Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

google chrome 13 86091 build image Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

When Google entered Browser war, people thought it can’t go long way as there were many bugs. But then Google worked really hard on Chrome browser. Chrome 6 was noted to be game changing version of Chrome browser as it got lot of new features.

Chrome browser is very well known for its faster webpage rendering and compactness. Chrome was the first browser to provide wider webpage display area when compared Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Later Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 followed this feature of Chrome.

Now here comes one more shocking feature by Google. This can blow your mind and lets you think what’s next?

Kill URL bar if you don’t like icon razz Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

google chrome new url address bar iamge Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

Google has decided to kill URL or address bar in Chrome browser. In the latest canary and nightly build of Chrome browser, Chromium team has added a new flag which kills URL bar.

google chrome kill url address bar feature flag image Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

Compact navigation feature lets you “add a Hide the toolbar entry to the tabstrip’s context menu. Use this to toggle between always displaying the toolbar (default) and only opening it as a drop down box as needed.”

We can’t say Chrome is going to be URL bar-less browser. Google just thought about making it more flexible and now provides 30pixels more webpage vertical display.

Instead of showing a URL bar permanently, the user will have to click a tab to see a shortened version of the URL bar that is displayed with a hover effect, if you move the mouse pointer away from the field, the URL bar disappears.

google chrome tool menu image Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

Once you enable this flag, new tabstrip entry will be added i.e. “Hide the toolbar”. Clicking on this will shut the URL bar, moves the tool menu to tabstrip and introduces new back/forward buttons. Just click on the tab will show the reduced version of new address bar.

Negative Side of URL bar-less Chrome

Google is on mission about making all their products run similarly on all the PC and mobile devices like Tablets. But this has got couple of negative side or disadvantages.

  1. Killing the URL bar approach may be pointless for large desktop screens.
  2. Killing URL bar also Killed Chrome Extensions like Shareaholic, Chrome SEO and more

This feature will be very useful for mobile devices but not for Desktop version. It may get added in Chrome 13 or in later version of Chrome. This may be good competitor for Firefox’s Awesomebar which is now old Chrome’s URL bar icon biggrin Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!

What you think about this latest feature of Chrome? Share your thoughts by hitting comment box now! Cheers! icon smile Google Chrome 13 Features “Kill URL Bar” Flag!


Chromium 13 Gets “Restrict Instant To Search” And Better Multi-Profile UI

google chromium logo Chromium 13 Gets Restrict Instant To Search And Better Multi Profile UI

Google Chrome is growing day by day, not only its market share but also its version number. Two and half a year back Google Chrome got its version.1 and today it has reached a version number which Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera did not able to reach it even after 10 years of existence.

Only browser which is somewhere near Chrome version is Opera with its new build version called Opera next.

Well speaking about Google, it never stopped mesmerizing their users with some great innovation in its best Chrome browser. As and when we get new version of Chrome browser, Google shows some interesting features which forces users to at least try it once.

Same way, Google has added few more experimental features under about:flags page in Chromium 13.

Restrict Instant To Search

chromium 13 restrict instant search feature image Chromium 13 Gets Restrict Instant To Search And Better Multi Profile UI

The most interesting feature which Google added to Chrome 6 was “OmniBox”. As you all Chrome users know, whenever you start typing something on Chrome address bar (which is called as omnibox) Chrome either searches for that with Instant Google Search or it will try checking for the same phrase in history of websites you visited.

But now Google even gives you an addition feature to restrict the instant to only Google search. This means whatever users type on omnibox, Chrome will not search the phrase in browser history. This will surely be helpful for someone with limited data plans.

Hope this feature will get added in settings page of Chrome in upcoming versions of Chrome.

Better Multi-Profile UI

chromium 13 better multi profile ui image Chromium 13 Gets Restrict Instant To Search And Better Multi Profile UI

Google is trying to make a browser which works in PC and Tablets similarly. Google started with multiple sync option in its Chrome OS way back and started experimenting same in the browser version (Chromium 12 build).

Chromium 12 UI was not showing the instance of Chrome browser which you are using is synced to which profile.

But now, Chromium 13 build added a small drop-down on top-right side of browser. This dropdown shows “not signed in” when your browser is not synced with any of the Google profile. When you are synced it displays Google profile ID. And now user can even create a new Google Profile from dropdown.

New About Chromium Pop-up

chromium 13 about image Chromium 13 Gets Restrict Instant To Search And Better Multi Profile UI

Well the latest version of Chromium has got a new about pop-up. The redesigned version of About Chromium displays which platform of developer build user is testing.

As an avid Chrome browser user we expect these features to get added in next version of Chrome.

Please do share your thoughts and let’s see how many of you are interested in these new upcoming features of Chrome.


Google Chrome 11 Dev Features “Focus Existing Tab on Open” Under Flags!

chrome 11 dev build image Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!

As you all know Google never stops adding new features to its browser Google Chrome. All these features made Google to enter the browsers war and became strong contender in very short span of time!

Hope you all checked out the latest browsers stats from Net Applications and StatCounter which clearly showed how Google Chrome conquered world in two years. Google Chrome stats is now inching towards Firefox.

Chrome 10 will be released in few days and has got some very good features in it. The current build of Chrome 11 showed two more additions under About:flags page.

chrome 11 fps counter features Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!

Well FPS stands for “Frames per Second“. As you can see in the image, it described as

Shows a page’s actual frame rate, in frames per second, when hardware acceleration is active.

As per our knowledge this feature is an addon for upcoming 3D rendering features for Chrome. But still not yet clear with it!

chrome 11 focus existing tab open features Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!

Title says it all. Focus existing tab on open is described as,

Typing a URL of an existing tab into the omnibox results in refocusing the tab instead of loading in the current tab.

If you the list of features in Firefox 4, Mozilla strongly highlights on this features. This feature is very simple but it has advantage as well as disadvantage!

Advantage is, if a user has opened more tabs and does not remember which all tabs he/she has opened. In this condition, user can just type a URL and Chrome takes you to already opened tab.

Disadvantage is, user cannot open same URL twice! But Firefox 4 will allow to do so!

Well these are couple of additions in list of Chrome features. But it is still under flags and may take sometime to go live icon smile Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!