[How To] Hide URL Bar In Firefox Browser Like Chrome?

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In our previous article we were speaking about how browsers got revolutionised in past few months. The latest browser versions have really got great makeovers and amazing features which makes them better when compared to their rivals.

But yes, Google and its Chrome browser is one of the strong leaders who forced Firefox and Internet Explorer to follow them with re-modifying their design.

Well all those are old stories and we hope you all accept this.

But Google team has went one step ahead in adding one more latest and mind blowing feature which killed/hide URL bar in Chrome browser. By the time wrote about this new feature it was only available through nightly builds and canary version. But now this feature has also hit developers’ version.

This makes clear that Compact Navigation is ready to get added in Chrome 13 feature list.

Hide URL Bar! But in Firefox!

lesschrome hd firefox addon image [How To] Hide URL Bar In Firefox Browser Like Chrome?

Ok now let’s get into our article! Just few days after we noticed compact navigation feature of Google Chrome we were looking out for a way to do the same in Firefox browser.

Here comes Mozilla labs add-on which does the same compact navigation of Chrome.

lesschrome hd firefox addon download link [How To] Hide URL Bar In Firefox Browser Like Chrome?

LessChrome HD is a new Firefox add-on is another Mozilla labs experiment which gives as much space to the page and only shows the browser interface when needed.

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The default browsing behavior now is to only show tabs at the top of the window, and pointing there will reveal the rest of the browser. Moving the mouse cursor back down makes it go away.

Well this experiment is an extension of Home dash experiments by Mozilla labs. Home dash used to display webpage in full screen mode with small icon on top-left corner. But due to users demand Mozilla labs team decided to show tabs on top with LessChrome HD add-on.

This add-on works fine on Firefox 4 and above versions only!

Advantage of this labs experiment when compared to Chrome’s compact navigation is it just hides the full URL bar and shows the same on mouse over. But Chrome’s compact navigation has got a new shorter version of URL bar.

Another advantage is none of the add-ons will be affected. Chrome’s new feature has almost killed extensions like Chrome SEO, Shareaholic!

In the end, browser war has heated up again! Get ready for clash of titans icon razz [How To] Hide URL Bar In Firefox Browser Like Chrome? Watch out this space for more info!

Does the interface appear and hide when you want? Do you like seeing the page context (URL and identity) when switching tabs? Please share it with Mozilla labs team and make it more interesting icon wink [How To] Hide URL Bar In Firefox Browser Like Chrome?


Tab Candy – Firefox's Next Big Innovation

Tab Candy1 Tab Candy   Firefox's Next Big Innovation

We all know that, 2010 has seen lot of changes in web-world. All web browsers released their new versions to support HTML 5 features. Many new browsers came into picture like Epic browser from India. There are lot of happenings in web technology around us in this year.

We saw the shares of IE and Firefox dropped down due to the latest version of Chrome browser by Google. In many places Firefox tried to copy few things from Chrome and started imitating to attract users from Chrome and few they tried their own as well. However, a new Firefox innovation called Tab Candy will make Firefox act more like a operating system, with much-improved multitasking and sharing capabilities.

StatCounterGlobal1 Tab Candy   Firefox's Next Big Innovation

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Aza Raskin the head of Tab Candy team said, How many of us keep tabs open as reminders of something we want to do or read later? We’re all suffering from info guilt. We need a way to organize browsing, to see all of our tabs at once, and focus on the task at hand.

Tech Tip: Aza Raskin is the Head of UX at Mozilla Labs and he is the son of Macintosh creator Jef Raskin. He joined Mozilla in 2008.

tab candy icon11 Tab Candy   Firefox's Next Big Innovation

Tab Candy is an experimental project to help organize your browsing. With one keystroke Tab Candy shows an overview of all tabs to allow you to quickly locate and switch between them. Tab Candy also lets you group tabs to organize your work flow.

Tab Candy will be one of the great innovation by Firefox team as they are trying to a OS like interface inside the browser. Following are the features we got about the Tab Candy,

Tab Candy Groups1 Tab Candy   Firefox's Next Big Innovation< Credit >

  1. Organize tabs into groups that you can be named and placed on the browser as desktop-like view.
  2. Save tab groups to look at later
  3. When you switch to a grouped tab only the relevant tabs are shown in the tab bar, which helps you focus on what you want. That means you can focus on the task you are doing. Blogging tabs stay separate from Social media tabs. Clean tab bar, clean mind. icon smile Tab Candy   Firefox's Next Big Innovation
  4. Search through your tabs
  5. Tap Option-Space on the Mac or Control-Space on Windows to zoom out and see thumbnails of all open tabs
  6. Have multiple profiles so that you can sign into the same site with different logins in two different tab groups
  7. Share tabs or tab groups between different computers and devices
  8. Share tabs or tab groups with other users
  9. Set up a shared tab group where several users can co-browse and see what each other is looking at on the screen
  10. Choose colors or image backgrounds to distinguish different tab groups
  11. Move groups so that they fit your needs
  12. Rearrange tabs and drag them anywhere inside a group or between groups

Tab Candy Space Control11 Tab Candy   Firefox's Next Big Innovation

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Well that is a obvious question which each reader get whenever we try to tell something.

During the announcement of Firefox 4 in May, the Firefox team had Tab Candy listed in light gray at the bottom of its list of new features (giving no indication of its importance).

Raskin said “The reason why Tab Candy was listed in grey in the product plan is that there are still some implementation challenges to be solved and a couple user experience questions to be answered for us to be able to commit to TabCandy being in Firefox 4.”

If the Firefox team can pull off all of the features of Tab Candy that it recently demonstrated, it would leapfrog Chrome in functionality. Make no mistake, this is Firefox’s best shot at competing with Google Chrome, especially since the rest of Firefox 4 feels a lot like a copy of Chrome. Launching Firefox 4 with Tab Candy should be Mozilla’s top priority which at least can make some difference with Chrome.

Lets wait and watch when the Tab Candy will be part of Firefox. Have any thoughts on Tab Candy? icon smile Tab Candy   Firefox's Next Big Innovation Please do share with us and let us also know more icon smile Tab Candy   Firefox's Next Big Innovation