Power of Social Media in INDIA [INFOGRAPHIC]

social media india m Power of Social Media in INDIA [INFOGRAPHIC]

India, the only country where people of various cultures and religions reside and stay together unitedly. Every now and then India is highlighted in all aspects of different fields.

Currently India seems to be fighting against corruption which has increased tremendously.

So how is Social Media helping India to fight against corruption ?

Ans : Anna Hazare, the leader of the “India Against Corruption” movement and with all his supporters have come up with a website – IndiaAgainstCorruption.org , which provides all the information required to know about the movement and get to know where are all the movements being running in you city from here. They are also spreading about this fasting event through Twitter, Facebook and OrkutBloggers are writing posts to support Anna Hazare and Tweeting with the hashtags – #AnnaHazare #isupportAnnaHazare.

Hence proved that India is utilizing the Social Media as effectively as other countries. As a blogger I’m proud to be an Indian and hence I’m loving to be connected to many of my friends  through various social networks and also to people who stay across India and still make me feel as if they’re my neighbours :).

Below is an Infographic by Techonzo , which provides some of the amazing facts of usage of Social Media in India:


social media in india Power of Social Media in INDIA [INFOGRAPHIC]



So what do you think friends, is India’s growth on Social Media is productive or not ?? icon smile Power of Social Media in INDIA [INFOGRAPHIC] Thanks for reading icon biggrin Power of Social Media in INDIA [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sunil Jain

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    • Yeah India is growing rapidly in economic wise, but now we are fighting against corruption which will make our country more stable in terms of economy and development.

      Thanks for commenting :D 

      • i love the way the graph of increase in online has increased but i am not surprised by the fig of 10% that are aware of brands on sm. this will grow more if we have a better internet infrastructure and awareness :)

  1. Awesome work from community members makes all the difference in the world! Band together and shout out iniquities! 

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