Official: Rovio Releases Angry Birds For Windows 7, XP and Vista!


Free download Angry Birds for Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista is available now! Rovio officially announced the demo and paid version of Angry Birds for Windows today! Read more to get where and how to download Angry Birds for Windows!


Google Translate API Deprecated! Will Shut Down On December 1, 2011!

google translate

When Google Translate API will be shut downed or disconnected? Google has decided to shut down Translate API on December 1, 2011. From now onwards this API will not receive any more updates and will be killed on December 1.


[Official] Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 To Launch On March 14!


Download Internet Explorer 9 IE9 RTW Starting on March 14 2011 2 [Official] Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 To Launch On March 14!

Before we start with our latest and breaking news, we would like to remind you all again that “Browsers war has heated up and ready to take battle ground“!

Well the most expected news from Microsoft is out today and it seems like they are not going to delay anymore like Mozilla!

With in less than week from now, Internet Explorer users will get an download link for the new beauty of the web Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft has confirmed today that it will release IE9 to web on March 14th, 2011, at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Ryan Gavin, a senior director of IE business and marketing said,

The New Internet Explorer 9 IE9 Logo1 [Official] Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 To Launch On March 14!

Exactly twelve months from the first Platform Preview of IE9, on Monday March 14th we will celebrate the developers and designers who are making a more beautiful web for all of us.  We will release the final version of Internet Explorer 9 for download beginning at 9 p.m. Pacific.

Microsoft had never stopped giving us a surprises and here comes another one. And MS still keeps an copyright for surprises by telling “there are lot of new amazing to share”.

What is that now?

IE9 has already been downloaded in excess of 36 million times according to Microsoft. And started acquiring bit of market share already!

Well lot more to come. Hope we could see strong HTML5 compatible browser from Microsoft. Google Chrome 10 is already running on high note by scoring 306 out of 400 points in HTML5 test. Firefox, Opera and Safari are fighting hardly for second place!

Keep watching this space for download link and more and more updates!