Chrome 9 Features Faster HTTPS Via TLS Extension!

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As you all know Google is experimenting many features inside chromium labs these days. And we have been following Google team from the day one they started adding new features inside Chromium under about:flags(initially about:labs).

Following are some of the features under about:flags which are being experimenting by Google,

  1. Instant Search As Option
  2. Cloud Print servic

Many features are getting integrated in Chrome final version and few are still under testing.

Just few days back Google updated beta channel to Chrome 8 and final version will be out by end of the month. Chrome 9 build has already started and Google is experimenting many features in it.

google chrome 9 build 582 image11 Chrome 9 Features Faster HTTPS Via TLS Extension!

The latest build, Chromium 9.0.582.0 added three new experimental features. Following are the explanation on three features,

#1. Snap Start

google chrome 9 tls extension lab feature image11 Chrome 9 Features Faster HTTPS Via TLS Extension!

Description given by Chromium team for snap start is “Enables an experimental TLS extension which removes a round trip from HTTPS handshakes.” I know you would have confused what it is actually.

TLS(Transport Layer Security) is a protocol used in secures HTTPS. We love SSL/TLS because of the privacy and security that it gives to our users and, like everything, we want to make it faster.

How HTTPS works?

When you visit any secure site(HTTPS site), the client(browser) send a handshake request to webserver and waits for confirmation. Once the round trip is completed, client starts retrieving page contents.

This round trip depends on on how far away the webserver is from the client. So usually https site loading time depends on the distance.

Advantage of Snap Start

This feature forces Chrome to proceed to send out a request ahead of receiving the confirmation that the handshake was completed. By the time handshake was successful, you would have already connected to the new page before receiving the notification that the handshake had completed.

#2. Check for known conflicts with 3rd party modules

google chrome 9 third party background check image1 Chrome 9 Features Faster HTTPS Via TLS Extension!

This is another experimental feature added in Chromium labs/flag. This feature enables a background check that warns you when a software incompatibility is detected (ie. 3rd party modules that crash the browser).

Few days my Twitter buddy @AskAaronLee suggested his friend @LDbyClarissa for her query on Chrome. Her query was,

Chrome keeps giving me an “awe snap” on each page i try to open up, or use. Even the help page. Tried all suggestion in google chrome help forum for this issue and no luck. :/

Well I couldn’t reply to her that time. Here  we are explaining what could be reason for that.

Chrome browser usually crashes due to plugin incompatibility. Adobe Flash and a PDF reader plugins sometime doesn’t work properly in few sites. Unusual suggestion is, deleting cookies and flash contents saved by Chrome.

This Chrome experimental feature adds support for these kind of errors.

#3. Experimental Extension APIs

google chrome 9 api extension support1 Chrome 9 Features Faster HTTPS Via TLS Extension!

Google says this feature “Enables experimental extension APIs. Note that the extension gallery doesn’t allow you to upload extensions that use experimental APIs.”

This features is mainly added for extension developers who have to create new extensions after the APIs are released. And it enable extensions will be ready and available well before even the feature supporting that extensions is added for all users.

Watch out this space more updates! Browser war is getting hotter day by day!


These are the three experimental features added by Chromium team in Chrome 9 latest build. Hope you all are excited to see these features integrated by default in Chrome.

Now what you say? Will these features adds still more advantages to Chrome browser? Share what you feel. icon smile Chrome 9 Features Faster HTTPS Via TLS Extension! Cheers!!


Firefox 4 Beta 7 Tomorrow and Beta 8 In 3 Weeks

Mozilla Summit 20101 Firefox 4 Beta 7 Tomorrow and Beta 8 In 3 Weeks

Before we start with our topic Tech18 Staff would like to wish Firefox a Many Many Happy returns of the day. We will wish all the best for its future.

Well finally Firefox back in news after a long delay with their work. Its already more than 2 months Firefox 4 Beta 7 got delayed. On released Sept 14th, 2010 Mozilla team released Firefox 4 Beta 6.

firefox 4 beta 7 beta image1 Firefox 4 Beta 7 Tomorrow and Beta 8 In 3 Weeks

Finally wait is over and users will get Beta 7 tomorrow. In today’s weekly meeting Firefox team published the schedule of Firefox’s future updates. In meeting notes they added

FF4.0b7 will be released tomorrow (!!!)

Please add the relnote keyword for any issues that you think should be in the relnotes.

Some users would have already tested beta 7 which was included in build tree last week. And one more good news is, this beta will be feature freeze of FF4.0. Next 3 beta’s will just work on fixing defects/blockers to release FF4.0 asap.

FF 4.0 b7 will be the first version that reveals the entire feature set of Firefox 4 and will include the new JaegerMonkey JavaScript engine for the first time. Hope FF will hit new JavaScript milestones with JaegerMonkey JS.

Its not done yet! Firefox team even mentioned about the next beta i.e. Beta 8. FF4.0 Beta 8 will come out quickly after 3 weeks from now or by early December. Currently 87 blockers are in plate to be fixed to release Beta 8.

Firefox has to work hard and release Firefox 4 asap. Competition from Google Chrome and Internet explorer is increasing day by day and Firefox is already loosing its share every month to them. Hope Firefox will act soon and get back to browsers war.

Watch out this space for more updates!!!

Do you think Firefox will get back to browsers war and fight back against IE and Chrome? We would like to know your response icon smile Firefox 4 Beta 7 Tomorrow and Beta 8 In 3 Weeks


IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

browsers race html5 test11 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari…… which one you like? Which one you will use? Confused! Isn’t it?

All these browsers are getting updated day by day and getting ready for biggest Browsers War! Yes, we are nearing to see the ultimate war and again, it’s interesting.

Just an Update!

Following are the few latest buzz happening around web world,

  1. Google Chrome 9 Build Started
  2. Firefox 4 Beta 7 and Chrome 8 Beta by early November
  3. Firefox 4 and Chrome 9 by early 2011
  4. Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 6 is out!
  5. Opera 11 Alpha is online

HTML5, the Future of Web!

Hope by now you all know what is HTML5 and how it is going to change the web world. HTML5 comes with lot of tags which started replacing much wanted software like Adobe Flash. This new version of HTML do forced all the browsers to get updated. And also forced Adobe to find a solution for keeping Flash alive!

Browsers Vs HTML5

As we said before all browsers getting updated and one of the reason is HTML5. Here is how our latest builds scored in HTML5 test,

#1. Google Chrome 9.0.568.0 Build 64415

google chrome 9 html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

We must agree, right now Google Chrome is the best browser to test HTML5 tags. As you can see in the image, Chrome 9 build scores 271(262 + 9 Bonus) out of 377 points.

#2. Firefox 4 Beta 8 Pre

fire 4 beta 8 pre html5 test score iamge1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Well Mozilla team is already well behind their schedule and Firefox 4 is kept on delaying. Hope they will stick to their new schedule and release Firefox 4 by early 2011. As compared to Beta 6 Firefox has updated few HTML5 elements.

#3. Opera 11 Alpha

opera 11 alpha html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Opera team is working somewhat similar to Google Chromium team and releasing some better browser versions. Opera recently shifted to ver.11 with alpha tag. Well the latest version of Opera scored 230 out of 377 which are well ahead of previous version (210/377).

#4. Safari 5.0.2 webkit 70599

apple safari 5 0 2 html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Apple’s Safari browser also got some updates and scored 198(196 + 2 bonus) out of 377. Hope they will wake up and catch up with Browsers war.

#5. Internet Explorer 9 PP6

internet explorer 9 html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Internet Explorer 9 was expected to be one of the best browser and it failed to impress. IE9 Beta 1 too got some ultimate features and still updating HTML5. Compared to previous test, this time IE9 scored 95(90 + 5 bonus) out of 133 points.

These are latest results of HTML5 test which we tested with all the latest browser versions. As always Chrome top the list and considered as best browser for HTML5 updates.

Tech Link: HTML5 Browser Test

Do you think IE9 will give tough competition for other browsers and get back to Browsers war? Share your thoughts icon smile IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!


Find Related Contents With AOL Offsite Chrome Extension!

aol offsite google chrome extension image1 Find Related Contents With AOL Offsite Chrome Extension!

Google Chrome is getting better day by day and becoming strong contender for Internet Explorer and Firefox. We have been updating you with all the latest buzz happening around Google and Chrome browser.

Google’s strategy of releasing new version of Chrome browser once in every six weeks is working well. Few of the Google Chrome updates are,

Well Google Chrome is really running on safe side when compared to other browsers. Have you guys noticed one of the biggest problem by Firefox? When ever we get a new version of Firefox, something will be missing for sure.

One of the biggest problem for Firefox users is, they have to wait for their favorite add-on for latest version. This has been one of the irritating thing when ever we update Firefox.

While on other side, extensions for Google Chrome works fine with all the versions.!

Download Offsite Extension

We have been updating you guys with the latest and best extensions for Chrome. Here we got one more best extension like tab candy for Chrome and Facebook Login Background changer!

AOL  released a new Chrome extension named Offsite. Now you can see what’s happening around the web related to the page you are currently viewing. It pulls in related and similar information from news and social sources.

Offsite developer team continued saying,

Ever wonder what the rest of the web has to say about the page you are viewing?  With Offsite, you can see headlines and social buzz from other sites that are related or similar to the page you are viewing.

Unlike AOL Lifestream for Chrome, Offsite loads in a flash.

aol offsite chrome extension little peel picture1 Find Related Contents With AOL Offsite Chrome Extension!

Working of offsite is just similar to other extensions. But it has got some new and unique advantages.

1. little peel in the upper-left of the web page to slide the page down and see related stuff from around the web

2. see tons of information that relates the your current page

3. see public posts and tweets related to the page or topic you are viewing

4. related headlines from various sites across the web

5. a page heat index that shows how a page’s popularity

6. streaming trending topics on the web – because the latest trends are always cool to see

7. social media share buttons(Facebook, Twitter and Digg), print page shortcut and email this page button.

aol offsite chrome extension social media share image1 Find Related Contents With AOL Offsite Chrome Extension!

aol offsite chrome extension current trending image1 Find Related Contents With AOL Offsite Chrome Extension!

As a blogger I liked this extension as it helps in finding many things in same page. Few advantages for bloggers from this extension are,

  1. See who tweeted the article you are viewing
  2. Share the article on Twitter, Facebook and Digg
  3. Get some headlines from AOL which may help you writing new post.

These are some of the advantages of Offsite extension. This extension is still under beta tag and promises to focus on giving consumers interesting content.

Hope you guys downloaded this extension. Please share your thoughts with us and fellow readers. Your feedback may help someone to try this extension icon smile Find Related Contents With AOL Offsite Chrome Extension! Cheers!


Google Chrome 9 Build Started!

google chrome 9 build started1 Google Chrome 9 Build Started!

A week back Google released Chrome 7 stable version. Two weeks back Chrome 8 build started. What can you except more? Don’t you think Google Chromium team is tired? But Google says “we aren’t!“.

Google is back again. Oh! When they went back right? Yeah! Just two days back we wrote Chrome 8 first beta will be out next week. And we even got a news that Chrome 9 Build will start from November! What happened suddenly?

Here we got yet another Chromium version. First sightings of Chrome 9 are already here. Today Google moved their Chromium 8 tag to Chromium 9. Which indicated that Chrome 9 build started, though it may take as long as a couple of weeks before a dev channel build is released.

google chrome 8 dev version11 Google Chrome 9 Build Started!

Chrome developers are currently working on the Chrome 8 beta which may go live as early as next week. This makes sense since the Google Chrome 7 beta has been promoted to the stable channel this week.

As you all know Google is working on its strategy on new Chrome version in every six weeks which cleared that we may see Chrome 9 by this year end or at least a beta version.

The stable version of Google Chrome 8 be available by the end of November, which means that Google Chrome 9 may be available by the end of the year, though that would be even faster than the new six-weeks development cycle Google recently switched to.

Chromium developer Jason Kersey hinted as before,

As part of our goal to make the 6 week release cycle feasible, we are working to keep developers time spent on each release branch as short as possible.  This allows for more feature and bug work on the trunk, and more coverage of the trunk with dev channels.  To achieve this, I’m working to shorten the beta cycle for this release as much as possible.

This hinted that Chromium 9 build will be started soon!

Well watch out this place for more info. We will be updating you every move of Chromium team!