilla Plans To Ship Firefox 4 Final On March 22!

Please share your thoughts on this through comment box below icon wink Mozilla Plans To Ship Firefox 4 Final On March 22!


Google Chrome 11 Dev Features “Focus Existing Tab on Open” Under Flags!

chrome 11 dev build image Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!

As you all know Google never stops adding new features to its browser Google Chrome. All these features made Google to enter the browsers war and became strong contender in very short span of time!

Hope you all checked out the latest browsers stats from Net Applications and StatCounter which clearly showed how Google Chrome conquered world in two years. Google Chrome stats is now inching towards Firefox.

Chrome 10 will be released in few days and has got some very good features in it. The current build of Chrome 11 showed two more additions under About:flags page.

chrome 11 fps counter features Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!

Well FPS stands for “Frames per Second“. As you can see in the image, it described as

Shows a page’s actual frame rate, in frames per second, when hardware acceleration is active.

As per our knowledge this feature is an addon for upcoming 3D rendering features for Chrome. But still not yet clear with it!

chrome 11 focus existing tab open features Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!

Title says it all. Focus existing tab on open is described as,

Typing a URL of an existing tab into the omnibox results in refocusing the tab instead of loading in the current tab.

If you the list of features in Firefox 4, Mozilla strongly highlights on this features. This feature is very simple but it has advantage as well as disadvantage!

Advantage is, if a user has opened more tabs and does not remember which all tabs he/she has opened. In this condition, user can just type a URL and Chrome takes you to already opened tab.

Disadvantage is, user cannot open same URL twice! But Firefox 4 will allow to do so!

Well these are couple of additions in list of Chrome features. But it is still under flags and may take sometime to go live icon smile Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!


Mozilla Plans To Ship Firefox 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 & 7.0 By End Of 2011!

firefox 41 Mozilla Plans To Ship Firefox 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 & 7.0 By End Of 2011!Well the breaking news for the day continues! Few of the breaking news have woken up people from their deep-sleep around the world and it is continuing!

Earlier in the day, we got a big shocker from AOL. AOL has acquired Huffington Post and continued to expand. And then sources said, TechCrunch will be renamed to HuffingtonCrunch. What is happening?

And here we get yet another shocker for you guys. Well this time it is from Mozilla.

There were days where browser developers used to take years to develop and release new version. All this got changed when Google said “Use a brand new Chrome for every 6 weeks from now!”

Google has kept its promise and releasing new version of Chrome browser once in every 6 weeks. Recently Google released Chrome 9 with some great features.

firefox 2011 plans priorities image Mozilla Plans To Ship Firefox 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 & 7.0 By End Of 2011!

Lets get back to actual post. Mozilla has now joined Google and planning to release Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7 by the end of 2011. As far as compared to Firefox 4 development, Mozilla is planning to boost up their development cycle and going to accelerate from now.

Recent discussion about Mozilla’s plan for 2011 noted following point,

  1. Ship Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the 2011 calendar year
  2. Always respond to a user action within 50 ms
  3. Never lose user data or state
  4. Build Web Apps, Identity and Social into the Open Web Platform
  5. Support new operating systems and hardware
  6. Polish the user experience for common interaction tasks
  7. Plan and architect for a future of a common platform on which the desktop and mobile products will be built and run Web Apps

Tech Link: read more.

Firefox 2011 Roadmap Image Mozilla Plans To Ship Firefox 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 & 7.0 By End Of 2011!

Mozilla has not only set priorities for Firefox browser but also has plans for something more. Mozilla wants to have a web platform with Identity, Social and Apps!

Well the product priorities for 2011 goes like this,

  1. Ship our new technology to users in smaller bundles, more frequently
    1. Four technology shipment vehicles in 2011, including Firefox 4
    2. Achieve a regular cadence for shipping
  2. Develop a product that is responsive from “click to render”
    1. No more than 50ms delay between user action and application reaction
    2. Provide optimizations to hide network latency
    3. Obtain metrics from users in addition to our test infrastructure
  3. Expand the Open Web Platform to include Apps, Social and Identity
    1. Design and implement open systems for Identity and social interactions
    2. Design and implement Web Application Framework
    3. Implement missing pieces of CSS/HTML required for compelling Web Applications
  4. Never lose the user’s data or state
    1. Continue to improve stability
    2. Mitigate the cost of application failure
    3. Interact with cloud-based storage to allow users to “take it with them”
  5. Shine the primary UI until it gleams
    1. Determine and optimize top 5-10 user interaction flows (ie: search for restaurant)
    2. Improve tools for customization/restoration of old functionality so we can remove it from primary UI
    3. Improve user interface polish so that Firefox feels modern, graceful and elegant
  6. Support modern operating systems and platforms
    1. Windows 64-bit
    2. OSX 10.7
    3. Android 3.0
    4. ARM CPUs
  7. Plan for a future where Desktop, Mobile and Web Apps run on a common platform
    1. Need to design and architect towards this eventual outcome
    2. Implementation of this is not a priority

Huh! Mozilla has gone a great makeover to come up with this new plans.

Firefox 5 to get Account Manager, Simple Sharing UI, UI Animation, support to 64Bit Windows. Firefox 6.0 will deliver JavaScript optimizations, Web Applications and FasterCache. And Firefox 7.0 is yet to take form, but undoubtedly the project is still contouring.

Well Mozilla is going to push hard towards its plans. If it going to working like Firefox development in 2010, Mozilla will surely hit again and will loose more users to its competitors Chrome, IE and Opera!

Do you think Mozilla will work as planned here? Will they comeback to Browsers war again? Share your thoughts with us icon wink Mozilla Plans To Ship Firefox 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 & 7.0 By End Of 2011!