Google Chrome 9 Build Starts From November

google chrome 9 build november1 Google Chrome 9 Build Starts From November

We think no one can stop Google! The pace they are in now, we feel Google Chrome will soon become strongest competitor for Firefox and Internet Explorer in few months down the line.

Yesterday Google released first ever stable version of Chrome 7 browser. Chrome 7 is mainly updated for Mac and Linux users and the only change we saw in windows was, they have added more security for cookies.

google chrome 7 stable version image1 Google Chrome 9 Build Starts From November

Release of Chrome 7 stable yesterday confirmed that Google is working really hard towards Chrome browser under Chromium tag. Its not done. You wondering what about Chrome 8?

Well as soon as Chrome 7 hit beta version Google changed they Chromium 7 track to Chromium 8 which will end up given another best browser Chrome 8. There are many features being tested in Chrome 8 under Lab feature.

google chrome 8 dev version2 Google Chrome 9 Build Starts From November

Some of our article which covered Chrome 8 Build story from day 1,

Google is gearing up to deliver yet another major version of kits open source browser this year, namely Chrome 9.0, or at least to get early adopters a taste.

Anthony Laforge, Chrome Technical Program Manager revealed following information,

Howdy folks,

We’re 41 days away from the branch point for mstone:9 and we have 1236 open bugs, at the time of this note.  Given our open and close rates we will need to punt approximately 956 bugs in order to be ready for 9.0 which as a rule of thumb means 4 out of every 5 bugs we have needs to be moved out. Once we hit branch point only ReleaseBlock-* bugs will be accepted (i.e. crash, security, and bugs to disable features).

Part of this new release cycle is a better focus on scope management, and tightly managing what goes into our releases will help to make us more predictable.  I appreciate your help and patience as we transition to this new system.  I realize that it’s not without some discomfort, but you guys have done a great job thus far, and I trust that when we are past these initial bumps the road will be smoother.

Kind Regards,

Anthony Laforge
Technical Program Manager
Mountain View, CA

Think we no need to explain anything more about Chrome 9 plan as it is crystal clear in above sentences. Google might not be able to wrap up Chrome 9.0 by the end of 2010, but early adopters are sure to get a Chromium 9.0 build in the near future, followed by a Dev and perhaps even a Beta release of Chrome 8.0′s successor.

Lots features has been moved to Chrome 9 and it will be one of the big release by Chrome developers which may arrive early next year.

Sometimes it is easier predicting the weather of next month than what features will make it into the next Chrome release.


Google Releases Chrome 7 Stable Version!

google chrome 7 stable version image1 Google Releases Chrome 7 Stable Version!

Google is back again! On 14th August, 2010 Google released the first beta of Chrome 6 and on November 3rd we got the stable version of Chrome 6. Today Google has released one more stable version.

Well as expected and as promised by Google, right after 6 weeks an another Chrome stable version has been released today. Chromium team has taken out the beta tag from Chrome 7 and has released stable version today.

Tech Link: Google Chrome version 6, 7 and 8 by this year end!

Chromium Chrome 71 Google Releases Chrome 7 Stable Version!

On August 30th, Google started developing Chrome 7 browser under the tag name “Chromium 7“. Following are the few articles which covered every step of Chrome 7 Build,

We have been behind Chrome browser from past many months and sharing news about every move of the next ultimate browser which will be a strong competitor for Internet explorer 9 and Firefox 4.

Google has stuck to its strategy and as expected it released Chrome 7 Stable version today. Chrome 8 build was started as soon as Chrome 7 first beta went online. You can now download the latest Chrome version,

download google chrome 8 image11 Google Releases Chrome 7 Stable Version!

Chrome 7 stayed just few days on beta tag as Chrome 8 took over beta tag. But shockingly Chrome 7 stable version came out with nothing! Not at all a impressing browsing as it just looked similar to Chrome 6.

Few points about Chrome 7,

  • Faster than Chrome 6
  • Features are as similar to Chrome 6
  • No Instant Search
  • No Side tabs
  • Scores 260 out of 337 in HTML5 test

google chrome 7 stable version html5 image1 Google Releases Chrome 7 Stable Version!

Well we were expecting many things from Chrome 7 and finally it ended up with nothing!

In this stable release, Google has focused primarily on hundreds of bug fixes. They have also included a few other things that may be of interest to developers, such as full AppleScript support on Mac OS X for UI automation and implementation of the HTML5 parsing algorithm, the File API, and directory upload (via <input type=”file” webkitdirectory>).

Also, if you choose to block sites from setting any data in your browser’s content settings for cookies, you can now use a new dialog for managing blocked cookies in bulk.

Must say and its crystal clear that Chrome 7 has been mainly updated for Mac user. And all the expected features has been moved to next version.

Installed Chrome 7? What you say? Share what you feel! icon razz Google Releases Chrome 7 Stable Version!


Google Chrome 8 Build Started – Clouding Here!

Google Chrome11 Google Chrome 8 Build Started   Clouding Here!

Google started building next version of Chrome browser. We must agree Google is sticking to its strategy of releasing new Chrome version once in every 6 weeks.

We have been updating you guys about the every move of Google Chrome 7. Its been almost a month back we started updating about Chrome / Chromium 7. Today as usual we downloaded latest build and started testing it and here is it! A new shocking news.

Google today switched its build version to Chrome / Chromium 8. The launch of Chromium 8 closes the feature set for Chrome 7 which got some great features in it.

google chrome 7 0 517 36 beta1 Google Chrome 8 Build Started   Clouding Here!

Well the Chrome 7 build version numbers ended after integrating many new features as compared to features of Chrome 6. We would like to wrap-up some of our posts which explained in detail about Chrome 7.

  1. 7 Notable Changes in Chromium 7! : Faster, Side Tabs, GPU Acceleration
  2. Chrome 7 beats other browsers in HTML5 Test! : Chrome 7 scored 270(262 + 8 bonus) points out of 377 in HTML5 test.
  3. Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7! : Well the much anticipated feature which Google released for web, Instant search got integrated to Chrome 7.

All these features were tested in nightly build releases. But the first public beta of Chrome 7 released with side tabs and Integrated Google Instant Search.

download google chrome 8 image2 Google Chrome 8 Build Started   Clouding Here!

google chrome 8 0 550 build image1 Google Chrome 8 Build Started   Clouding Here!

As we said before, Google has started building Chrome 8 and as usual we can expect some new things being integrated. Chromium 8 initial build is still not having any changes as compared to last nightly build of Chrome 7.

But Chrome 7 first beta just included Instant search and Side tabs. There is no update that Google is going to integrate Google Cloud Print in Chrome 7. So we may get Google Cloud Print service enabled in Chrome 8.

Lets get ready for experiencing some amazing features getting integrated in Chrome browser. As expected Google will release Chrome 8 by this year end.

Watch out for more about Google Chrome. We will update you with every move of Chrome and its strong domination in browser war.

So what you think about Google strategy? Will Chrome 8 make any difference in browsers war? Share it icon smile Google Chrome 8 Build Started   Clouding Here!


Update: Chrome Gets Google Cloud Print service

google chrome 7 0 548 build release note1 Update: Chrome Gets Google Cloud Print service

Google says get ready to experience the ultimate things with Chrome web browser. We all know, Google is integrating many web based applications into its browser and making users to get everything at one place.

Yes! I agree Chrome users will surely enjoy all this updates. Google is showing the future of browsing.

We have been updating you with every move of Chromium 7 or for simplicity Chrome 7 project. First we noticed 7 changes in Chrome 7 when compared to Chrome 6. Recently we saw integration of Instant search, UI tabs, Remote hosting in Chrome 7.

Now its time to update more and yes, again we got some new features being integrated in Chrome 7 latest build 7.0.548.0. This time Google moves one step ahead and brought something new. Here are the new features integrated in Chrome,

chrome google cloud print service1 Update: Chrome Gets Google Cloud Print service

Google Cloud Print enables any application (web, desktop, mobile) on any device to print to any printer.

Applications submit print jobs to the service via the web-based common print dialog or API offered by the service. Google Cloud Print then sends the print job to the selected printer which the user has previously registered with the service. A new class of cloud-aware printers connects directly to the service and offers the best user experience. Legacy printers connect to the service via a proxy.

Tech Tip: Learn more about Google Cloud Print

Background Web Apps enable a future app to boot in the background at system startup and continue running even if all Windows have been closed. There was no further information and it is unclear if and when this feature will make it into a beta, developer or final version of Chrome.

Enables WebKit’s XSS Auditor (cross-site scripting protection). This feature aims to protect you from certain attacks of malicious web sites. It improves your security, but it might not be compatible with all web sites.

Tech Tip: Do you remember the recent bom sobando attack on Orkut.com ? Hackers used XSS to attack the website and spread unwanted messages around, that too without any action from a user.

Automatically disables plug-ins with known security vulnerabilities and offers update links for them. Outdated plugins create another loophole for hackers to gain control of your system. Most of the times plugin authors roll out new updates to fix vulnerabilities.

Tech Tip: This is very true in the case of Flash on browsers. That’s why Flash has been integrated in Chrome 6.

These are the new features which have been added about:lab in Chrome latest build. Still we aren’t clear whether these new features will be integrated upcoming Chrome 7 or it is a preparation for Chrome 8.

As we are getting closer to Chrome 7 release these features are making users go crazy about this web browser. Well these features can put Chrome on upper hand in browsers war as compared to Firefox and Internet Explorer 9.

Again! What you feel? These are the best features which other browsers are missing? Share you thoughts and let others know why Chrome is one of the best browser out there icon smile Update: Chrome Gets Google Cloud Print service


Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

chrome 7 build 539 image1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

Google Chromium team is busy in updating many new features in upcoming Chrome version which may be named as Chrome 7. Every now and then some bugs are getting fixed and build versions are available.

As compared to the latest stable version Chrome 6, Chromium / Chrome 7 is going to be another biggest release packed with lot of features. The latest HTML5 test shows Chrome 7 will be the best browser to avail HTML5 features. Well Chrome 7 is mainly dedicated towards GPU Acceleration.

chrome 7 lab features window1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

The latest versions of the Chrome nightly builds include four new labs features. Check out these 4 features,

#1. Integrated Google Instant Search

google chrome instant search image1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

We were expected Instant Search will be added in Chrome 8, as only switches were available for previous builds. But the latest build of Chromium 7 has took one more step ahead and placed Instant search as a lab feature in it.

Google Instant Search can be enabled with a simple mouse click and you do not need a manual switch anymore. It appears that Google has decided on an interface and will be going with the small pageturn logo to enable users to switch between their original content page or the Instant Search page that comes up when typing a search phrase into the URL bar.

#2. UI Tabs

chrome 7 ul tabs settings image1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

UI Tabs are also making their debut in this version. Chrome settings are now displayed in a tab window, which creates a much more consistent appearance that what we have seen before. All browser preferences can now be made right in a tabbed window. Time to say bye-bye to pop-up window.

The only windows that are now opened as traditional pop-up windows are “Print” and “About”.

#3. Host Remoting

chrome 7 host remoting setup image1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

One of the most interesting new feature is Host Remoting. When enabled, a new option will be added in tools – Set up Remoting. Clicking on it will pop-up a window, asking for login into Google Account. But the feature is still under development and not working.

#4. Page Info Bubble

chrome 7 page info bubble image1 Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7!

As explained in Chrome 6 features, Google added a pop-up like feature for Page Info. The latest Chromium build has got a bubbled page info. Enabling this shows the Page Information as an info bubble instead of a dialog window.


So far these new features are simply labs features that may or may not be included in Chrome. However, they are some interesting ways to customize the browser and may be helpful if you keep in mind that they may not always work.

Recently we even saw a new tool from Google, Google Chrome Frame which acts a background process for older Internet Explorer versions to take advantage of modern web capabilities like HTML 5 features.

Will these features puts Chrome on top and help to win browser war? What do you think about these features? Raise your voice now!