[Update]Firefox 4 Beta 9 Delays; Now Between January 14-18!

firefox 41 [Update]Firefox 4 Beta 9 Delays; Now Between January 14 18! As the browsers war are increasing the heat with Microsoft release its first RC of Internet Explorer 9, Google inching towards Chrome 9 release and Firefox planning to ship final version by February end. We are expecting some update by Opera as well.

Upon all these, we got some more interesting thing to add on to browser war. Here what they are,

Firefox 4 Beta 9 Between January 14-18!

Well till yesterday we were expecting the release of Firefox 4 Beta 9 as it was scheduled by Mozilla. Firefox 4 Beta 9 is currently in a freeze state and first Beta builds have been posted to the company’s FTP server. And pre-beta build has been teased to beta 10.

We still expecting some reason for the delay. But developers are pressing hard towards shipping final version of Firefox which is planned for February end!

As of now there are 143 hard blocking bugs currently left. And it’s been told that it usually takes Mozilla about six weeks until a remainder of 100 bugs in a new browser version is fixed.

Well we can expect Firefox 4 Beta 9 anytime between January 14 to 18. May be Mozilla is planning to freeze Beta 9 as last beta before Firefox 4.0 RC.

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Mozilla Will Soon Stop Shipping Firefox 3.6 To Users!

firefox 41 Mozilla Will Soon Stop Shipping Firefox 3.6 To Users!As you all know Mozilla development team is way behind its schedule in releasing Firefox 4.0. Mozilla had decided to release Firefox 4.0 in middle of November. But they are still stuck up with more than 450 blockers to fix-up.

Well as said before in our previous article, Firefox 4 Beta 8 will be shipped to user in sometime today. Beta 8 is still not officially out in the market as Mozilla team is investigating one possible issue before being ready to push live.

But you can download the latest build of Beta 8 through ftp server here. When the official download link goes live later today, Firefox will be available in 57 languages.

firefox 4 beta 8 Mozilla Will Soon Stop Shipping Firefox 3.6 To Users!

According to the release notes of Firefox 4 Beta 8, there are three main updates

  • The Firefox Sync setup experience has been greatly improved across desktop and mobile devices
  • Speed, functionality, and compatibility improvements to WebGL
  • Additional polish for the Firefox Add-ons Manager

Blocker/Bug Report:

In today’s Firefox/Gecko Development Meeting, Mozilla team said they have following number of bugs in their plate,

This clearly tells Firefox 4 Beta 9 will be available before this year end.

End of Firefox 3.6!

firefox 3.6 Mozilla Will Soon Stop Shipping Firefox 3.6 To Users!

Well here comes the shocking news for all. As Mozilla is inching towards the first RC of Firefox 4.0, they want to shut Firefox 3.6 to clear path for Firefox 4.

Currently Mozilla team is fixing about 40 blockers per week. As said above they have 466 blockers in totally and it may take 10-12 weeks to clear them. So the team is looking at 10-12 more weeks of development time, which still isn’t fast enough.

Keeping all this in mind Mozilla has started thinking about the future of Firefox 3.6 and they may stop shipping it anytime from now.

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Firefox 4 Beta 7 Tomorrow and Beta 8 In 3 Weeks

Mozilla Summit 20101 Firefox 4 Beta 7 Tomorrow and Beta 8 In 3 Weeks

Before we start with our topic Tech18 Staff would like to wish Firefox a Many Many Happy returns of the day. We will wish all the best for its future.

Well finally Firefox back in news after a long delay with their work. Its already more than 2 months Firefox 4 Beta 7 got delayed. On released Sept 14th, 2010 Mozilla team released Firefox 4 Beta 6.

firefox 4 beta 7 beta image1 Firefox 4 Beta 7 Tomorrow and Beta 8 In 3 Weeks

Finally wait is over and users will get Beta 7 tomorrow. In today’s weekly meeting Firefox team published the schedule of Firefox’s future updates. In meeting notes they added

FF4.0b7 will be released tomorrow (!!!)

Please add the relnote keyword for any issues that you think should be in the relnotes.

Some users would have already tested beta 7 which was included in build tree last week. And one more good news is, this beta will be feature freeze of FF4.0. Next 3 beta’s will just work on fixing defects/blockers to release FF4.0 asap.

FF 4.0 b7 will be the first version that reveals the entire feature set of Firefox 4 and will include the new JaegerMonkey JavaScript engine for the first time. Hope FF will hit new JavaScript milestones with JaegerMonkey JS.

Its not done yet! Firefox team even mentioned about the next beta i.e. Beta 8. FF4.0 Beta 8 will come out quickly after 3 weeks from now or by early December. Currently 87 blockers are in plate to be fixed to release Beta 8.

Firefox has to work hard and release Firefox 4 asap. Competition from Google Chrome and Internet explorer is increasing day by day and Firefox is already loosing its share every month to them. Hope Firefox will act soon and get back to browsers war.

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Windows XP Dips; IE9 Leads Beta; Chrome Continues!

october market share browser operating system1 Windows XP Dips; IE9 Leads Beta; Chrome Continues!<credit>

Browsers, Softwares, Operating Systems, search engines…. Everyday something new is happening around the world of computers. Someone goes up..Someone suffers..Someone even gets some shock!

October statistics of browsers and operating systems are out and as usual some shock is there for you all. Tech18 team has kept an eye on all the latest buzz about browsers and many a times you guys found Google Chrome as our hot topic.

Well there is a reason why we were updating more about same topic. Here we divided October Browser and Operating system statistics as 3 divisions,

#1. Windows XP market share dips below 60%

windows xp market share below 60 percent1 Windows XP Dips; IE9 Leads Beta; Chrome Continues!

As you all know Microsoft removed Windows XP from retail shops on October 22 and will continue to support it till 2014. Microsoft’s IE strategy may not be working at this time, but at least the company is seeing Windows XP removing itself.

Market Share of XP continues to lose about 1 point of market share every month. Net Applications listed the OS with a share of 59.07% in October and StatCounter listed XP with 53% market share. Windows 7 started catching market share with steady increment on market share.

#2. Internet Explorer 9 – The Beta King

Internet Explorer 9 Beta leads market share1 Windows XP Dips; IE9 Leads Beta; Chrome Continues!

Shocked right? Obviously. October browser statistics are out and IE blog happily updated about their shares. Official IE blog stated,

Today, with the release of Net Applications’ monthly browser share report, we’re pleased to see that in addition to 10 million downloads, 0.32% of customers worldwide and 1.46% of Windows 7 users are using Internet Explorer 9 as their daily browser.

We must say, Windows XP users are really started upgrading to Windows 7 and reduce in Windows XP share boosting Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 share. According to Net Applications, IE 9 Beta usage share on Windows 7 grew about 2.5 times, from 0.61% in September to 1.46% for the month of October.

Shocking news is Chrome 8 canary builds and Firefox 4 beta are well behind IE9! IE remains the top dog, with Net Applications 59.3% and StatCounters’ 49.21% in October.

#3. Chrome and its stable share

google chrome stable market share1 Windows XP Dips; IE9 Leads Beta; Chrome Continues!

The only browser that is seeing some movement, in either direction, is Google Chrome, while Internet Explorer, Firefox and the other popular browsers are largely static relative to their market share.

Chrome is the fastest-changing browser since by default updates are downloaded and installed automatically when the browser or computer is restarted. Net Applications released an illustrative graph showing just how fleeting the life of a Chrome version is: six weeks in the case of Chrome 6.


These are some of the notable changes in October’s market share Net Applications and StatCounter. Well there were some good news and some shocking news. And many new things are expected in few days with Chrome 8, Chrome 9, Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 are getting final touch and Chrome 9 already in build stage.

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IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

browsers race html5 test11 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari…… which one you like? Which one you will use? Confused! Isn’t it?

All these browsers are getting updated day by day and getting ready for biggest Browsers War! Yes, we are nearing to see the ultimate war and again, it’s interesting.

Just an Update!

Following are the few latest buzz happening around web world,

  1. Google Chrome 9 Build Started
  2. Firefox 4 Beta 7 and Chrome 8 Beta by early November
  3. Firefox 4 and Chrome 9 by early 2011
  4. Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 6 is out!
  5. Opera 11 Alpha is online

HTML5, the Future of Web!

Hope by now you all know what is HTML5 and how it is going to change the web world. HTML5 comes with lot of tags which started replacing much wanted software like Adobe Flash. This new version of HTML do forced all the browsers to get updated. And also forced Adobe to find a solution for keeping Flash alive!

Browsers Vs HTML5

As we said before all browsers getting updated and one of the reason is HTML5. Here is how our latest builds scored in HTML5 test,

#1. Google Chrome 9.0.568.0 Build 64415

google chrome 9 html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

We must agree, right now Google Chrome is the best browser to test HTML5 tags. As you can see in the image, Chrome 9 build scores 271(262 + 9 Bonus) out of 377 points.

#2. Firefox 4 Beta 8 Pre

fire 4 beta 8 pre html5 test score iamge1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Well Mozilla team is already well behind their schedule and Firefox 4 is kept on delaying. Hope they will stick to their new schedule and release Firefox 4 by early 2011. As compared to Beta 6 Firefox has updated few HTML5 elements.

#3. Opera 11 Alpha

opera 11 alpha html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Opera team is working somewhat similar to Google Chromium team and releasing some better browser versions. Opera recently shifted to ver.11 with alpha tag. Well the latest version of Opera scored 230 out of 377 which are well ahead of previous version (210/377).

#4. Safari 5.0.2 webkit 70599

apple safari 5 0 2 html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Apple’s Safari browser also got some updates and scored 198(196 + 2 bonus) out of 377. Hope they will wake up and catch up with Browsers war.

#5. Internet Explorer 9 PP6

internet explorer 9 html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Internet Explorer 9 was expected to be one of the best browser and it failed to impress. IE9 Beta 1 too got some ultimate features and still updating HTML5. Compared to previous test, this time IE9 scored 95(90 + 5 bonus) out of 133 points.

These are latest results of HTML5 test which we tested with all the latest browser versions. As always Chrome top the list and considered as best browser for HTML5 updates.

Tech Link: HTML5 Browser Test

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