Google Chrome 11 Dev Features “Focus Existing Tab on Open” Under Flags!

chrome 11 dev build image Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!

As you all know Google never stops adding new features to its browser Google Chrome. All these features made Google to enter the browsers war and became strong contender in very short span of time!

Hope you all checked out the latest browsers stats from Net Applications and StatCounter which clearly showed how Google Chrome conquered world in two years. Google Chrome stats is now inching towards Firefox.

Chrome 10 will be released in few days and has got some very good features in it. The current build of Chrome 11 showed two more additions under About:flags page.

chrome 11 fps counter features Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!

Well FPS stands for “Frames per Second“. As you can see in the image, it described as

Shows a page’s actual frame rate, in frames per second, when hardware acceleration is active.

As per our knowledge this feature is an addon for upcoming 3D rendering features for Chrome. But still not yet clear with it!

chrome 11 focus existing tab open features Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!

Title says it all. Focus existing tab on open is described as,

Typing a URL of an existing tab into the omnibox results in refocusing the tab instead of loading in the current tab.

If you the list of features in Firefox 4, Mozilla strongly highlights on this features. This feature is very simple but it has advantage as well as disadvantage!

Advantage is, if a user has opened more tabs and does not remember which all tabs he/she has opened. In this condition, user can just type a URL and Chrome takes you to already opened tab.

Disadvantage is, user cannot open same URL twice! But Firefox 4 will allow to do so!

Well these are couple of additions in list of Chrome features. But it is still under flags and may take sometime to go live icon smile Google Chrome 11 Dev Features Focus Existing Tab on Open Under Flags!


Update: Mozilla Aims To Finish Firefox 4 RC By February 25!

firefox 41 Update: Mozilla Aims To Finish Firefox 4 RC By February 25!Mozilla team is really pushing very hard to get the Firefox 4 out in market as soon as possible! We have been behind Mozilla team and sharing all the latest happenings in and around Firefox 4 development. Here comes another update by Mozilla team towards Firefox 4 development!

If you all remember, recently we got an confirmation about Firefox 4 will have another beta i.e. beta 12 which will be out in market by early next week!

firefox 4 beta 12 image Update: Mozilla Aims To Finish Firefox 4 RC By February 25!

There is no end for Mozilla changing its Firefox 4 schedule. Previously Mozilla team had planned to ship the final version of Firefox 4 by February end! But now it doesn’t seem to be out by earlier planned date!

Due to some bugs which were found during building Beta 11 kept them pushing the RC and final version dates. And today we got an latest update which says Firefox 4 RC maybe available by this month end.

During the latest discussion about Firefox 4, one of the member of FF 4 development team Damon said,

Looking at the hardblocker bug list and not counting blocklist bugs, we have 22 bugs without patches (out of 51 open) that remain to be fixed to get to RC.

This is it.  It’s time to do the final push to get Firefox 4 to release candidate.

Time to show fortitude.  We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.  Let’s finish these last few bugs and aim to finish RC by Feb 25th.

Here is the latest update about Firefox 4 bugs,

  • 22 non-blocklist bugs without patches (out of 51 open) that remain to be fixed to get to RC.
  • 91 non-blockers being fixed in the past seven days, and 84 actual blockers fixed.
  • 22 hardblockers remaining without patches.
  • 400-500 bugs fixed since February 3.

Tech Link: Get the latest blockers report.

Well this is the latest update we have got for your with regards to Firefox 4 release. Hope Mozilla team stick to this latest planned date and release Firefox 4 Release Candidate by this month end.

Internet Explorer 9 release candidate has got some some awesome updates and it has already entered browser war very strongly! We are hoping for Firefox to join in soon to watch 3-way battle between Chrome, IE and Firefox!

Are you excited about this latest update? Share what you feel! icon wink Update: Mozilla Aims To Finish Firefox 4 RC By February 25!


Browser Stats: Chrome, Safari Gets More Users!

browser stats Browser Stats: Chrome, Safari Gets More Users!

We have been updating you guys about the latest buzz happening in browsers war. Mozilla continues to release its continuous beta versions of Firefox 4. Google Chrome has stuck to its base plan and getting updated every six weeks.

On the other side, Microsoft is all set to release first RC of Internet Explorer 9 on February 10. Mozilla also planning for first RC of Firefox 4 somewhere in mid of February.

Well lot of news coming out everyday in browsers war. In between all this we have got some more update on browsers market share for first month of 2011.

Google Chrome and its increasing market share

Google is all set to release its next version of browser Chrome 9. It may expected to get released in couple of days. Dev version of Chrome is already in version 10.

Upon all this, Google Chrome has kept leading this strong browsers war. Google kept its graph increasing and reaches new milestones this time.

According to Net Application, Google Chrome’s market share has now crossed 10%. For a first time Google Chrome has crossed 10% and stand at 10.7% overall market share.

google chrome january market share Browser Stats: Chrome, Safari Gets More Users!

Chrome 8 also gained considerably in terms of market share in the past month, growing from 7.32% at the end of 2010 to 9.33% in January.

But StatCounter has got some other update. According to StatCounter, Google Chrome now crosses 15% market share and stood at 15.68%.

statcounter january market share image1 Browser Stats: Chrome, Safari Gets More Users!

Safari Joins in!

After a long time Apple has got some good news about its browser. Safari browser has got some good amount to new users which made to increase its overall market share.

According to Net Application, Safari’s market is up from 5.89% of December 2010 to 6.3% by the end of January 2011. That’s a quite a good increase in browser market.

Internet Explorer and Firefox Loses Share!

After the entry of Google to browser market with its beautiful Chrome, shares of strong Internet Explorer and Firefox has gradually went down. Story continues and this time also IE and FF shares went down to Chrome and Safari.

According to Net Application, Internet explorer’s has now got 56% of market share as compared to 57.08% by the end of last year. Reason is all clear. Internet explorer 6 and 7 have kept loosing its market share and IE 8 is sole player in market for Microsoft.

net application january market share image Browser Stats: Chrome, Safari Gets More Users!

Mozilla’s Firefox browser also lost little bit of share. It has now got 22.75% of market share. Hope it will get back its users once Firefox 4 is out.

Well this is the latest browser stats. Google and Safari has got some fair amount of new users from Internet Explorer and Firefox.

We are excited about this browsers war. Are you? Share your thought through comment and let other know what you feel! icon smile Browser Stats: Chrome, Safari Gets More Users!


Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated!

Browser war chrome 9 firefox 4 Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated!

Hope you all welcomed 2011 with all happiness and wished for great year ahead! Even we took an opportunity to wish our readers with best 100+ 2011 New Year wallpapers.

Well here we got our first news from our browser war! Mozilla and Google are back with browser stories. Here we go with what’s new from Mozilla and Google,

Firefox 4 Beta 9

firefox 41 Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated!After a very long vacations Mozilla team is back to their work and announced their next beta launching date. Firefox 4 beta 9 will be out by next weekend i.e. on January 13.

Following the list of bugs that are blocking Firefox 4 as of today,

  • Firefox 4.0 Beta 9
    • blocking: 136
    • fixed: 83
    • open: 53
  • Firefox 4.0 RC
    • blocking: 1427
    • fixed: 1170
    • open: 257
  • Firefox 4.0 final
    • blocking: 1315
    • fixed: 1124
    • open: 191

As you can see Firefox development team is left with 53 bugs and they are all set to release Beta 9. They are planned to code freeze beta 9 by this Friday, 2011-01-07. Branch and build on Monday, 2011-01-10. And final release of beta 9 to audience on Thursday, 2011-01-13.

As you all know Mozilla team is way behind Firefox 4 release. Last beta of Firefox was released on December 21. Beta 8 was more than 4 weeks late, continuing a history of delays of the Firefox 4 beta phase. Still beta 10 is left before first RC of Firefox 4.

We may expect first RC by end of first quarter of 2011. And also to make room for Firefox 4, Mozilla team has decided to stop shipping Firefox 3.6 as soon as possible! This will surely cost them as they started loosing market share to Google Chrome.

Update: Firefox 4 Beta 9 Delayed; Now Between January 14-18!

Google Chrome 9 Beta

Google Chrome Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated!Google today updated their Chrome 9 beta. As planned, Google has stick to their strategy and kept releasing new version of Chrome once in every six weeks.

The major updates of Chrome 9 beta which was released on December 16 was Sandboxed Flash Player, Chrome Instant and WebGL was now enabled by default.

Build 9.0.597.42 is nothing more than a minor update to Chrome 9.0, an aspect visible from the small version number increase from the last Beta namely 9.0.597.19.

Well the Chrome has become one of the major player in browser war as they had a great 2010! According to Net Applications, Chrome finished 2010 extremely close to the 10% usage share milestone. More importantly, statistics indicate that while Firefox is all but stagnating, and with Internet Explorer continuing to lose users, Chrome is growing at an accelerated pace.

IE9 First RC by January End!

ie logo Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated!Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to release the Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 9 by the end of January 2011.

The Redmond company has yet to confirm or deny third-party reports that claim to already have the IE9 RC availability deadline, or to comment in any way on the matter at hand.

That is all for now. The top three big guns of browser war are back with some breaking news on early 2011. Hope to have a very great year in browsing world!

Do you think Firefox 4 will get back strongly on browser war? How IE9 RC going to change the browser war? Share your thoughts and let us know your point icon smile Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated! Cheers!


Firefox 4 Beta 8 Release Scheduled On December 21

firefox 41 Firefox 4 Beta 8 Release Scheduled On December 21 Firefox 4 development team is way behind its scheduled date and it keeps on delaying day by day as well. It has been more than a month since Mozilla delivered the last development milestone i.e Beta 7 of Firefox 4.0.

Even Mozilla’s open source browser vendor had promised that with Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 we will be feature freeze, the remaining Beta releases would be nothing more than routine testing Builds which would not take as much to put together.

But it still appears to us that Mozilla team is still continuing development process and continuing to fix lot of bugs in pocket. And it has been hit again.

Tech Link: Firefox plugs drive-by download security holes

Firefox 4 Beta 8 was planned to be released on first week of December and now they officially told it will be released on December 21.

Last night Mozilla team tried to build Beta 8 and quickly found an issue with localization repacks. The issue does not affect en-US builds. Corrected localization repacks will be generated and posted later today to unblock localized testing.

After finding this issue team modified its scheduled release date to December 21. If QA finds an issue we will address it quickly and attempt to maintain the above schedule. Of course, there is always the possibility of day-for-day slip depending on issue details.

Early adopters can grab the Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 Candidate bits from Mozilla’s FTP servers and test drive the release to get an idea of what’s coming in the Beta. But keep in mind that this is not the fully fledged Beta 8 of Firefox 4.0.

Fennec 4.0 Beta 3

Fennec mozilla firefox mobile Firefox 4 Beta 8 Release Scheduled On December 21

Well for short note, Firefox 4 mobile beta 3 is currently tracking to the same schedule and an updated Firefox Home has been submitted to the Apple app store.

Firefox 4.0 Future!

firefox 4 rc 2011 Firefox 4 Beta 8 Release Scheduled On December 21

Well it’s already more than one month where Mozilla team had scheduled to release Firefox 4.0 on November. The open source browser vendor still has to deliver at least two additional Betas of Firefox 4.0 until it will move to the Release Candidate development stage.

In this regards, it’s very clear that Firefox 4.0 first RC will be scheduled in end of January 2011(just a guess). This will surely keep them on back hand in browsers war as Google Chrome and Opera are getting ready for next big release.

Please share your thoughts on this regards and let others get updated about Firefox 4.0 icon smile Firefox 4 Beta 8 Release Scheduled On December 21